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Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

Earning on Youtube

Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

Earning on YouTube channel can be called quite an interesting and simple thing bringing good money on the Internet. Almost everyone would agree to have their own video blog paid by the site. But it is impossible until you achieve certain popularity in the virtual world. We will share the secrets of how to come up with a nice YouTube channel, make it look good and some other features.

For gaining popularity in the virtual world you need not only write posts and comments. In the Runet the video bloggers who work only with YouTube and Instagram become rather famous. And initially they create channels on YouTube for achieving their goals and big money.

It is proved that after monetization of the Internet resource the blog owners with more than 100,000 views started earning US dollars. It turns out that work of the video blogger makes one popular and rich.

Many users would like to figure out how to make money on watching videos. The real income on YouTube is got only by the bloggers being viewed more than 100,000 times a day. When you reach this level you can start making serious money. The monetization service itself does not require payments. And finances can be earned for views and partners’ advertising. Income of the most famous bloggers can be about 10.000 US dollars or more per month.

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Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

Where it all starts

Before starting a channel you need to think about its future content. Without interesting ideas there is no point in making a video. It is necessary to have a responsible approach towards blogging, to find out the target audience in advance.

Today in the virtual world such topics as beauty blogs, programs for children, computer games reviews and many others are in great demand. Among these blogs there are interesting channels with really useful videos. But there’s a lot of limp content. Before the first shooting, one should give it a seriuos thought.

In many cases the YouTube channel will be interesting and in demand only among the bloggers or stores. After recording a video review on some product or service, the number of its users grows automatically. And the user who posted the video attracts attention. The best type of advertising is on your own YouTube channel. And if you combine your video channel with pages, forums, social networks, you can increase your target audience of people who like the advertised product.

Each channel with a unique decoration gets interest of many visitors. Mainly internet users pay attention to the following:

- ‘Top’.
- Eye-catching introduction will significantly increase chances of subscriptions of the visitors who would like follow its updates. This factor is most relevant for the new channels.
- Information presenting style, videos’ design.
- Unique editing, sound choice.
- Information availability

If you do not take into account these points there no chances for the channel to become popular.

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Registration and creating a channel

After making your mind on the aim of your YouTube channel and choosing future posts for it you can use the instructions below for creating the channel itself.

The first step is to create a Google account.

YouTube account is synchronized with Google. Therefore, if you don’t have e-mail address the registration is impossible.

Creating a new mailbox on Gmail.com is not necessary if you already have a valid Mail.ru account. It is enough to specify the address, go through the confirmation by clicking the link from the email.

Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

Stages of the account’s formation:

1. Visit youtube.com.
2. Login.
3. Select the section ‘Create an account’.
4. Fill in the form.
5. Pass a two-step authorization by receiving a text to your mobile device.

After that, you can start creating a channel.

There is a section ‘My channel’ on the first page on the left. You can get there through your ‘YouTube Settings’. First click to the ‘Create’ tab. After that, a window will appear where you will have to specify the name of the channel, agree to the terms of service, click ‘Finish’.

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There are three options of choosing a channel name:

1. If the author of the blog is a famous person, the channel could be called after him.

2. If the channel is devoted to a certain project (for example, a musical band), it should be named after the project.

3. Choose the channel name aimed at the target audience.

The name of the channel can always be changed if it was not successful enough. The well-known and successful bloggers never change the channels names as these are already associated with them. And choosing new but wrong names will only lead to the audience decrease.

If necessary, one could create the second channel on the Google account. One account allows you to operate multiple channels at once. Just go to ‘YouTube Settings’ and select ‘Show all channels or create a new one’ there. Then all actions are carried out according to the similar algorithm.

Thus, we have described the procedure of creating one’s own YouTube channel.

After creating the channel you need to decorate it properly and then to upload videos.

Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

Channel’s design

Good design is an initial step to achieving the channel’s popularity. However, at registration it is necessary to study every detail. And only after that you can start uploading videos.

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In the first turn create a ‘top’. The purpose of this banner is causing the visitors’ interest. Good-looking and high-quality channel’s cover attracts special attention. But to create it you need to have certain skills in Photoshop or some online image editors, there are lots of them in the internet. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help someone good in Photoshop.

The maximum picture size can be only 4 MB with the resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. It is better to keep to these parameters. A bad looking image will only cause dislike and rejection of the channel’s visitors.

In the ‘header’ of the channel the image of the blogger himself or pictures related to the channel’s topic can be added. To create individual images it is better to use collages corresponding to the content.

After the picture is added you can download a trailer. Intro is considered to be an important thing in the channel’s design. Actually, it is the first video that will be shown automatically after visiting the page. The intro download process is similar to the procedure of loading standard videos.

Before downloading your intro it would be good to research the trailers of other bloggers with the similar topic. There are lots of templates allowing you to edit the trailer. The intro should be bright and informative. For better effect you can add some background music. The image must be of high quality. This criteria should be paid attention to when selecting other videos uploaded to the site. Poor quality videos will not be well rated by the viewers. A bright and clear intro image will significantly move your channel forward.

After the upload the intro should be carefully reviewed. It should not last more than 2-3 minutes. Compressing the file can be done by a special program. After this it will be easy to upload the video to the site.

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Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps

For adding the intro, you can use any video. The entire download process comprises the following steps:

1. On the site’s page find ‘For the new viewers’ ​​and the ‘Trailer’ section.

2. Select the necessary video from the list and click on it. If there is only one video, you will be able to choose only it.

3. Add the selected trailer.

Every visitor who visits the site’s page will be able to see the downloaded promo video. You also should add the links to the personal accounts in the social networks, Internet resources, other blogs and YouTube channels. The trailer can be used also for the promotional purposes. It will let the users know about the project in blogs and social networks.

Channel settings

Manipulations with a site mean not only adding a promo video. After creating your own YouTube channel and uploading videos you can proceed with the playlists: open or close them. Let’s give some recommendations concerning the standard settings.

Due to the playlist you can create some series of videos and connect them. For example, there is a topic which you cannot cover during 15 minutes. In this case, you need to record several promo videos with the same design. And then create a playlist. Displaying series of videos on the site will get even more users’ attention. Subscribers will be interested in continuation and will check for the updates regularly.

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There is an opinion that a YouTube channel does not allow to download long time videos lasting more than 15 minutes. In fact, there is no restriction for the videos’ length. We mean that the existing restriction is automatically eliminated after loading a video lasting longer than 15 minutes. And for removing the limitation you do not need to do anything yourself.

Notifications coming to the e-mail address can be turned off. There are alerts appearing after every new subscriber or the users’ comments. Naturally, when the video becomes famous and 10,000 subscribers follow it, alerts can affect negatively the normal work of the mailbox. Not to cause this problem, an option of disabling was suggested.

Creating a Channel on YouTube. What to Start from. First Steps


Creating a Youtube channel is not that difficult. The biggest problem is the choice of the topic and design. But if you solve these, the channel will become popular for sure. Youtube channel is an effective tool in blogging, online stores promotion and other projects. At the same time only original content will be in demand. Alongside with the high-quality promotion use another effective method of the so called ‘YouTube boosts’. Many bloggers have noticed that a large number of subscribers on the channel add to its positive attitude and great authority, thus YouTube subscribers boost is a perfect idea. It happens that many positive YouTube likes help a video to get directly to the TOP. By ordering a small amount of YouTube dislikes you can also add to a natural behavior factor or use this type of boost against the competitors. For this use our service ALL-SMM.

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