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Hashtags for YouTube. How to Create and Move Forward with it

We’d like to make a review of YouTube, one of the most popular and profitable services for video blogging on the internet. Like most social networks it allows every individual user to use such tools as hashtags for his videos which contribute to the more productive content promotion.

The video service itself decided to implement such a tool two years ago, in 2016, but it hasn’t become popular. At least compared to the other social networks giants Facebook, VK or Instagram.

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Probably the low popularity of hashtags can be explained by the fact that not everyone knows that they can be used as promotion tags. Or perhaps not everyone believes that they work well.

Hashtags for YouTube. How to Create and Move Forward with it

Defining a hashtag and video search methods

Many people know what hashtags mean, especially people who often use social networks. The minimum you need to know is that hashtags allow one to describe in a couple of words the type and subject of the content for a simple search in the social networks.

By its structure a hashtag is a word or a phrase (written without spaces) preceded by a # sign. This way one can find a video on the specific topic, just enter the most obvious word related to its topic and the system will show a result ranking videos by certain criteria. Depending on the user's choice he may see a list of popular, new or most commented videos.

That is, hashtags are necessary for the quickest and easiest videos search on same subject. Each video if its hashtags coincide with the other videos will be grouped to a separate section created on the hashtag base.

Such tags should be used either in the description or in the video’s title. As YouTube itself reads, such hashtags must be clickable in any published video, although one can click them only in the description. Both options are available in the search.

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For example, a user watches a video about handmade and wants to find similar topic videos without using the ‘related videos’ section. That’s easy, he should just click the hashtag #handmade and the list of videos will open in the search. Additionally, these markers can be used also during the ordinary search.

Hashtags for YouTube. How to Create and Move Forward with it

How to promote video via the hashtags

When downloading a ready-made video it is enough to put # before the words in the description and this mark will make it a label.

Important: you can write hashtags both in Russian and English. Use spaces to separate them. Basically, same as in other social networks.

The more hashtags, the better, but not too much as you can be banned or fined. It is adviced to choose 5-7 most common words related to the topic and set them as hashtags.

Several YouTube rules about hashtags

1. Iterations and tags. YouTube prohibits the use of repeated words and sentences as well as the ordinary tags.
2. Cheating. Popular and most often clickable tags are prohibited if they are not related to the topic of the video.
3. Spam. YouTube allows you to use up to 15 tags.
4. Spaces. Hashtag is a solid word without spaces.
5. Curse words. No profanity in hashtags.
6.  18+. It is impossible to use hashtags of sexual character. Videos with the explicit content are prohibited as well. But there is always someone who inserts the popular ‘18+’ hashtag hoping to get more views.
7. Propaganda. You cannot use words discriminating anyone on any basis. You have to be tolerant when choosing tags.
 8. Threats. Insults, threats or any kind of aggression are also prohibited.

All these and other recommendations and rules are listed in the support section of support.google.com/youtube/.

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Hashtags for YouTube. How to Create and Move Forward with it

Of course, you can use popular hashtags (if they correspond to the topic of the video) but there is no guarantee the user will choose the right video.

Therefore, the best idea is to use low-frequency queries. For this you can ask for help from certain services responsible for selecting necessary hashtags. You can do it yourself by either typing tags and checking the number of videos sorted, or by resorting using tools.

For example, MyTager.com helps a lot and gives the opportunity to automatically find particular hashtags. Plus, relevant hashtags will be issued there.

Famous tags can also be copied from other social networks but it is important to remember that the selected tags are popular.

In general, for promoting your channel and each video separately you need to follow simple rules of YouTube’s creators and services and also use more or less popular relevant keys for describing your videos. As we can see, hashtags can play a special role in the channel’s promotion, you need to make a great effort to make the video ‘hit’ YouTube. Using high-quality YouTube boost you can not only increase the subscribers’ number, but also strengthen its position. YouTube subscribers boost will require only several steps:

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