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How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations

The society’s demand for video content is growing each day as well as the capacity of YouTube channels with their owners using more up-to-date equipment.

But in order for the channel to be noticed and even having ads on it, it is necessary to promote the channel and each video. Today it is a difficult thing since as in any field one will face competition in video hosting as well. What factors can affect the ranking and how to top the position of a video on YouTube without any special skills?

How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations

Features of the video ranking

After entering a query, the service will offer videos relevant to that query. The material is ranked based on the algorithm that takes into account such factors as:

1. The name of the video.
The video hosting search engine determines the relevance of the semantics of the video title and the phrase in the search.

2. Description of the video.
If there are keywords in the description below the video it is highly likely to see the video on TOP of the request.

3. Tags.
The presence of tags in the description allows the video hosting to determine the most relevant videos matching the request.

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How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations

4. Decoding of the video.
If the decoding of the video is done manually it will give the search engine a good reason for improving its rating.

5. Quality.
Everything is clear here: YouTube shows on top the videos made with the use of technologies and with the highest quality editing.

6. Authority of the channel.
This indicator includes such parameters as number of subscribers, age of the channel, as well as the corresponding to the topic in search.

7. Length of the video and number of views.
The likelihood of getting to the top positions in search depends also on how many users have watched the video. The duration of the views is a behavioral factor, so the rating of the video viewed from the very beginning to the end will always be higher.

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8. The prevalence of the video.
This ranking factor consists of the number of ‘share’ button clicked and the number of embeddings of a video clip on various internet resources.

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9. Activity.
It consists of likes and dislikes, as well as viewers’ comments. The more often users like it and the more comments leave under the video, the higher the video’s ranking is. Accordingly, dislikes reduce the likelihood of videos’ appearing in TOP. At the same time, the system calculates not only the number of likes and dislikes from people, but also their ratio.

How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations

How to top the video on YouTube

Here are some tips that will help promoting videos to TOP:

1. Use longer descriptions.

At the moment, not everyone is able to listen and watch videos, so people read them turning to the descriptions. The description of the published video is used by the search and ranking system for placing the video in the search query results. The best option would be a description consisting of 1.5 thousand characters or 200 words.

2. Enter keywords according to the channel’s topic.

Excellent positions on YouTube’s lists ensure that the audience will watch the video. It will also be great if the video gets to the TOP SERP Google. Everyone knows that Google leaves some space on top of the page for YouTube videos. But it happens only for some part of the requests. You can make sure if you enter a content marketing request and something like ‘jokes with cats’. Marketing videos will not be shown at all, but jokes with cats are always there in the search results.

At the same time, Google is aware that the user interested in jokes with cats does not want to know why cats are funny or read about it. This user is on the page for watching videos.

Therefore, choosing the words and keys for describing the video one needs to think what keys can become specific for the video. If such keys appear, the video may get to the SERP. For example, one of the commercial topics starts with the key ‘how to make’.

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How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations 3. Create ads about video in social networks.
It is difficult to overestimate the role of social networks and thematic communities when it comes to the publication of videos. These can become the target source of the attracted traffic. Don’t worry, the administrators of such publics in most cases are loyal to such posts and allow publishing them on the wall of the group.

Accordingly, the more likes and views of a video there are, the higher will be the position of the author's content in the video hosting. A person who publishes announcements or ready-made videos in the groups fulfills simultaneously two tasks: increases the maximum coverage of his target audience and improves the position of video in search.

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4. Create an incentive.

In order for the audience to behave actively (subscribe, like and comment) YouTube’s video hosting algorithms pay a lot of attention to the behavioral factor in the ranking of video materials. When the audience likes videos the system will give them higher positions in the search queries. Nowadays the main task of the channel’s author is to show that people cannot live without his videos. This can be done by simple and not too intrusive requests to put likes and subscribe to the channel.

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Important: if the user subscribes to the channel immediately after watching the video, he creates one of the most powerful signals with this action. So YouTube video hosting understands that the author has published an excellent video, after viewing it the user immediately subscribes in anticipation of new similar videos. Likes send the same signals to the system.

In order to stimulate users to like and subscribe to the author's channel, one needs to publish the content useful to users. One also needs to ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel and put likes from time to time.

How to Top the Position of a Video on YouTube. Recommendations

5. Organize publications in playlists

Systematization of videos in playlists based on topics is an excellent step with several advantages. First of all, it will be more convenient for the users to watch not individual videos, but the whole series they like. Secondly, playlists can also be filled with the descriptions of individual videos. This will increase the chances to top the position of a video on YouTube.

These simple tips will help to top the position of the created and published videos within certain search queries.

YouTube’s algorithm invented by developers is based on 2 factors. The first one is determining the relevance of the semantics in the video’s description to the request sent. The second one is an evaluation and analysis of behavioral factors.

The behavioral factors are the number of likes, views and comments. Therefore, it is important to create high-quality content because otherwise there will be a failure in 90% of cases. Behavioral factors in the form of the views length will get worse if people do not like it or the content seems bad to them, they can put dislikes and write bad comments. If the content deserves attention the feedback will be better. Now just imagine the boost of YouTube followers and likes. YouTube subscribers will subscribe to your profile creating credibility and causing confidence in the eyes of other people. Videos with lots of positive likes will get trust of the YouTube search system, and will be ranked as useful and offered for viewing. If you want to buy YouTube video likes, use the ALL-SMM service, with its help you can boost both likes and views on YouTube.

Therefore, the most important actions for promoting a channel or individual videos will be creating detailed descriptions using key requests, using keys in the title of a video, encouraging potential subscribers and ordinary users to like or subscribe to the channel. Also, it is useful to remind about clicking on the bell.

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