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Building a Personal Brand on Instagram

The history of Instagram started from users photos signed with short texts. Now it is a social network where people sell and buy goods, teach and get new skills, advertise their services and share life stories.

Many people are interested in creating a personal brand, since the user’s page marked with this sign has the advantage monetization-wise. The development of a personal brand involves a lot of effort and work on its promotion. You should take the choice of topics and personal brand photography seriously, since followers follow the news and rate the offered content carefully. Therefore, Instagram post ideas for personal brand should be outstanding and extraordinary. There are a lot of personal brand tips on the Internet, and there are many speakers in the social network itself who teach how to use the platform developing a personal brand on Instagram by their example.

Building a Personal Brand on Instagram


  1. What is a personal brand on Instagram?
  2. How to get a personal brand badge
  3. Conditions for getting a personal brand
  4. Deprivation of a personal brand badge
  5. Other ways of developing a brand
  6. Personal brand promotion
  7. Positioning, USP or idea?
  8. Page design
  9. Content plan
  10. A quick way of promotion

What is a personal brand on Instagram?

A blue circle with a wavy border and a white tick inside serves as a confirmation that the Instagram page is a personal brand. This badge can be seen at some bloggers, media personalities or companies. Thus, the administration confirms the authenticity of the person or company, based on the documents provided, certifying the existence of the company or the person.

The decision about providing the original badge of a personal brand is taken by the administration of Instagram after the application, filled out and sent for consideration.

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How to get a personal brand badge

To receive a personal brand status, an application should be submitted.

1. Log in to your account with your username and password.

2. Go to the Settings. In the tab of your profile, tap the three lines icon in the upper right corner, then choose the Settings icon at the bottom of the menu.

3. Select “Account” in the list and tap “Request Verification” in the next menu.

4. A questionnaire form will appear with the request to specify:

  • username;
  • full name;
  • known as (nickname);
  • account category out of the drop down menu;
  • choose a file with a photo of one of the documents (passport, driver's license or national identification card) or official business documents (tax filling, recent utility bill, article of incorporation).

5. After filling in all the fields, tap the "Send" button.

The application will be considered up to 30 calendar days. In case of a positive decision, the badge will be provided for free. The reply will arrive in the private messages.

Matching the page and the number of followers does not guarantee getting a personal brand badge from the administration. The number of requests is not limited, you can submit the application form again and again, while developing and improving your page.

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Building a Personal Brand on Instagram

Conditions for getting a personal brand

Before you apply for a unique badge of a personal brand, you should know what conditions must be met for its assignment. But even following all the rules from the Instagram management does not guarantee a positive decision.

  1. Compliance with the user agreement and Instagram Guide. Examine these carefully to avoid violations.
  2. Proving the identity or organization with the official papers, their copies.
  3. The profile in the social network should be different from others and have a unique character. In addition, the obvious demand of the page among the followers is obligatory.
  4. Information on the page must be true and full.
  5. Published posts are a must.
  6. Calls for visiting other social networks and links to them are prohibited.

Deprivation of a personal brand badge

In addition to the mandatory conditions for obtaining the badge, one should avoid actions leading to deprivation of the personal brand status.

  • Providing false information about yourself or the company.
  • Giving or selling the badge to other users.
  • Changing activities or activities different from those indicated in the application.
  • Attracting the third parties to getting the badge.

Violation of one or more points can lead not only to deprivation of the status of a personal brand, but also to blocking and deleting the Instagram profile.

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Other ways of developing a brand

The unique badge of the personal brand provided by the Instagram management certainly confirms the uniqueness, usefulness and importance of the profile. But even without it, you can promote your brand. For this you can use the following methods:

  1. When filling out a profile, pay more attention to the information about services or products in bio.
  2. Make interesting posts telling about your activities.
  3. Ask the followers to tag your page in their posts and stories.
  4. Link your Instagram account to other social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Ok.ru.

Building a Personal Brand on Instagram

Personal brand promotion

Positioning, USP or idea?

Looking at the quick development of the social networks and the growing number of bloggers, it seems that the creation of a personal brand and its quick monetization are a matter of a couple of minutes. Indeed, users start following the real people accounts with great pleasure, rather than organizations, even the world-famous ones. However, cheating and holding the audience is not an easy job. You need to be constantly up to date about all the events and popular content, invent original and interesting content for your page regularly to be visible and attract the new followers.

Speakers teaching how to promote Instagram accounts, or sites with the information about the profile promotion, call this point in different ways. But the idea is similar: decide what you can offer to the audience. These could be products, services, advice, life stories or something else. Before you start promotion, decide on the subject, brainstorm, write down the ideas coming to your mind. Besides, it is useful to write a content plan.

As soon as the target audience is defined, its needs and interests are determined, you can proceed to the promotion of a personal brand.

Page design

Instagram is a visual platform where an important role is played by attractive photos and video content. Therefore it is worth working on the design of photos and processing of the videos used in publications.

Many people do it themselves, since there are many different programs and filters on the Internet, both paid and free. But there is an opportunity to use professional help in creating content in the same good-looking style. This option is not free, but saves much time.

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Content plan

This concept is very popular now. What is content plan? It is a plan for creating posts on Instagram or any other network, day by day. Usually it includes several types of posts: entertainment, informational, training, selling and others. It is important to determine the main theme and not to overload the account with the unnecessary ones. For example, if the priority is selling of goods, you can decide on selling, entertainment and information resources. Tutorials would look weird in a selling profile.

A quick way of promotion

Some people do not want to wait and attract Instagram followers manually. There are numerous services that can help attract a large number of followers to a page for a fee. One of such services is ALL-SMM, a great tool in attracting the live audience with a guarantee for the good quality of services.

Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram can take a lot of time and some money. In any case, if the desire and need to develop your profile is big enough, get down to the business and invest time and resources actively to get great results.

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