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How to Hold Instagram Giveaways

The best Instagram giveaway ideas have been created long ago, but not everyone uses them. For a high-quality competition just an idea is not enough. It will take resources, because you have to play real gifts. If to deceive the contest’s participants at least once, they will never be back to reading your account and will convince other followers to unsubscribe from you.

How to Hold Instagram Giveaways


  • Why contests are so popular
  • Types of contests
  • Useful tips
  • Conclusion

Why contests are so popular

Instagram giveaways for the followers are organized regularly. This is true both for the expensive and popular brand accounts and for the personal accounts. Giveaways are needed for attracting attention in the first place. For example, if you have never been interested in parachutes, and some account announces a parachute giveaway, you pay attention to the offer. It will be enough to take part in the contest. After that, you might get interested in parachutes, even if you have shown absolutely no interest in them before. Same about the users. They can get interested in your gifts and in your account later.

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Types of contests

There are 3 main types of Instagram contests:

  • Repost. Participants need to post the contest photo in their account (make a repost) and add the hashtag specified by the organizer of the competition. This is the most common type of contests. It does not require much effort from the participants. Anyone can take part in it. The absolute majority of competitions are held this way. This is the best option both for those using Instagram for a long time, and for the beginners.
  • Another popular type is creative contests. We could recommend them to those who are not scared of losing potential contest users because of the unnecessarily complicated contest rules. Usually, participants have to place a unique photo in their account. Many users rarely post photos in their accounts, so for them such a contest will be a real challenge. Not all people are willing to spend personal time on participating in such contests. In addition, they have to take a photo with the rules of the competition. This complicates the task even more. Few users agree to a compromise and spending their time on winning a cheap prize.
  • Set of likes. Participants need to post some photos in their account and try to get as many likes as possible. This is the simplest option, however, participation in the competition gets complicated by the fact that organizers will have to check the honesty of the contestants. Some users use special programs for cheating likes. This is unacceptable, so you need to know the algorithms for checking the suspicious accounts.

Recently, Instagram book giveaway has been gaining its popularity. However, this competition is suitable only for those who like reading books and are interested in literature. Otherwise, it is unlikely to benefit from the competition. It is recommended to hold such a giveaway in the accounts for the book lovers. Then the participants will get interested, and you will get bigger attention to your account.

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Useful tips

  • The Instagram giveaway for followers should be held before and during the holidays. People expect to see gifts not on a working day, but during the New Year or Christmas period. Select dates for the competition carefully. Only in this case you will use their full potential. This is true for any type of account. It is recommended to take any holiday days into consideration. If your account is aimed at some profession, you can celebrate the holiday and arrange a contest. This is the perfect advertising tool that many users have not heard about yet.
  • The Instagram jewelry giveaway is especially popular. The reason for the popularity of such contests is a large number of girls using Instagram. They love to post photos of expensive stuff on their pages. Jewelry is the best option, thus you will attract a huge number of people to your page by this contest.
  • Do not give only one prize. It is recommended to offer at least a set of prizes. Then you can increase the popularity of the competition and make it even more interesting for a wider audience.
  • Always take photos with the contest winners or ask them to send photos with the prize. Otherwise, other users could question your honesty. In this case all your next giveaways will not be of interest, and your competitors will suspect foul play.
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How to Hold Instagram Giveaways

Special attention should be paid to the loop giveaway on Instagram. Everyone can take part in it. Usually, several organizers join to launch it. Participants should follow the links until they return to the profile from where they started.


Contests can bring you considerable benefits if you have planned them in advance. In this case the contestants are satisfied, and your account becomes even more popular among the followers. Contests are an efficient promotional method, not requiring big investments.

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