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What Helps Bring an Instagram Account to the Top?

Modern and fashionable social network has captured millions of young people all over the world. What is the secret of its popularity? What will Instagram offer us tomorrow?

Instagram is a platform where you can gain popularity in your city, district or and even all over the world. Useful content, regular posts, videos, live streaming, photos will help to increase the number of Instagram likes and followers, and therefore raise in the feed. This is used by hundreds of thousands of active users. If you ask people what attracts them on Instagram, the answer is obvious: vivid content, simplicity and opportunities.


  • Managing account by yourself: nuances
  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Search for followers
  • Live streaming
  • Feedback
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What Helps Bring an Instagram Account to the Top?

Managing account by yourself: nuances

Instagram profile is a collage of photos with descriptions and user comments. The more likes and views collects the content, the higher are the chances of getting into the friends feed and being viewed. Like any other social network, Instagram has its own rules that you need to follow to get to the top. This is important not only for business pages, but also for personal ones.

Hashtags and geolocation are the tools that will help attract users through the search and by location. As for the shops, this is a great opportunity to make yourself known.


Activity will help to win and keep your followers. Instagram allows to track statistics, know the target audience of the profile and see what posts are most useful. An indicator of this is the number of likes. Having identified the portrait of the target audience, you can work on the development of your page.

What do followers appreciate?

  1. Bright professional photos
  2. Life stories
  3. Life hacks and sharing experience

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Stories is a tool that allows to upload photos and short videos during a day. Entries are located on the top of the feed and attract more attention than posts themselves.

How to add links to Instagram story? This can be done by users who have more than 10 thousand followers. Tap the profile icon in the upper left corner of the phone screen. Then select a video or photo for stories. A link icon appears in the top bar. After tapping it, there will appear a line for editing. After the link is entered, the icon will become active - it will be circled in white. Additionally write the call "Swipe up to follow the link" or "Tap here" for the newcomers.

Many people are interested in how to add music to Instagram story. The application is updated frequently, and not everyone has this feature. Like other useful tricks, the music will appear in stickers as a musical note. You can listen to the song and select a passage for your Story. When viewing Stories, not only the icon appears, but also the name of the music track.

To understand how to add multiple photos to Instagram Story, just take the phone, tap the camera icon in the upper corner of the screen. After that, you can take a photo, video or choose a ready one from the gallery. Then follow the standard editing steps. Thus, you will be able to post several photos or videos one after the other into the Story.

What Helps Bring an Instagram Account to the Top?

Search for followers

Mutual likes and following are one of the ways of searching for the followers. What will also help:

  1. Contests. Prizes could be a specific product or cash. Likes and following are the main conditions for participation.
  2. Like-times held with a certain frequency. Participants put likes to each other's photos and comments.
  3. Sfs is a mutual posting of Stories about each other.

Such forms of activity will help make the profile popular.

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Lives streaming

In order to start the live streaming, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. In the lower scroll bar, among other things, there will appear a live streaming tab. Here you can see the number of potential online viewers.

Did you go to the concert of a popular artist or walk around the city? Decided to chat with followers and answer their questions? Live streaming allows to show your true face and make contact with the followers. You can use a mask, if desired.


To communicate with your target audience, use several methods. First, in the profile header indicate the address and link to the site.

Secondly, live communication in comments. Each post can finish with a question to the reader. Do not forget about Direct, where you can send a private message.

Lives, questions in Stories, polls are the great ways to communicate with followers.

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What Helps Bring an Instagram Account to the Top?


Maintaining a personal account takes a lot of time. What can we say about the business profile, it is better to entrust its promotion to the professionals. At first glance, it might seem that attracting followers (who are potential customers) is not difficult, but then it turns out that it is not easy.

All-SMM provides benefits for boost up of followers, views and likes. It is profitable as it saves your personal time. Buying cheating of followers, likes, reposts from the professionals is a safe, fast and effective way to develop your account. The result of the work will not take long and the investment will quickly pay off. The company works not only with Instagram, but also with other social networks.

Instagram is a social network that keeps up with the times. Developers are preparing new surprises: stickers, masks, IGTV. Activity chats, quizzes, charity stickers, brand advertising updates and more.

Keeping to simple rules: daily posts from 8 am to 3 pm, bright content, feedback, live streaming and Stories will help to bring your page to the top of Instagram.

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