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Popularity on Instagram. Could It Be Real?

The higher is the coverage, the more people know about you. But the innovations of this social network rarely let promote everyone: often, algorithms on Instagram hide your story or stop showing your posts in the feed. Why? Both cheap Instagram likes and competent promotion at the third-party services will help you.

Popularity on Instagram. Could It Be Real?


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  • Mutual likes
  • Help from the third-party services
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Perhaps the most important thing about Instagram promotion is not letting your followers forget about your account. Create a schedule to follow. Followers will remember it in some time, for example, post photos in the evening.

It will also be useful to trace the best time for uploading photos. Try your best and keep tracking the time when you get more likes, at least at the beginning. There is a general opinion that there is “rush” from 14 to 17 PM when all users update their feed at lunchtime. However, some users get more new followers and likes late in the evening or early in the morning. Check how it works with your audience.

Try not to overdo with the Instagram activity, if your account shows off too often in someone’s feed, there is a high chance they could either hide your posts or unfollow you.

Important: high quality is always more important than quantity. If you have nothing to post, do not be upset, make Stories, they could also get users’ interest.

Mutual likes

No matter how obvious it is, but reciprocity still works on Instagram! Even the most popular bloggers have like-time and add posts under which everyone could share their likes and comments. Promotion in this way helps to increase the coverage of new users without any investment. You will have to spend a bit of time on putting likes in return, but you will definitely get the activity and new followers. Therefore, sometimes either look through your favorite pages for such “flash mobs”, or visit other people's accounts by the corresponding hashtags.

But it should not be too much. Now Instagram works in such a way that when someone starts putting likes to too many pages, the social network limits this function for a while. This way they fight the bots. But the system can consider a real user as a bot, and no one is on the safe side.

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Help from the third-party services

Not everyone has free time to promote Instagram profile by themselves. In such cases, use the All-SMM service. There is no need to learn all the intricacies of Instagram functionality, because the experts will do everything for you: cheat likes, followers, comments. This is the best investment if you haven’t been able to improve your account statistics for a long time. Many popular bloggers use this method to promote their page at the beginning and attract new Instagram followers. Because the better is the activity of the person, the higher is the likelihood that their photos will get into Recommendations for real people.

Popularity on Instagram. Could It Be Real?


Be sure to see your statistics. If your page is already promoted, it remains only to watch what your real audience likes. More likes are collected by the bright photos and long texts under the posts. Thus, try to write, study the literature and resources on this subject. Also, according to statistics, light colors are more popular among the public, so always take photos in good light and, if possible, against a white or light background. But it should be considered only when a decent amount of followers are there in the account.

Tip: switch your personal account to the business one. This feature works really well for the personal pages, because you can see your full statistics both for your page and for the specific posts (how many people saved them, shared with others, the coverage, etc.)

With a small development, start looking at others. What do their followers discuss? How do popular bloggers handle photos to get lots of likes? You can even ask them in direct, but not all people like sharing their secrets and success stories.

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Nowadays people have started paying more attention to the overall design of the account. A few will start following the page if the photos on it do not match each other. There is no need to immediately purchase the paid apps or take any special editing courses. The newbie Instagrammers can simply add the same filter on all photos, adjusting the other settings (brightness, contrast, and more) to the situation. But do not overdo it! With too much editing any image loses its original quality, and people rarely like such photos.

The description is also important. Many celebrities have promoted their pages through their own texts under the photos. If you are not that good in writing, try to insert your favorite quotes matching the image.

Tip: ask your followers a question in the description, and many will want to leave you a comment, thereby improving your coverage.

The hashtag system still works. Specify the ready-made options (likes for likes, photo of the day, etc.) or invent your own ones to organize the posts.


Yes, at first all the difficulties about this social network do not look too attractive, but over time, almost everyone gets drawn into the unusual atmosphere of creativity. The main thing is not to spend too much time on Instagram, otherwise you will forget about the pleasures of real life. It is your own business whether to develop an account yourself or use the All-SMM service, but always try to evaluate your skills and value your time.

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