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Benefits of Instagram Stories Questions

There are many users registered on Instagram, and their number is growing every day. This social network is used worldwide. Besides, Instagram service constantly adds new features. A few years ago, the Stories feature was added, and it is still being updated. Not that long ago, users received advantages of adding Instagram story questions. Still some Instagrammers do not understand the benefits of voting on Instagram and how to use it.

Benefits of Instagram Stories Questions

• Why Stories questions are an important feature
• How to create voting in Stories
• How to add a link to the Instagram poll
• Advanced settings in Instagram polls
• Other methods of increasing your Instagram account rating
• Organizing online giveaways, repost contests, etc.
• Using special apps
• Instagram account promotion services

Why Stories questions are an important feature

Bloggers can actively communicate with their followers through the questions feature. Getting feedback increases the rating of the account, which positively affects the profit. For example, a blogger may ask followers to help in choosing a gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend, or where to go on a date in the evening. Owners of business accounts can use surveys for communication with the potential buyers. All surveys and questions published on Instagram help increase the online audience, which means they lead to the growing earnings from Instagram.

How to create voting in Stories

• To post a survey via Instagram, visit the app.
• Film or upload a new Story.
• Swipe with your finger to the top, there will appear various hashtags, emoticons, texts, as well as the “Poll” section.
• Tap “Poll”, specify the question, two answers and tap “Send To” in the bottom left corner.
• Posting a survey in Stories takes a few seconds.

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How to add a link to the Instagram poll

You could have seen that the advanced users add active links to their Stories. But not everyone knows how to add a link to an Instagram Story.

Only owners of business accounts with the followers number over 10,000 users can add active links to Instagram Stories. To add a link, follow the simple steps.

• Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the screen to add a new Story.
• Then add a photo or shoot a new video.
• Tap the link icon in the upper right corner. There will appear a panel for adding an active link, where you need to specify the desired URL.
• After the link is added, you can enable preview. If the URL is correct, confirm the placement of the active link.

But do not forget that not all users know how to follow the active link in a published survey. In an additional post give the detailed instructions on how to visit the specified link. Or indicate it in the voting with arrows and comments to make users tap the active link.

Advanced settings in Instagram polls

In order for the Stories to look interesting and attractive to users, it is necessary to arrange them correctly. On Instagram there is a chance to use the Instagram Story filters in the same way as in the regular posts. You can also add text, use different emoticons, hashtags. You can come up with your original style of publishing Stories on Instagram. When everything is in the same style, it seems that the account owner highly appreciates his followers, and tries to please them. It also attracts new followers and keeps existing ones.

Benefits of Instagram Stories Questions

Other methods of increasing your Instagram account rating

In order for the Stories to be viewed by a large number of users, it is necessary to increase the online audience. Of course, it is important to post interesting posts, videos and photos, to invent original Stories. But the number of users can increase very slowly. Therefore, many users use other methods of the page promotion.

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Organizing online giveaways, repost contests, etc.

Many users hold various contests for their followers. Even a simple repost contest can significantly increase the audience. But it is important to comply with all the promised conditions so that the administration of the social network does not block the account. You can regularly hold the giveaways or contests so that the online public constantly grows.

Using special apps

You can use apps for the Instagram account promotion. It could be downloaded for free, but it is important to choose a trusted source not to catch a malicious virus.

With the help of free apps, you can increase the number of followers, likes, comments and reposts. But for this you need to perform actions required by the program. For example, rate someone else's post or follow another user. Every action is time-consuming. And the more tasks are completed, the more followers, comments and likes you get. This method is suitable for those who have much free time.

Instagram account promotion services

Many users do not get distracted by growing the profile rating in the social network, they just got their different things going on, but the number of Instagram followers significantly increases. They use the professional services specialized in promotion. For example, the ALL-SMM service. The cost of services is much more affordable than expensive advertising from popular bloggers. Experts have extensive experience in the promotion of accounts not only on Instagram, but also in other social networks. Select a package of services, pay for it and wait a bit to get the desired result.

Of course, posting polls or questions in Instagram Stories helps to increase the number of profile views. Which leads to higher earnings. But first of all you need to increase the online audience. If there is no time or budget for it, it is better to use the professional help. Then Instagram promotion will happen efficiently, in a short time and at an affordable price.

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