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Likes and Dislikes on YouTube - how to Boost up Indicators and Develop your Channel.

A YouTube channel with a large number of views and subscribers can be an excellent business tool. The brand owners choose creating videos for telling about their business to as many people as possible and for finding new customers. Many users also become bloggers, hoping to earn on advertising reviews or to go on press tours. But if 5-6 years ago the Russian-speaking segment on YouTube was developing slowly, nowadays it is difficult to stand out from the crowd of similar channels. It is necessary to work not only on the content, but also on the indicators contributing to the growing popularity of the channel. These include likes and dislikes.

Likes and dislikes on YouTube

There is an opportunity of responding to the content on YouTube. Under the video, every registered user can put a like or dislike. Initially, such system was developed to make it easier for the channel owner to track the topics in demand. Based on the opinion of viewers he could analyze his mistakes and improve the channel. Later likes and dislikes became a part of general statistics of all YouTube channels, and the attention paid to them increased.

How the user reaction affects the channel rating

Previously, the channel owners were feeling bad about the negative viewers reaction, thinking that dislikes impair their reputation. In practice, it turns out that any response to content has a positive effect on the overall rating of the channel, which gets into the section of recommended videos for the users viewing similar materials. That is why you need to fight for the reaction of users. But when the channel is new and there are few subscribers, it’s not necessary to expect the activity from the audience. However, you can buy YouTube dislikes and likes to improve the channel's rating and make it more visible to users.

Paid boost – if it’s good

Buy YouTube likes and views - this is much easier today than developing a channel on your own. If you do everything yourself, you will be able to see the first results not earlier than in 3 years. But it is too long if you want to succeed in the blogging field and perceive the channel as an earning tool.
Advantages of paid boost:
  • fast result;
  • simplicity of achieving the desired indicator without studying the promotion tricks in detail;
  • affordable price - you can plan your expenses by choosing the necessary number of likes and dislikes.
Not only beginners, but also the experienced bloggers use the likes and dislikes boost, because they want to be more visible for the viewer, getting into the category of recommended videos.

How likes and dislikes work

How to buy YouTube likes is well known by the professionals at ALL-SMM.com. In order to use the boost service, you only need to select the plan, pay for it, and then the SMM professionals launch a program that will provide a quick boost of likes and dislikes to the video on the channel. Unlike other services, ALL-SMM.com:
  • offers different rates, which allows you to determine your boost aims and plan costs independently;
  • attracts real accounts;
  • selects the target audience, taking into account the country of residence, age and other criteria;
  • enables the client to see a quick result in real time.
Later you could experiment with options for boost, increasing the number of views or subscribers. Still you will have to create the high-quality content, but the boost will speed up the process of reaching the top in the rankings. Even new channels today can become popular due to the smart boost option, if these are used by professionals. Make sure of it yourself!