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Telegram was recognized to be a dangerous messenger and was added to the list of banned sites. However, this did not make its position worse but on the contrary improved it.

Telegram subscribers

Boost of subscribers in Telegram channels

No doubt presently Telegram is one of the ‘high-end’ social networks in Russia due to Pavel Durov’ wish to fight for the freedom and independence of a person on the Internet. He manifests his aspiration in various ways. For example, quite recently he refused to give permission to the governmental authorities in Russian Federation to ‘read’ users’ messages in Telegram. Telegram was recognized to be a dangerous messenger and was added to the list of banned sites by The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications. However, this did not influence its position in the wrong way but on the contrary improved it. The number of people using it has almost doubled.

It’s also worth mentioning a unique fact: Telegram created its token in the cryptocurrency. With its help the project team managed to earn quite an impressive sum but it also raised new obligations to the investors. As a result the site is getting better positions and its audience is growing. According to statistics it will reach 100 million users at the beginning of the year 2021.

It gives a great opportunity to use it as one of the easiest ways of earning money, i.e. create and promote your channel in Telegram. Bringing it to the top is quite problematic, of course, but after that you’ll be able to receive a good income even from a single ad post.

Telegram subscribers

Who needs the Telegram subscribers boost

There are certain people who are in absolute need of getting more subscribers, i.e.:

1. New channels need an ‘initial minimum’ for making live profiles to subscribe

2. Those who want to achieve some goal but do not have time for this

3. Channels that were hanging there passively due to the lack of content. While renewing their activity and making advertising campaigns they should give more motivation to their potential readers.

How to boost up

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