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Dislikes on YouTube

Dislikes are added by users if they do not like videos. When the ratio of likes and dislikes is equal or dislikes prevail it means the video is either of poor quality or it offends someone's feelings, and the poor statistics only evidences this.

Dislikes on YouTube

Dislikes on YouTube

Dislikes on YouTube are considered to be a mark that the audience has not liked the blogger’s work and he should change his views towards certain things. But it's not always the case.

It also happens that YouTube dislikes should be boosted, and they are added automatically.

Such situations occur during the competition between two small channels. In most cases it’s too obvious and straightforward as there cannot be 500 likes and 15 thousand likes under the video at the channel with only 10 thousand subscribers, even if the topic is wrong and it is of poor quality.

It is worth remembering that YouTube dislikes boost should be done in accordance with the target audience of the channel. For example, a video blogger has 100 thousand subscribers, and under the video there are 1.5 thousand likes, only in this case dislikes can be boosted up to 10 thousand, that will cost $175 at our service.

Who needs YouTube dislikes and why:

- Hype channels. Negative marks are a certain way to draw attention to yourself and get views and maybe likes. It is always interesting for the ordinary users: why there are so many dislikes under the video. If you forward their interest to the video itself, rather than to its statistics, you can achieve great success.

- Competition. As already mentioned this happens due to the fuss between two not popular channels without their own audiences. These can be reviewers of the same game or authors of similar topics. If popular bloggers use this method of eliminating a competitor, it will immediately become clear due to their numerous audience.

- Sporting sense or bet. Often celebrities start similar competition, but in likes or subscribers. Sometimes also dislikes are boosted from both parties.

Dislikes on YouTube

Negative marks have a stronger effect at the audience than positive ones. This is because of curiosity, if a video got 100 thousand likes one can always watch it later, but if it got so many dislikes one cannot wait to watch it.

There are cases when a person boosts up negative marks smartly. This is influenced by three factors:

- Current channel’s statistics.

- Reputation.

- Audience’s mood.

If all these match together you can start boosting up and wait for the result.

In most cases the negative marks are needed for restarting your channel’s statistics and turning it to the previous direction. If a video blogger previously had 100 thousand views and 2 thousand comments per week, then he will get 2-4 times more.

Playing the audience’s feelings is often successful since people have a short memory and tend to forget a lot. But the level of views and comments will increase, and will not drop down until the author runs out of ideas for the new videos.

How to boost up YouTube dislikes at our service?

For boosting dislikes you do not need to waste your or someone else's reputation but you can just order them from our site and get real results.

For different purposes, the different number of fingers down is needed:

- For sinking a competitor - 2-10 thousand.

- For increasing the activity on the channel - 15-30 thousand.

- For winning the bet - 10-150 thousand.

Dislikes on YouTube

Some channels cannot get out of the YouTube search results shadow and has to urgently reanimate the statistics. The best way for this is boosting dislikes number, since the sudden growth of subscribers and likes is not that attractive for a new audience like fingers down.

For boosting up dislikes, just follow 5 simple steps:

1. Register at https://us.all-smm.com/youtube.

2. Go to the page you need.

3. Choose a service type.

4. Enter your YouTube data.

5. Choose a payment method and enter details.

In 30 minutes dislikes will show off at the customer's channel.

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