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TikTok Video Shares

TikTok has been one of the most popular services in recent years. Lately, it is TikTok that leads in the number of unique users at a certain point in time. Perhaps this is due to the Chinese market - it’s no secret that the majority of users of this social network are from China. However, this does not affect the prospects for the development of the service in other countries. In the next three years, TikTok is expected to win the leading position in Europe and North America.

One of the most efficient ways to develop your account is a service that offers to buy Tik Tok shares. It helps to reach the largest number of users and get a huge number of unique views and new regular viewers. According to the calculations and statistics, shares are considered the most effective way of promotion. A large number of social network users pay attention to this parameter. If a video has a lot of shares, then it obviously attracts more interest.

Why shares are needed?

Share is the main way of reposting for other users. This feature is available in almost all social networks and is used for telling friends about some content. On TikTok, with the help of shares, you can show your friends a variety of videos you have liked while surfing this social network.

Who will share?

All users who make shares are real and live. That is, these are real people accounts. This also has a positive effect on the views statistics. After all, in addition to the internal algorithms of the service itself, through which the video becomes popular, it will also be seen by the followers of the person who makes shares.

Impact of shares on account development

The number of shares is one of the key indicators in evaluating any account. The more shares, the higher is the cost of advertising. And this, in its turn, allows to start making money with the help of this social network. The money is small, but any bonus is always pleasant. Especially when you get it for doing your favorite thing.

How many new viewers can the share bring?

The exact numbers cannot be called - everything happens individually and depends on the subject of your account and the video being promoted. Also a significant role is played by the number of shares. If you share the video with a small number of users, then new views cannot be gained. The most optimal number of shares starts from one hundred. This allows to receive from one to ten viewers from each share.

Why us?

All-SMM is a team with a huge experience in promotion of social networks accounts and cheating indicators. You will not get dubious followers - all users are alive, they will continue being active on your page.


Buying a large number of shares is a necessary measure if you are determined to promote your TikTok account. It is with the help of a large number of shares you can get a lot of new viewers, and your videos will collect more views.