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What Contests and Giveaways Could Be Organized on Instagram

Instagram is not only a platform for posting photos and videos, but also a great place for making money. But you can earn only when having a large number of followers. And in order to increase them, some users organize contests and giveaways. Instagram contest ideas should be thought out in advance so that followers do not have unnecessary questions and distrust. The administration of the social network does not limit the imagination of users in organizing contests and giveaways.

What Contests and Giveaways Could Be Organized on Instagram


  • Interesting ideas for contests and giveaways
  • Repost contests
  • Intellectual competitions
  • Attracting new followers
  • Best feedback
  • Best photo contest
  • Gifts for Instagram

Interesting ideas for contests and giveaways

Organizing giveaways and contests in the Instagram account depends on the activity of the owner of the page. Indeed, on Instagram you can sell various goods and services, attracting new customers and actively increasing the existing orders. But, regardless of the focus of the business account, it is necessary to encourage followers to put Instagram hashtags when publishing their posts. Hashtags help find the right requests, not only in the social network, but also outside it. And also, in order to become a participant of any contest or giveaway, you need to become a follower of the specified business page and put likes to the latest 1 – 5 posts.  

Repost contests

The repost contest is the most frequently used among the followers. This idea does not require any serious action from the participants or from the organizers. For the participant of the contest it is enough to make a repost of a certain post, and a winner will be selected in a few days with a randomizer app. Or the most active participant will be chosen, who will make the most reposts. The latest version of Instagram allows downloading story and live streams that can also be specified in the conditions of the contest. Usually a large number of Instagram users take part in the repost contests. Therefore, the idea of the contest among your online audience is effective and allows attracting new followers with the minimal expenditures.  

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Intellectual competitions

You can come up with a contest where followers compete in their wit. For example, they should come up with a company slogan. Or you can ask a question associated with the offered products or services. Another option is to ask followers to tell a story from their own life on a specific topic. Or compose a poem, and the best poet will get the main prize. Solving a logical riddle is another interesting and fun contest. There is no need to limit the number of comments from each person: let everyone write their guesses an unlimited number of times. Followers will express their opinions, leave many comments. This increases the popularity of the account.

Attracting new followers

For the lovers of reposting, you can run a Instagram contest, where the participants should invite their friends. This can be done by leaving comments with their Instagram nicknames. Winners are selected in several categories: among those who invited the most friends, and among those whose friends have agreed to become followers of the page. And also you can arrange a contest for the most original comment.

Best feedback

If you want to advertise products or services offered on a personal Instagram page, you can arrange a contest for the best review. Usually, potential winners begin to describe the benefits of the product in detail in their account, leaving the link to the seller and publishing a photo as a confirmation. And those who have not yet had time to become a customer can order a product or service. Therefore, the competition for the best review will not only successfully advertise the business page, but also increase sales. The author of the best review receives the main prize, and other participants could get a discount with the next order.

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Best photo contest

Organizing a contest for the best photo is another way to attract followers. For example, you can announce a giveaway for the most creative or beautiful followers. Or a photo should be taken on a specific theme. For example, only under the rain, or only in pajamas, or only in nature, etc. You can come up with lots of the photo set “conditions” to organize the giveaway. Participants will post their photos on a specific topic on their page with the hashtag and a link to the organizer. And at the end of the competition, the business account owner reposts the most popular photos to his profile for voting so that the followers could choose the winner. The chance for voting for the online readers helps gain the trust in the organizer.  

Gifts for Instagram

Gift for a instagram can be of different kind. Cheap gifts and services are usually chosen as prizes. But some users, with a huge online audience give expensive gifts, such as household appliances, certificates to the beauty salons or stores, cash on your phone or bank card. As incentive prizes, Instagram contest organizers offer discounts on their products or services for the next orders.

What Contests and Giveaways Could Be Organized on Instagram

Organizing draws and contests on Instagram is a great opportunity to promote your account. All users love prizes and gifts, especially those received with a minimum effort. As practice shows, the online audience is constantly growing at those users who often organize contests and giveaways. The advantage of contests is that real people become your followers, not bot pages. But it is important to follow all the Instagram contest rules, so that the followers do not have negative emotions or do not feel cheated. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect, since anti-advertising is much more effective than advertising. If there is no time and desire to hold contests, you can promote your account at the ALL-SMM service. This service will help increase the popularity of your personal Instagram page at an affordable price.

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