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How to Promote an Instagram Page: Secrets of Chiara Ferragni

Nowadays social networks are not just a platform for sharing photos and videos, but an effective tool for promotion, making it possible to popularize a certain product or service in a short time. According to the official statistics, over 80% of all existing brands resorted to the services of virtual advertisers (better known as influencers) at least once. We will tell the story of the most followed person on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni, and give a piece of advice on how to turn your blog into the earning tool.

How to Promote an Instagram Page: Secrets of Chiara Ferragni


• Influencers phenomenon

• Fashion and social networks

• The success of Chiara Ferragni

• Practical tips and tricks

• Starter set of followers

• Constant activity

• Using new tools

• Developing the content plan

Influencers phenomenon

Chiara Ferragni Instagram is a typical example of a modern influencer’s blog. It influences minds of thousands of users while promoting a product or service to the masses. Until 2017 the term “Influencer” did not even exist. The word "influence" and the suffix "er" defines the popular type of activity now.

Influencers actively interact with the audience on their social networks pages. They set trends and bring things into fashion easily.

Fashion and social networks

Fashion bloggers on Instagram are a separate category of influencers. It turns out that they have the greatest impact on the potential buyers. It is a fact that several years ago you could see street-style Instagram models in the chronicles, today they seat at the forefront of fashion shows and participate in the world famous brands advertising campaigns.

Anyone can become a fashion editor and create their own fashion-product. All you need is an Instagram account and a bit of creativity. Create your own "trick" and catch a lucky break!

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The success of Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is not just a charming blue-eyed blonde from sunny Italy, but one of the bright stars in the modern fashion-arena. She is called a “self-made” woman.

She got a law degree in 2009 and started her blog "The Blonde Salad" dedicated to fashion and style. Her content got incredibly popular, and Chiara found her first fans. Then she moved to the new social network by creating a personal account @chiaraferragni.

Do you know what happened next? Ferragni was in the Forbes lists twice as the richest woman aged under 30 years old; she became the subject of discussion at the Harvard Business School; and was a cover girl for multiple magazines.

The year 2018 became especially significant for Chiara. There was a news boom in the social networks about her future wedding with Fedez. The main fashion brands were fighting for the right to make a wedding dress for her. After all she changed 3 dresses from Dior Haute Couture.

Instagram is an efficient platform for the promotion of personal brands, certain products and services. When working with a wider audience you can find your content quickly, turn your social network account into the means of earning. The question is how to do this? How to get a lot of Instagram followers and start enjoying popularity on the Internet? The answers are below.

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Practical tips and tricks

Analyzing the activity of Chiara Ferragni on Instagram, we can highlight several key points of blogger success.

1. Starter set of followers.

2. Constant activity.

3. Using new tools (for example, Instagram Stories).

4. Developing the content plan.

More details about each of the points below.

How to Promote an Instagram Page: Secrets of Chiara Ferragni

Starter set of followers

Moving to the Instagram virtual space, Chiara Ferragni already had an impressive army of fans, who became her first followers. They allowed her to take one of the leading positions in the network quickly, later that ensured a constant influx of the new followers.

She had a successful fashion blog called "The Blonde Salad", and what could you replace it with? The best option is using the services of automatic cheat. It could help get the initial set of followers in the shortest possible time, they will continue attracting real people later, thereby promoting the account.

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Constant activity

Even at their first lessons, SMM coaches confidently claim the necessity (efficiency) of the regular posting. So, according to the general rule, the daily minimum for Instagram is two posts and three Stories.

By publishing news with a similar regularity, you avoid the possibility of getting lost in the feed and, as a result, of losing potential likes.

Using new tools

Instagram is one of the most actively developing social networks with the variety of innovations appearing there every day. One of the key points was introducing Stories allowing to upload photos and short videos saved in the feed only for 24 hours.

According to the latest statistics, Stories increase the activity of the blog significantly, allow attracting new followers. With their help, you can upload photos and videos without any reference to the content plan or profile style.

In addition, Stories are good for holding giveaways and contests, games and quizzes, the key purpose of them is to motivate users for communication, feedback, and response. Helping to establish contact with the followers, they form a separate community with certain views and ideals. This community is the target audience of the profile.

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Developing the content plan

Posts should correspond to the subject of your blog. So, for example, if the page is devoted to fashion and style, it’s stupid to post recipes there. Besides, information exclusion should be avoided. As the author of the blog, you should always stay abreast of events, respond to the "hot" news immediately.

While maintaining an account dedicated to the fashion industry, add New York and Milan fashion weeks to your content plan, as they will determine the current and newest trends and anti-trends. The design style is especially important - all posts should be in the same style. Visually, this makes the general image more aesthetic and attractive.

Harmonious combination of all the above mentioned tips and recommendations will help you to achieve success in the promotion of your Instagram profile and gather your target audience!

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