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Instagram Social Network: Business from Scratch

Numerous opportunities in the social networks allow not only to add personal photos, but also sell products, implement services and launch projects. The most successful platform for any business is Instagram, it occupies a leading position among other similar projects. Below we explain the features and peculiarities of the network, describe how to organize a start-up in the right way and other useful functions for maintaining a commercial account.

Instagram Social Network: Business from Scratch


1. The benefits of using Instagram for business

2. Distinctive features of a business account and a personal blog

3. Profile registration and project management

4. Promotion: how to achieve an effective start

5. Frequent mistakes in maintaining a business page

6. Summary

The benefits of using Instagram for business

There are companies conducting specialized researches on the needs of the market, consumer behavior and goals. One of them is Pew Research Center, according to the data published by them:

• more than half of users visit the network at least once a day;

• about one third - several times per day;

• the main audience is females;

• 90% of users are people aged 18-35.

Such statistics show that young users consider Instagram to be the most popular way for communication and shopping online. Visual content is perceived much more efficiently, that’s why Instagram is ideal for commerce. Let's take a closer look at how to use Instagram for business and its main functions.

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Distinctive features of a business account and a personal blog

Switching a regular profile to a business account provides certain advantages:

• displaying the "Contact" button. This feature allows contacting the owner or manager, write a text message, determine the location of the office. If there is an installed software with a map or navigation on a computer or phone, the user will be able to plan a route to the specified address, calculate the distance;

• possibility of moderation of comments posted under the publications. In the personal settings, the owner of the business page can turn off comments both to certain photos and videos and in general. You can also prohibit adding comments by certain words and phrases. In the personal blogs it is possible to use several functions, but for each comment individually;

• availability of analytics without additional implementation of utilities and services. Currently, this category includes tools such as coverage of a post by the audience, defining the number of new followers, showing popular posts, and conversion settings.

Developers are constantly working on increasing these functions because it is very important to figure out how to advertise on Instagram and proceed to a personal account registration. Then you can modify it to your project in the application settings.

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Profile registration and project management

Pay maximum attention to the page design, as it is more pleasant to look at the beautiful profile and content and, therefore, to use the company’s services. Use the correct combination of profile pictures and nicknames, they should be in harmony and complement each other. The ideal option would be using a general color in the profile. Most potential customers respond favorably to the overall style of the page.

Unique pictures are much better rated than images from the web. It is not necessary to contact professional photographers, a smartphone camera will do. Today, there are many useful "tricks" for adding zest to the posts, for example, using the creative background, combining additional elements with the product, using filters and effects in the photo editors.

To maintain the account there is an SMM-planner, that is, a content calendar. This program allows posting at a specified time, taking into consideration all the components - a photo or video, indication of the location, involvement of the survey or links. For this you just need to create an Instagram post template, drag a picture to the planner and specify the time for posting it.

Instagram Social Network: Business from Scratch

Promotion: how to achieve an effective start

After creating the project, the next step is its promotion. It will be extremely difficult to achieve results without the initial cheat, that’s why there exist the following popular methods:

• paid artificial cheat of followers and activity;

• targeted advertising from Facebook Business Manager;

• mass-following;

• services of famous bloggers;

• using hashtags and geolocation tags.

At the initial stage, it is not correct to use in promotion only your own forces, since this does not guarantee the necessary result in the shortest possible time. Modern services for the followers cheat can achieve the desired indicator quickly and accurately, as well as get into the list of priority network profiles. Getting into the top list contributes to the fact that the administration of the portal promotes projects on their own, offering users to follow them. All actions are performed in compliance with the Instagram policy, which means such cheat is safe and effective for the company owner.

After a successful start, we should not forget about the activity on the page. The flow of customers will increase only in case of creating an effect of interest and demand for the product. For this purpose, specialized services help increase the number of comments, likes, Stories views. This way other users will understand that the goods or services are of high quality and start following the page.

After the artificial cheat, you can start running paid advertising on Facebook and mass-following. This will provide an opportunity to get the most loyal target audience by the specified criteria. And only after that use the natural types of promotion: mutual following, advertising with bloggers, unique hashtags and other options.

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Frequent mistakes in maintaining a business page

If the account does not contribute to the development of business, there are no sales, you need to understand the possible mistakes. There are the following options slowing down the company's activities:

• lack of goals and ideas. Success is achieved only by setting clear goals and understanding what you want to get from the network. For example, brand promotion, increasing the number of customers and sales, advertising campaign. Once you decide on this, it will be easier to create an Instagram content calendar and implement it;

• the choice of a complicated nickname not connected to the direction of business. When choosing it, use a name that will be easy to remember; it should not be too long. It should reflect your activity to the maximum;

• using low-quality content and lack of contacts;

• lack of information about the product. It is not enough to specify the name; a potential customer should take maximum information; understand the benefits of the service or product;

• insufficient or excessive activity in the placement of publications. Posts should appear in the feed regularly, thus increasing the interest of followers in your content. The most successful way is to determine the best time to post on Instagram by trial and errors to know when your followers respond better and give feedback.

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Instagram Social Network: Business from Scratch


Social networks are a great way for promoting commercial projects. We have discussed all the useful "tricks" available for the business on Instagram. But to get a quick income from the chosen direction, think of the page promotion in the first place.

A good solution is to cheat followers and their activity artificially and then use Instagram promotion with the mass-following and paid advertising. Any business requires initial investments, but they will pay off soon thanks to the professional cheat services. By sticking to the proposed plan, you will be able to achieve your goals and increase your income in no time.

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