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Top 10 Rules for Ranking YouTube Videos

Videos appearing on the first page of the site always receive a substantially bigger amount of traffic than the videos appearing on the second page, etc. The traffic increase will naturally cause the growth of your customers’ number and as a result it will lead to a significant sales growth. What will help you to bring it all to life is knowing ten main rules for YouTube videos ranking.

Top 10 Rules for Ranking YouTube Videos

1. Use keys in the video description

For this you will have to include the transcripts of the videos posted to their description. Try to use maximum number of characters available. Include the keys of low and medium mentions frequency to the description, so that your video could be ranked in search engines among the less competitive keywords.

2. Use keys in tags

Try to make maximum use of words and phrases somehow related to the video you are adding. The YouTube search engine will allow you to get acquainted with the videos on the similar topic that have received the largest number of views. Add the keys used in their tags to your own ones.

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3. Use keys in the title of the video

Remember that YouTube’s search engine always shows only first five or six dozen of characters. Therefore, you will need to make sure in advance that the necessary key is added to the beginning of the snippet. Creating an eye-catching title will draw more users’ attention to the video.

4. Increase the number of likes

The more likes your video receives, the more chances it has to get to the top. Therefore do not hesitate to use annotations asking to put more likes. When sending e-mails, add a postscript with an appropriate reminder and request to subscribe to the channel. Add similar annotations to the description and leave requests in the comments. You can also use YouTube likes boost at our service all-smm.com

Top 10 Rules for Ranking YouTube Videos

5. Increase the number of subscribers

Another important ranking rule is increasing the number of target subscribers. Therefore, do not forget about the active use of annotations with requests to subscribe to your channel. Additionally, leave requests of the same kind in the video’s description. To increase the number of YouTube subscribers we also recommend using the service all-smm.com.

6. Presence of incoming links

Google pays considerable attention to the quality and number of links leading to the video. You can create such links by combining articles, forums, comments and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, etc.). Use your master keys as anchor texts.

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7. Video embedding

Try to embed your video to as many sites as possible, do not forget to embed videos to your blog. In addition, the anchor video’s URL can be inserted into the articles, article directories and even press releases.

Top 10 Rules for Ranking YouTube Videos

8. Increase the number of comments

The number of comments plays as important role as the number of likes. To increase this number use requests to leave comments in annotations to your videos and in the videos themselves. Plus, you can ask the audience some questions asking to leave the answers in the comments or invite viewers to send questions addressed to yourself in the comments.

9. Share content in social networks

Leave addressing the audience and annotations where you constantly ask the audience to share the watched video in social networks. When sending emails add a postscript with a similar request.

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10. Viewing time

Pay attention to how much time the average viewers spend on your YouTube channel. The fact is that both the ranking videos by views number and by the amount of time each viewer spent on your channel is important. If the majority of visitors leave almost immediately you should offer them better videos or change the videos presenting style. It is possible to get the attention of the audience, to keep and expand the audience only with the help of good quality content.

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