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Why Relinking Videos on YouTube Channel is Needed

Relinking Videos plays an important role in the promotion for both content and the channel itself. This promotion tool helps your viewers to stay on your channel for a longer time. It is necessary to achieve interaction with each visitor in likes, comments, etc.

Why Relinking Videos on YouTube Channel is Needed

What does YouTube relinking mean?

Placing links in the video to another video or a page with subscription. If there are no this kind of links the promotion becomes problematic and takes longer.

What ways of relinking are there?

1. Tips.

The most effective relinking option is to offer to pay attention to other videos. It is recommended to give links to the content with the similar subjects. In one video you can add up to 5 relinks. Most people add the maximum number of hints. An interval between them should be not less than 1 - 2 minutes. If the video is short, it is recommended to add less relinks.

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Except for the other videos we could advise to relink the playlists, polls, etc. Polls are the most effective. They attract the largest number of users who spend as much time on the channel as possible. Polls mean the development of discussions that can keep the user for a certain time.

Why Relinking Videos on YouTube Channel is Needed

2. Thumbnails.

This tool is there at the end of the video. It is recommended to place thumbnails for 20-30 seconds before the end of the video. They can consist of four elements, e.g. 3 links to other videos and one to subscription. Try to use all thumbnails.

In most cases all the four thumbnails are used:

- subscription;

- links to similar videos (the system automatically selects the corresponding videos);

- one can insert the most recent video into the thumbnails (they often insert a link to the playlist);

- a link to the video that you choose yourself can be a thumbnail.

It is important to remember that thumbnails should be placed on the screen so that they cover the video, i.e. do not prevent watching the video.

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Why Relinking Videos on YouTube Channel is Needed

3. Description of the video and comments.

These elements are absolutely necessary to use. Call to action links are added to the description. For example, links to the videos with similar topics, subscription or a playlist with videos on the same topic. This is perfect for those who create serial content.

It is recommended to write a first comment immediately after publishing. It should contain a call to action, e.g. to put like, make a repost, subscribe to the channel and so on.

All these recommendations will allow you to promote your channel quickly. Thanks to the relinking the viewer will stay on the channel as long as possible. If you still do not use relinking hurry up as it will bring you the maximum effect. It is impossible to promote the channel without relinking. It is one of the most important tools in the YouTube channel promotion. If you need to promote your channel in no time you can always use the service for YouTube views boost and YouTube subscribers boost. It is trusted to and very popular. The service all-smm.com will help in promoting your account in the shortest time and you will be impressed by our professional help.

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