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10 Most Profitable Topics on YouTube

It has been noticed that the earnings of two channels with the same number of subscribers and views can vary significantly. There may be several reasons for this: the subjects of the videos and their relevance, the quality of editing, the frequency of content updates. The main role is played by the advertisers, some of them pay more. It is easy to find out the approximate income of a video blogger – for this it is enough to analyze the activity of his channel and calculate it.

But before starting the search of generous advertisers it is important to choose the right topic for your videos. It is no secret that there are certain profitable niches where it is easier to get success and get lots of active subscribers. These niches not only make it possible to receive dividends on the views, but also to offer services. Because of this you will stop depending on ad banners clicks.

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10 Most Profitable Topics on YouTube

This article will list the most profitable YouTube topics allowing you to participate in the affiliate programs and additionally sell products or services. All the options below are equally promising, just choose the one you like and start developing in this direction.

1. Computer games

Playing or reviewing the gaming industry products is a great way to become a popular video blogger. At the same time it is not necessary to include the maximum info or follow several projects at once. Even if you concentrate on just one game your subscribers might get interested in other games as well. And if you take into account the regularity of new products releases, you can be sure in the constant advertisers’ interest to your channel.

2. Cosmetics and makeup

An ideal topic for girls who want to make money on their channel. The beauty industry is steadily popular and can bring good income, especially if you focus on cheaper products, e.g. up to 3000 RUB.

3. Unpacking and reviewing packages from China

Many people have already watched videos with ordered Chinese goods reviews, for example, those from AliExpress. If you get lots of subscribers, later it will be possible to earn on these parcels resale.

4. Clothing and fashion trends

This topic is really wide. ‘Shopaholics’ are a grateful audience with a high impact, so you can easily make money on presenting hand-made clothes or purchases reviews.

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5. Humor and animals

Such channels are traditionally very popular if the content is really funny. And a large audience always gives an opportunity to earn money. It is enough to slightly monitor and analyze possible promotional offers.

10 Most Profitable Topics on YouTube

6. Software reviews

You can do reviews on software for Windows and MacOs attracting mainly two types of subscribers, ladies who are bad on the topic and system administrators. The latter will become your main source of income since they are always interested in buying new ‘hardware’. With the development of the channel you can start selling it or work with the online stores.

7. Applications and games for mobile devices

In this niche you can develop infinitely since there is a huge number of topics for your videos. Most paid apps for smartphones and tablets cost no more than two dollars, so you can make money on the volume.

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8. World news

If you have access to the relevant and unique news you will quickly be able to get many subscribers who want to know what is going on in the world and always keep up-to-date. Usually they keep tracking all the newest products and willingly buy new trendy goods.

9. Educational videos

There is a category of the so-called ‘eternal students’ who like to study something new or improve the already acquired knowledge. It is possible to sell products or services to the same subscribers.

10. Promotion of sites and blogs

It is a good option for earnings as there are always people who are willing to make their blog or account on the social network more popular. Usually they wait for the quick result which can be achieved only for money. You should only be initiative and offer them paid help.

Choose any subject you are interested in and you can be sure that in future you will monetize your content. The most important thing is that it is of the highest quality and attracts the audience. Do not forget that any project requires effort, time and money for getting the most out of it with different promotional methods, including YouTube subscribers boost and YouTube likes boost through the recommended services, e.g. all-smm.com offering a wide range of high quality boost indicators for your account.

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