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Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

Making a personal page in Instagram and creating brand promotion in your account are different things. How to make the marketing page not only impressed and win hundreds I like, but also bring a real benefit?

Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

Fans of the Instagram network are satisfied: not so long ago the functionality considerably expanded, became more opportunities, including, and in the field of advertising. First, the Instagram Stories option was added and it was possible to broadcast directly. Since the beginning of the year, the record for the most popular photo has been recorded with more than 10 million I like under the picture of pregnant Beyoncé.

What are the reasons for such a request from the Instagram network? The visual information on which the network content is built today attracts the active attention of users and offers a wider range of means of self-expression.

This has been understood not only by ordinary users of social networks, but also by many brands with a global name, as well as those who have organized small businesses. Is it possible to go through the messages from scratch, and what is the difference between maintaining a normal personal account and a business page?

So we will understand: what it means to promote in the Instagram brand.

Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

A regular profile on Instagram is a way to support contacts with friends and family, the opportunity to introduce yourself, without any overall goals. In this case, simply communicate, increase the number of followers and likes in Instagram.

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We monitored Instagram novice bloggers and page authors with up to 1000 followers. The results of the survey were interesting. Below.

There is a significant difference for a standard user with a personal Instagram account and someone who promotes a product or service using functionality and advertising.

Developers were the answers to the question: How can you expand the audience of followers?

Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

Famous bloggers Instagram develop their strategic programs and determine the nature of the content, how to post photos and stories, have several thematic sections. It takes time and attention, but it is absolutely necessary in the Blogger environment.

For those who run small businesses, the image is even more interesting. Before them, every day is a task, they develop objectives aimed at the result, but the promotion of the company on Instagram itself justifies as a modern advertising tool, giving a tangible result.

The marketing officer, who manages the account in Instagram, helps in the way of automatic publication of positions, so that it is possible to plan the publication of photo content in a complex, to make an amendment to the time difference in different regions, to receive detailed analyses Report.

The result of the work is visible, it can be modified or activated in advance.

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In other words, if you think, to go to Instagram or not, let us immediately define the action plan and start promoting the brand properly.

Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

How to make a real breakthrough? Consider the 15 main recommendations.

Starting a business is always chaos. No need to neglect the experience of others, try to analyze the path of at least a few companies, and you will understand that if you approach the marketing strategy professionally, promotion in Instagram itself at the beginning will bring good dividends. Imagine that you have not yet had a brand promotion thanks to Insta-Account.

1. When calling the page in this network, make sure you attract the brand name. There are situations where he is busy or inappropriate. Then select the symbol closest to the promoted product or service or one that has strong associative links with them. As an example, you can see how the representatives of the Sony company.

2. In the profile photo it is necessary to reflect the symbolism and idea (mission) of the brand.

3. Avoid empty profile fields: the information must be given completely, accurately and correctly. Of course, please provide a link to the official website.

4. do your profile integration with Facebook. Use the option to integrate the photocontent in automatic mode. These positions will lead to the expansion of viewpoints and rest periods.

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5. develop the Instagram marketing campaign plan in detail. Create content for 10 initial positions - exciting, provocative, promising and interesting in the future. Imagine what your recipient would like to know. Develop and execute a material content plan. Present your image of the world and a unique position to users. The original pages are always interesting, even in the flow of a variety of information.

Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

6. Apply filters and applications. Never forget the main bet in Instagram is made on the picture. There are a number of filters to help make images brighter. Invent and try new. Shooting videos with a product or service. In Instagram applications, visual content becomes more attractive: it can be live broadcasts - a recent and very rarely used tool on this network. And the result of the live video has already been felt by many brands.

7. more natural image photos, for example, with moments of work, a photo of the leisure team and its usual life (if they are not in a separate profile). Similar not "staged", the photos are always very direct and evoke the sympathy of the users-you become closer to them, as if you were speaking with them in a language. Take unexpected moments and real emotions in business life. If a known person is attracted to your professional profile, let your followers know.

8. Always announce events and do a post-Release. This could be the opening of a new branch of the company or a show-Star performance at a corporate event. Event - it is always interesting, if you are tastes and comments guaranteed.

9. go out on the interactive. Make suggestions, attract, and you will want to communicate, give feedback. You can declare a contest for the best caption of the photo, ask a question to the audience. The photo contest on behalf of the company you represent is also a good way to attract the attention of users and at the same time show your followers how creative they are.

10. Apply hashtags. Popular bloggers started with that and continued in the same spirit. Write your company name in hashtag and your company profile will become more accessible to customers. When you Wee a decent archive of materials, it will be easier to apply specific hashtags for certain projects and activities.

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Instagram promotion. What you need to promote your business account

11. The universal and typical hashtags are also good for English speakers. For an Advertisement, for example, a gift shop, enter: # gifts # gift shop #gift shop #best gifts, etc.

12. Use embedded posts to republish user comments or reviews from like-minded people and post them on your blog or portal.

13. Be sure to keep track of newcomers who have registered for your profile: there are many useful links in this environment and those that influence public opinion formation. Working with comments, responding to negative comments - it's important! The quality of your answers depends on the company's image! Always personalize a contact by responding to a comment or criticism. All you have to do is add to this

14. Bring the first results. This will help you, if necessary, to modify your promotion program. Analyze analytical tools in social networks and highlight the optimal for yourself. It is not necessary to go into the depth of analysis at once, but to follow the dynamics of the number of followers, the appearance of comments, and important reference reruns.

15. Be modern. Learn new things. Instagram is developing dynamically

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