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How to Launch an Advertising Campaign on Facebook

The social platform provides the advertisers with great opportunities. The Facebook ad campaign allows to set goals, form the target audience according to the selected parameters, and choose a format. A beginner may not immediately understand all the features, so this process is worth considering in more detail.


1. What is ADS manager.

2. Functionality of ADS manager.

3. How to create an advertising campaign.

4. Stage one: goal selection.

5. Offers and dynamic creatives.

6. Selecting audience and showing ads

7. Bid strategy selection.

8. Conclusion.

How to Launch an Advertising Campaign on Facebook

What is ADS manager

It is an advertising account, thanks to which you can open a Facebook ad template and make the necessary changes. The application is available both in the mobile version and on the computer, but the functionality on smartphones is somewhat limited.

To open the ADS manager, just click on the drop-down panel in the upper right corner of the main page, click on the button and then create an account and select Facebook ad types.

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Functionality of ADS manager

By creating a personal account in the ADS manager, the user will have the opportunity to change the Facebook ad image size, monitor reporting and conduct analytics. If you plan to create more than one campaign, then thanks to the filter panel, you can configure specific display options: geography, audience gender, recent changes, etc.

Also, the ADS manager functionality offers the user the following features:

• Overview of active advertising campaigns - the user can change, duplicate and manage running advertising campaigns, adjust the results according to the required parameters.

• Overview of the business account - Facebook allows to keep a full account of the spent amounts on creating ads for the entire period and for the last week. You can set your spending limits.

• Filter ad campaigns - this tab allows to distribute advertising campaigns according to the parameters you need.

• Detailed reports - you can upload reports in Excel or CSV format and share them with colleagues or clients you work with.

• Settings dates - setting the date range, you can see statistics for a certain period of time. It can be either for 3 days or for several months, there are no restrictions.

How to create an advertising campaign

In the ADS manager main menu, you can start setting up a new campaign, just click the "Create" button. In the "Campaign Level" section, you can set a name, set a budget and decide on an advertising purpose.

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Stage one: goal selection

The goal should be indicated in accordance with the tasks set by the advertiser. In many respects, the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign depends on the correct choice of this parameter.

Goals come in different formats: traffic, reach, brand awareness, conversion, store visits, selling goods, etc. Over time, the list of goals can be reviewed and changed in your account.

Based on the chosen goal, the robot will select the appropriate audience for the parameters. For example, Traffic should be chosen for those who want to increase the clickthrough rate (CTR) of their site. “Engagement” selects viewers who are more likely to put likes, write comments and make reposts.

After choosing a goal, you need to set a budget. This is the money that you are willing to invest in showing ads. By entering the amount in the appropriate line, the app will automatically calculate expenses among all the campaign groups. If the robot settings do not suit you, you can make changes manually.

Offers and dynamic creatives

Dynamic creatives are images, videos, catchy headlines and more, you can load all these, and the robot will automatically create combinations based on the audience.

On Facebook, you can offer your audience to participate in promotions or get a discount, which encourages them to buy your product or service at an online / offline store. An interested person can save a post in bookmarks. Facebook will periodically send them a reminder about the offer.

How to Launch an Advertising Campaign on Facebook

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Selecting audience and showing ads

The next item for setting up an advertising campaign is the choice of the target audience. To select it, you can include lists of users for retargeting or vice versa exclude them. Also, demographic targeting is configured: gender, age, geolocation, language.

In the “detailed targeting” tab, you can choose your audience by interests, habits, behavior on the social network, etc.

The advertising optimization item allows to configure how the ad will be displayed to the user. Also, it is necessary for the system to make it clear how to deliver the advertising message. For example, when you select the "Conversion" item, the robot will select an audience that, with high chances, will increase the conversion on the Web site.

You can adjust the frequency of ad impressions from 1 to 4 times a day. This parameter is selected in the "Delivery Type" tab.

The social platform offers a choice of several advertising options. This can be a single photo show, slide show, video content. You can create 6 types of advertising at the same time, before placing an advertisement, you can use the “Preview” function.

After filling in the fields, the header, link on the site and the text, the advertisement is sent for moderation. To attract the target audience, work on the design of the call-to-action field.

Bid strategy selection

A bid strategy is an important element in setting up an advertising campaign. For the target audience to see your ad, you must win the auction with your competitors and other advertisers. On the social platform Facebook, the ad with the highest “total value” wins.

Value is determined by three factors: the quality and relevance of the ad, the bid (the amount that you are willing to spend) and the frequency of advertising.

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The simple functionality of Ads Manager allows even to set up an effective Facebook ad campaign even to a newbie. In the process, you can understand what settings are optimal for your case and get maximum results from communication with your audience.

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