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How to Post on Facebook Correctly

Many bloggers use Facebook for earning money. With the help of this social network, one can make good money by promoting goods and services, as well as earning revenue on advertising. But to get the most out of your personal account, one should know the best time to post on Facebook, what content to post and other tricks.


• Proper Facebook account management

• Open and too intrusive advertising

• Communication with followers and response to comments

• Facebook account rating upgrade

• Account promotion methods: paid and free ones

How to Post on Facebook Correctly

Proper Facebook account management

Although this world-famous social network is a platform for making money, one needs to know the tricks of posting. Compliance with simple rules will attract attention of new followers, thereby increasing Internet earnings. For example, if you know how to post a gif on Facebook, you can attract the attention of new followers. Some bloggers make mistakes during the account development phase. Others maintain their profiles on different social networks similarly. But Facebook is not a blogging site. Therefore, the rules of posting content on your page differ from the promotion on VKontakte, Instagram and other well-known social networks. Although sometimes a post from Facebook to Instagram can be made if it meets the recommended rules.

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Long texts and many links

Many Facebook page owners make common mistakes: write long texts for a post, add many links to other Internet resources. The best size for Facebook post is a short and concise text. Readers of this social network do not like long essays, so when they see such texts in the news feed, they will just ignore them. The main task of the owner of a Facebook account is to attract the attention of followers and their likes, comments or following the link. Therefore, you should state your thoughts briefly, but meaningfully. If you need to post a large amount of information, it is better to create several posts, but at the same time, the interval between the posts should be observed.

It is also inefficient to post a large number of links in one post. Experts recommend publishing only one link in order to attract the attention of followers to another Internet resource.

Open and too intrusive advertising

Facebook advertising is a great tool for promoting your own or someone else’s business. Regardless of whose services or products are advertised, you need to publish unobtrusive advertising. It is recommended to write interesting posts where a specific product or service is mentioned between cases. And you can’t turn your Facebook account into an advertising platform. There should be a measure in everything, and this rule works perfectly well for any account in any social network.

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Communication with followers and response to comments

Posting is not the only thing the Facebook account owner should follow. Page promotion means attracting attention of new followers, while not losing the existing ones. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with your readers. It is necessary to answer questions in comments, and also not to ignore the negativity from the followers. If the reader does not agree with the information in the post, it is important to answer correctly and reasonably. Moreover, the negative statements should be processed first. If you do not, then you can get a quick increase in bad comments from other readers. Also, remember that, as a rule, word of mouth with poor advertising works much faster than the one with good reviews. Do not argue with followers, do not write rude, insulting in response, and do not respond with anger or sarcasm. While communicating with followers, you should always keep a friendly tone. It is also impossible to delete negative comments and reviews. Besides, any comments to the Facebook posts, whether they are positive or negative, increase the activity and help in promoting your account.

How to Post on Facebook Correctly

Facebook account rating upgrade

It is necessary to increase the popularity of a Facebook page in order to increase earnings. The more followers, likes and clicks on links, the higher is the account rating. Therefore, many bloggers ask their followers to put likes, leave comments, repost or follow the link. But calling followers to action that will lead to an increase in popularity should be done correctly. You need to motivate users to put likes or leave comments. You can promise a discount on services or goods or offer them to participate in the prize draw. Requests about the page promotion should be there only if the followers get any benefit. And just calls to put likes for nothing are usually ineffective. Yes, and many followers usually do not put likes in response to the "begging" and unsubscribe successfully.

Account promotion methods: paid and free ones

There are many methods for promoting a Facebook account. Some of them are absolutely free, but you can also get a higher rating for money. Usually free methods require a lot of personal time and effort. For example, the use of special apps for boosting likes or comments. To get the right amount, you need to perform the same number of actions towards other users.

Besides the paid methods are not always expensive. For example, the ALL-SMM service. Specialists have the extensive experience in promoting accounts on social networks. The cost of services is quite favorable, in addition, all costs pay off very quickly.

Facebook is a great opportunity not only to communicate with friends around the world and learn new information, but also to receive additional income. In order for the earnings to be stable and growing, you need to adhere to the simple rules listed above.

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