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How to Create Ad Impressions on Facebook

In the system, there is a full tracking of all users actions: they collect personal data, what messages are written, whether users join various groups. The advertiser analyzes the data for the purpose of a subsequent advertising campaign. The Facebook ads cost may vary.

At first glance, navigating Facebook advertising accounts looks complicated, compared to the social network VKontakte. However, there are many more tools here. You need to learn the Facebook Ads Guide in detail.

Facebook ads examples: the online store called "Title". The store sells leather shoes. There appeared new shoes “Hiker Black”, what was not advertised before. But today it was decided to sell it on Facebook.

Types of Facebook ads: the price for one pair of shoes is 150 dollars. At the same time, you can check the messages and that Facebook users are really distinguished by high solvency.


• Who can enjoy Facebook

• Step 1. Creating an account

• Step 2. Company creation

• Step 3. Configuration of an advertising account

• Customizing impressions for the audience

• Conclusion

How to Create Ad Impressions on Facebook

Who can enjoy Facebook

Facebook’s daily audience has exceeded one billion users. In this country, there are 244 million visitors on a social network every month. According to the experts, members of the social network are considered intellectual and solvent in comparison with other social networks. This conclusion can be made after checking statistics:

• the estimated age of users over 70% is from 25 to 44 years old from the working and solvent class;

• 44% of participants live in megacities.

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The social network has many special groups that differ in professional, life, status communities.

The use of advertising products on the Facebook social network is recommended in the following cases:

• goods or services exceed the cost of 60 dollars;

• it is necessary to conclude an agreement for the subscription services;

• advertising campaign;

• business expansion;

• search for a solvent audience with specific interests within a country or region.

Step 1. Creating an account

Initially, you will need to study the special regulations that ensure the placement of advertising products on Facebook. After that, it will be possible to follow the special link - “Creating ads”, located inside the drop-down menu.

The social network will independently issue the advertising accounts that allow to make a choice according to the goals.

Detailed information on each of the goals is located inside the certificate, available by the ‘Help: setting goals’ link. Information with a description will open on the right.

It is important for the advertiser to set goals for advertising products, since the result that they want to receive will directly depend on this. At the first stage, the usual options are suitable:

• if advertisers wish to carry out actions with users and ensure the attraction of new participants, select “Raise post”. Thanks to the presented method, the advertiser will receive the maximum flow of users to their page, comments, reposts, as well as “Like” marks. It is recommended for the posts to get promoted, since they look organic within the feed. This option displays the maximum amount of text compared to the page promotion (up to 90 characters);

• if you need to attract users to a landing page or an online store, it is important to select "Redirect users to the site." This option shortens the path from a click to a purchase.

Facebook developers claim that the advertising products will be optimized by default and will cover the category of participants that click the button with the advertising message.

Step 2. Company creation

To create an advertising campaign, you need to decide on the purpose. In this case, the main goal is to redirect users to your page in the social network. You must select a tab and enter the landing page in the address bar.

In this case, the main traffic will be redirected to the official page of the online store with the presented shoe model.

It remains to click on "Create an advertising account" on Facebook and follow the next step.

Step 3. Configuration of an advertising account

The social network independently configures the currency, time zone through the information in the user's personal account. Therefore, the participant can replace the information.

Customizing impressions for the audience

The advertiser needs to indicate to whom they will show their advertising products.

By default, for the users in this country aged from 18 to 65 years old, men and women. The audience is over 9 million people. An estimated radius of coverage will be shown in the right corner. It will begin showing changes in accordance with the advertiser’s settings.

If the advertiser is not going to advertise any major project, such as Ozone, for which a global audience is not required. It’s important to narrow your reach to get your target audience.

How to Create Ad Impressions on Facebook

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• Before you start an advertising campaign, you need to make an image of future users.

For example, the target audience is interested in promotional products related to prams - these are women aged from 21 to 35 years old. Their interests are pregnancy and infants. When advertising cosmetic products, display for men should be completely excluded. When selling hunting souvenir knives, advertising should be seen only by the male audience of visitors to the social network.

When selling female or male products, in the settings of the advertising account it is necessary to indicate the gender of potential customers.

For the introduction of the advertising campaign, in the settings, megalopolises in the country of interest should be selected (if the online store is located in certain state, the delivery time should be reduced and it should be advertised in the same), age restrictions are from 18 to 40 years old (active users having work ), be relevant for men (when selling shoes).

Approximate coverage will be reduced to 2 million people.

In the special column "Language", there is no need to fill in anything. It will be needed only when the advertiser wants to show an advertising product for the foreigners located within the country.

The social network Facebook is ready to offer many individual configurations according to the demographic characteristics: from the levels of education to the family status. This is a great opportunity for an experiment. For example, it is permissible to personalize announcements for students of a certain college or for medical personnel. Thanks to the presented method, responses can be improved. However, when using these fields, the advertiser cuts off part of the participants who have not entered any information into their account.

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Further actions suppose presetting of impressions for the audience and the determination of the reserved budget funds. After that, the advertiser determines the place for displaying advertising products. Then it remains to create ads. Once the ad has been created, you should configure an affordable way of paying for services.

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