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Facebook Guidelines for Business. Great Ideas for Online Promotion

Try using the Facebook messenger for the active sales. Do you know that this program also has stories similar to the famous Instagram ones? These stories are called Messenger Day. It will be useful to use them to investigate and verify your target audience.

What feature will help to attract attention?

Let's take a closer look at these stories.

You can record how many users paid attention to your story. Next to the thumbnail, there is a gray circle with the number of views displayed. If you click on it, you will see the pages of users interested in your post. It will be easier for you to understand the activity of followers and how much they are attracted by your material.

You can see who has left the emoticon to your post, thus rating how much your followers like the material.

You get user comments as separate messages. This creates the impression of individual communication. Users like this.

Facebook Guidelines for Business. Great Ideas for Online Promotion

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Messenger day

It will help figure it out how recognizable your brand is. It is located at the top of the menu and is easy to get noticed. The main idea is to get interest of your followers in your material. Users will view posts, write comments, put likes and be waiting for the updates.

The whole post can be seen in the upper section of the messenger. Thus, Facebook algorithms will not be able to hide videos or photos.

If you are still developing a strategy for promoting social networks, do not forget about Messenger Day. It will certainly help build relations between your customers and your business.

Afterwards you can choose who will see your posts. You can distribute followers. For example, by interests. And send the materials of interest to each of these segments.

Followers and direct customers are always interested in what actually happens “behind the scenes”. Take photos or videos, talk about what happens behind the scenes of your business. It does not really matter what you specialize in: a restaurant, spa or, for example, a flower shop. Your audience will appreciate this content.

Send traffic to other social networks. Intriguing posts in Messenger Day with a link, for example, to Instagram, will easily attract the target audience and other users to your profile.

Chat bots

Another useful tool for connecting customers and your business are chat bots. Such a lifehack Facebook cannot be ignored. In messengers, messaging is more individual and happens faster than, for example, by emails. The main thing that needs to be done is to give the chatbot a large-scale list of information about customers, to prescribe approximate communication scenarios. In this case, you will be able to share only necessary and useful information. And thanks to this you will strengthen relations with your customers.


In some sense, it is your business card. This is the first thing the customer sees when they visit your profile. It is the most profitable thing to be used for self-promotion. But for some reason, many businessmen simply ignore its importance. Make a cover that directly tells about your business or describes the promotional offer. If a holiday is approaching, change the cover to a more thematic one to get more attention. A great option is to put not only the name of your company on the cover, but also some slogan that will not only attract attention, but also tell briefly about you.


We all know that with the feed updates, the posts go lower and lower. Therefore, it will be most convenient to either have a post with important information pinned or use notes. They have an excellent structure, are suitable for long posts, and look good. In addition, they have a static link and you certainly will not lose the information posted there.

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Using the contact form

This will also be a great benefit to you.

Take a look at the mailing service note. Some of them have created apps for Facebook. There is an option to use one of these apps. Details can be found in the certificate.

Lead generation

This social network has a special advertising format for collecting leads. Its advantage for advertisers is in the ease of receiving customers’ orders right from the news feed. Such advertising is convenient to be used for subscription to the newsletters, pre-ordering, etc. By clicking on the advertisement, the client will first fill out a special form on the social network, and only then visit the site.

Live streams

You can live stream regularly, for example, at certain time on Wednesdays and Fridays. And your followers will be waiting for it as for the exciting series. Why would you need this? It costs almost nothing, but it is very effective. The social network raises such live streams to the very top, because they are seen by more users than regular posts. It will not be amiss to take advantage of the opportunity to plan the live streaming. All followers will receive a notification about the live streaming start. How to do that? It is simple.

Go to the "Video Gallery". Create a live stream there, fill out a special form and set the time.

Reuse of materials

You have probably heard the phrase “Analog is coming back in a big way”. It will not be superfluous to raise up the long-standing posts, because creating of materials is a very long and troublesome task. In addition, most your followers can see only up to five percent of the materials in their feed. Did you post good content a few months ago? Find the best post and post it again, updating if necessary.

On Facebook, you can follow the entertaining framework that will be dedicated to a specific event. They can be used both on the page photo, and during the live streaming.

Facebook Guidelines for Business. Great Ideas for Online Promotion

How to find the right one?

Enter the query “*desired topic* PNG” into search and save what you like. Having received the result, go to the platform for design details.

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It is a wonderful feature. Make infographics by collecting all the essentials about your products or services. It is not difficult to do this, because there are many special services that are easy to find on the network.

Create personalized content exclusively for Facebook. Such a move will allow your followers to feel really special. This material may include promotional offers, stories, any Facebook page promotion life hacks that you will share only on Facebook. A great option would be to make a special label. Something like “Exclusive for Facebook”.

Beautiful link

Change the address of your page. It is a good idea, because such address is easy to remember and, in addition, looks great, for example, in a message, contacts or signature. It will not be superfluous to add this address to the e-mail signature, to business cards and so on.

Another good option for attracting beginners is creating a QR code for your profile.

Be sure to follow the business news from Facebook to keep abreast of innovations.

There are tools for comparing your profile with the competitors’ ones.

Invite followers to put likes to the post, blocking those sending spam.

Pin the most important information at the top of the page. So that it is the first thing that catches the eye of your followers. If necessary, the pinned posts can be changed.

It will not be superfluous to study the algorithms of this social network.

You can change the language of your profile to English and, thanks to this, try the very interesting Facebook social search function called Facebook Graph Search. For example, you want to find people who like your profile. Request "people who like (profile name)." With the same scenario, you can view, for example, the pages of competitors.

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So, for example, you want to add Facebook friends by a certain subject, thereby selecting the appropriate audience for yourself. In future, with the help of materials and a well thought out strategy, your friends will become your customers. Remember to see what groups your friends are following or what events they attend. Perhaps this will help you discover something new or provide an interesting idea for developing your business.

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