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YouTube Channel SEO Promotion. Natural Ranking Methods. Part 2

We continue considering the parameters giving the positive effect on the video content ranking.

YouTube Channel SEO Promotion. Natural Ranking Methods. Part 2


  • Video channel’s SEO optimization
  • Smart promotion of the YouTube channel
  • Natural SEO techniques for YouTube promotion
  • Showing videos in Google
  • Ways of videos SEO promotion

Video channel’s SEO optimization

Before you start optimizing your video channel, try to remember the channels you are constantly watching. This will make you feel as if you were your own viewer and you will understand what the channel should look like for getting to the TOP.

Useful article: ‘Top 10 Rules for Ranking YouTube Videos.’

Smart promotion of the YouTube channel means:

- Having one keyword in the title
- Having a brief information, about 200+ words, in the description. It is not necessary to provide the full information about the video, but the main aspects have to be described. The description should be well formulated, first of all for people, not just listing the key requests.
- Tags (minimum 5 pcs.)
- Transcription (with its help YouTube understands the topic of your video and thereby improves its position in the ‘Recommended’ list).

YouTube Channel SEO Promotion. Natural Ranking Methods. Part 2

Natural SEO techniques for YouTube promotion

The channel’s rating influences the search results position directly. Therefore, it is important to know which tricks will allow you improving your YouTube rating.

Channel’s design is of great importance for how users perceive it:

- Channel’s branding

If you take a look at the popular channels you can immediately notice the overall style in their design, i.e. their main distinguishing feature is that they are easy to recognize.

So, if a user has ever watched your videos and liked them, the next time even after making a typo in the request he will be able to visually recognize your channel.

Let’s consider an example.

As a user I’m planning to tank the floor at the balcony. I know that the coolest explanation for the repairs are always given by Zemskov. I remember he’s a bald dude, his channel is in burgundy colours and also his last name. I type in the search ‘zemtsov’, a typo in the last name is obvious.

But the channel’s design shows me where to click.

Due to the external design of the channel you can stand out from the crowd.

- The slogan in the header, it should also be mentioned in the channel’s description
- Animated logo
- Videos structuring

Play lists will help with that, keep the order by breaking videos thematically by categories. This will make it easier for the users to navigate your channel.

Useful article: ‘Hashtags for YouTube. How to Create and Move Forward with it.’

- Constant increase of subscribers number

The proper strategy will invest into it (e.g. ads about the video in the social networks, downloading it to your site, etc.). An additional method of promotion is a boost, in case you need more YouTube subscribers you can always order them at our site all-smm.com. Additionally, you can order YouTube videos likes. The service boosts up safely and evenly without exposing your account to be banned.

YouTube Channel SEO Promotion. Natural Ranking Methods. Part 2

Showing videos in Google

Here you need to act with the search methods: enter a keyword into the search engine and check if there is at least one video from your channel there. If yes, then you are moving the right direction. If not, check other requests and correct your tactics. The main idea is to get to TOP five, this will ensure getting 50% of the targeted traffic.

If you need to promote videos published on the blog or other site, there are several options:

- Video is placed as high as possible on the site, so that Google understands that the video carries an important semantic load

- Under the video there should be a transcription published.

Ways of videos SEO promotion

The best working methods are:

-  Announcing the video in the electronic newsletter or social networks (causing interest to it)
- Link to the video in the blog
- You can tell about the video publishing at the forums in the relevant topics (information given should be appropriate and unobtrusive)
- Redirect the audience to the pages with other topics at the end of every video

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