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SEO Promotion of YouTube Channel. Keywords, Optimization, Catchy Videos. Part 1

If you want to promote your resources on YouTube, no doubt you are going the right direction because its audience is more than a billion of people and it is the second most often visited website in the world. Now you should develop an effective SEO strategy for promoting videos.

SEO Promotion of YouTube Channel. Keywords, Optimization, Catchy Videos. Part 1


  • YouTube channel’s SEO promotion
  • Key queries and video search
  • Best SEO practices for optimizing YouTube
  • Analysis of YouTube’s recommendations
  • TubeBuddy extension
  • Tubular
  • YouTube Analytics
  • How to create a catchy video
  • How to collect users’ comments

YouTube channel’s SEO promotion

The rules of ranking YouTube videos are constantly changing, and what was effective ten years ago today would not give any effect. Let's find out what tools will work in 2018.

Key queries and video search

The keywords analysis is important for videos promotion, but compared to the promotion of textual information there are certain differences. We’ll distinguish the two main ones:

  • The lion's share of target users will find your video not in the search engines, but directly via YouTube search since it has a powerful search platform with a convenient filter and the tab ‘Recommended’. If the visitor decides to find something it is most likely he will search for it directly on YouTube as the request involves some visualization of the process.
  • The second point is also connected to the first one: people use Google and YouTube to search for different information. Key-words popular for the reading and successfully working in Google will not work at all for the video on YouTube.

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Let’s consider an example:

two similar keywords ‘crispy waffles recipe’ and ‘how to make crispy waffles yourself’.

For YouTube the second option of the key request will work better; Google will show videos on such a request above in its list.

Understanding which video content is more important for YouTube you can choose 4 ways of promotion.

SEO Promotion of YouTube Channel. Keywords, Optimization, Catchy Videos. Part 1

Best SEO practices for optimizing YouTube

1. Analysis of YouTube’s recommendations

For this just enter the keywords in the video service and get the list of offers.

The list of the offers is formed based on the results of the service’s analysis with a review of a word’s search significance.

If you put an underscore before the request you’ll see the phrases with the key request not in the 1st place.

2. TubeBuddy extension

You can install the extension to the browser and see what tags are used by the users publishing competitive videos.

After installing the extension in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox go to the page with a competitor’s video and click ‘Tags’ button.

The service also provides the tags ranking in the YouTube’s search, i.e. you can simply choose the most ‘juicy’ tags you can specify for promoting your channel.

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3. Tubular

Another analytics tool called Tubular allows you to compare your channel with the competitors' channels. To get started, register on the official Tubular website and connect the program to your YouTube channel. The program interface is in English, but very intuitive.

The program will estimate the content of the videos that visitors viewed after leaving your channel.

4. YouTube Analytics

It is a serious tool for serious bloggers. Analytics of the key queries for which the ranking of your channel is just a small piece of its potential.

How to use the service:

In the menu click to ‘Analytics’ and ‘Traffic Sources’.

In the ‘Search by service’ section you will see the key queries by which users find your channel.

These keywords can be used for creating a new story with a reference to one of them or for optimizing already published videos.

SEO Promotion of YouTube Channel. Keywords, Optimization, Catchy Videos. Part 1

How to create a catchy video

YouTube while estimating the video’s quality focuses on the parameters that could be measured and analyzed:

- For how long has a user been on your channel?

Since YouTube earns on advertising it is important if the visitor stays on the site as long as possible.

Therefore, longer videos are ranked higher. Of course, videos that users watch till the end are interesting. But if to choose between a 1 minute video viewed till the end and a 9 minute one watched till the 5th minute, the preference will be given to the second one.

An indirect confirmation for this may be the fact that on the top, as a rule, there are longer videos in the most cases.

But here, of course, the balance should be kept: the video should be interesting and allowing to keep the public’s attention for as long as possible.

- Keeping audience’s attention is another parameter for measuring video’s properties.

This value shows whether the video content is interesting. As a rule, an exciting start is the main key to the whole video’s success. In the first 15-60 seconds the visitor decides whether he will continue watching the video, whether the information is interesting and how it is presented. At the very beginning do not make long screen savers or add animated logos - that is not a TV program and the user wants to receive a reply to his request quickly.

A good indicator for YouTube is reviewing the video at some point, i.e. there’s something interesting or controversial there.

It is also worth tracking the conditions affecting the increase and decrease of the views number. For example, some videos are viewed more in the evening, others in the morning. Based on these data it will be clear at what time it is best to publish the video. For the video’s promotion the first 3 days after publishing are the most important; it becomes clear during these days whether the video will get to the top or not.

- Involvement: how well the feedback expressed with the likes, reposts and comments to the video works.

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It is not that easy to cause the visitor’s emotion and make him leave his feedback. Someone can be putting likes to everything he watches, for others this should be well deserved. Since we do not know what kind of the audience is behind the screen, you can experiment and try what methods work best for your audience. Most YouTube users already know that a big number of likes have a positive effect on the videos’ ranking, and they also know where to buy YouTube likes. You can additional order YouTube views at all-smm.com.

SEO Promotion of YouTube Channel. Keywords, Optimization, Catchy Videos. Part 1

How to collect users’ comments

For any subject discussed in the video there are important questions, that you can ask so that the user who watched your video would not keep silence. For example, for a waffle recipe, ask ‘What kind of waffles do you prefer - thin or thick (Belgian)?’ It will be difficult to keep silence, because the question will cause an emotion that you want to share with people.

By the way, a question like ‘Please, write in the comments what you think about this video?’ is not the best one since it is rather abstract. It will take time for a person to answer it, and most likely will be escaped. If the video causes strong emotions (positive or negative), the person will write his opinion.

At the end of the video you can motivate the users to perform some action, as a reward there can be some kind of gifts to the active or witty repliers.

Users’ questions in the comments also should not be ignored. You can continue the discussion, and therefore improve your position.

Video format offers lots of opportunities for conquering new audience. Professional SEO-promotion means the competitors’ analysis, correct presentation of the matter, collecting feedback.

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