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YouTube Channel and Methods for Its Promotion

If you prefer video format in your work, you can make YouTube the main platform for attracting subscribers. It is true, that it requires YouTube video ideas. But it is a matter of great desire and creativity of the channel owner. A blogger’s career can start from the registration, channel design and uploading the first video.

YouTube Channel and Methods for Its Promotion


• YouTube benefits

• Channel success: what is required

• Information analyses

• Channel performance rules

• Increasing the number of subscribers

• Who is it for?

• Cheat and its types

• Professional systems

• High-quality subscribers using the exchanges

• Other sources of attraction

If you prefer video format in your work, you can make YouTube the main platform for attracting subscribers. It is true, that it requires YouTube video ideas. But it is a matter of great desire and creativity of the channel owner. A blogger’s career can start from the registration, channel design and uploading the first video.

YouTube benefits

The service is easy to use and available for any user, it does not have limits, except for the size of the downloaded videos - no more than 100 GB. After creating a channel, fill it in with content and turn it into an independent project. You do not even need a site for this. But it can be turned into a continuation of the existing projects, collecting your own and other people's material, attracting new subscribers, using numerous opportunities.

At the user's disposal are:

• editing of image and sound;

• library with free music and sound effects;

• analytics and promotion mechanisms.

Going live is another opportunity on YouTube. We make verification on the mobile phone. Two clicks on the right buttons and you start live stream. Available settings help the author to communicate with the audience and earn at the same time.

In order to thoroughly understand all the features of the service, there is an academy for the authors that will explain and show how to make YouTube videos, as well as answer the most common questions from newbies regarding the monetization of their activity, nuances of light during filming, etc.

Don’t miss an opportunity to earn using an affiliate program. Content will bring money for advertising, paid subscriptions, annotations. Adapting YouTube for mobile devices allows your subscribers to watch your videos anywhere and anytime. More than fifty percent of views are performed this way.

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Channel success: what is required

First of all, work on the design. Create a brief and informative description of your channel topic. Create and adhere to your own unique style of visual design. This concerns:

• profile picture;

• headers;

• video covers.

YouTube Channel and Methods for Its Promotion

Information analyses

Analyze the success of the project based on data concerning the number of subscribers and channel views in general and selected videos based on comments, likes and dislikes. Take an advantage of YouTube Analytics, which will provide detailed information about the visitors - time of the visit, where they come from, duration and frequency of watching, etc.

Channel performance rules

• The created video should make people want to share it with the world.

YouTube content creator must constantly communicate with its viewers.

• Interactivity - get more people involved in the channel’s life

• Stick to the topic chosen for the channel.

• Target audience is a benchmark for product creation.

• Regular updating of materials.

• Video optimization with titles, tags, descriptions.

• Think over the material to make it is easy to understand for the new subscribers.

• Collaboration with colleagues.

• Do not stop looking for inspiration.

Increasing the number of subscribers

People from all over the world add their videos to the video hosting. The initial service entertainment has gradually become a powerful tool allowing promotion of your products and services. After creating a channel and filling it with videos, work on increasing the number of followers, that is, people constantly interested in the informational content of the channel.

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Who is it for?

The benefits of increased views number are useful for all people working in the field of information business, online store owners, ordinary users. Practical interest comes to the fore, among the businessmen in the first turn. Cheat increases the number of subscribers, brand popularity, and therefore potential customers.

With only twenty subscribers, after filming a video dedicated to a training, the number of this event visitors is assumed to be zero. If there are several thousand followers, then 500 potential listeners are guaranteed.

A “live” introduction of the products presented in the online store is an effective way to attract the attention of visitors to it. With the help of the video review, convey the benefits of buying them and describe the characteristics of the goods in detail. It is more efficient and easy to understand than photos with descriptions that people never want to read. And in this case, the number of subscribers affects the effectiveness of video advertising directly.

Attracting additional traffic to your resource is interesting for the newbie video bloggers. Even if a video is interesting, it has to be watched. It is about working on target audience. The most popular videos on YouTube bring money to their creators from advertising, and its cost is directly dependent on the number of subscribers.

Cheat and its types

There are several ways of speeding up the process:

• use of special systems;

• tasks exchanges;

• attracting subscribers from social networks and other sources.

When using these methods, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects:

• watching a video should cause a desire to subscribe to the channel – naturally the number of views should be higher than the number of followers, otherwise it may seem suspicious to the administrators;

• targeting shows location of subscribers - more than half of them should be from your region;

• naturalness - real users as subscribers.

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Professional systems

These are sites organizing subscribers exchange. You have to register and proceed to performing tasks by subscribing and watching videos on other channels, and earning points for creating your orders. The algorithm is quite simple both to fulfill and to create your task. There is an opportunity of buying points without wasting time.

YouTube Channel and Methods for Its Promotion

High-quality subscribers using the exchanges

Services on creation of paid tasks are provided. The user fulfils them according to a specific algorithm (visits your channel, watches the video and subscribes). The channel owner should register on the stock exchange, replenish the balance of the account, select network, and determine the target audience and duration of the order.

Other sources of attraction

We mean forums and groups created for the promotion of YouTube channels. You perform the task by watching, subscribing and commenting videos in exchange for similar actions from other forum users.

Top 10 YouTube channels are an example of financial success with millions of income. It takes several years to achieve great results for the most hardworking owners. The secret of success is in the continuous growth of visitors who watch, comment the videos and make the channel popular by inviting their friends to it and increasing advertising revenue. Attracting followers through various schemes and services is an important component of popularizing the channel.

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