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TikTok. What is It and How to Use It?

Nowadays there are many different social networks. Each one is characterized by its advantages and disadvantages. TikTok is one of the most popular phenomenon of our time. This is a great example of how to make Tik Tok video alone. There is no need to use the third-party resources.

The app has gained momentum very quickly. A few years ago, no one heard about it. Its audience numbers is over five hundred million people. There are many ways to make Tik Tok video.

The social network has become the most popular among the young bloggers. The app provides many opportunities, for example, they learn how to make Tik Tok video viral. This allows to gain followers quickly and become popular among many users.

TikTok. What is It and How to Use It?


• TikTok characteristics

• What is TikTok?

• Features

• Toolbar and settings

• How to use TikTok?

• Adding video

• Using music

• Special effects

• Conclusion

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that allows users sharing their short videos. With the help of the Tik Tok editor, they can add music and various effects. They can upload multiple videos with the one story length of sixty seconds.

The app was created in China. Its functionality resembles Facebook. Here there is an opportunity to distribute and watch various video content.

The main features are similar to Instagram. One can make separate posts. The main difference is that they are in a different format. Each post is a video with popular Tik Tok dances or other actions.

The app provides unique opportunities, such as recording duet and reaction. This allows live streaming simultaneously with other users. This can significantly increase your popularity.

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To start using the social network you have to register there first. This can be done in several ways:

1. Specify a phone number or an email address. After that, create and enter a password.

2. Use another social network account for authorization.

After the registration is completed, you will be taken to the main panel. This tab displays a list of popular videos. It is recommended to watch them in order to learn the current trends, and also to find what interests you.

You can go to the tab and invite your friends from your contacts. You can find them using the search box. After that go to the main account settings.

TikTok. What is It and How to Use It?

Toolbar and settings

The main control panel is located at the bottom of the screen. This is similar to Instagram. Here there are the following settings:

  1. Home - the feed with all the updates from your follows
  2. Search icon - enter any query and find what you need by a hashtag, location or name
  3. By tapping the plus sign, you will be able to add a new entry
  4. The message icon allows to send a personal message to another user
  5. In the next tab you can edit your profile

At the top of the screen there is the setting allowing to read a unique code. This will help other users find your page quickly.

On the profile tab, you can go to the detailed settings. Tap the appropriate icon. You will see the following items there:

  1. Changing photos, information about yourself in your account, configuring advanced privacy settings
  2. In the general settings there is an opportunity of working with notifications
  3. In the documents you can customize the copyright, as well as leaving comments by other users

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How to use TikTok?

You can post your videos in this social network. You can also customize individual posts. There is a separate sidebar with the appropriate elements. Here you can see photos of the person who posted the video, comments, the number of likes, as well as the opportunity to share the video with friends on other social networks.

At the bottom you can see the name of the music track attached to the video. Additional actions available for the video will appear if you tap it when watching. You can save it or refuse from watching similar content.

Adding video

It is easy. Tap the plus sign. You can immediately start recording your video. Above there is a library allowing to select a music track to the video. Beside there is a toolbar with all the necessary elements, such as:

  • Changing the camera mode
  • Slowing down or speeding up recording. There are several speed modes here
  • Adding effects. Several filters are available to choose from
  • Changing the duration of the video

Below there is a list of different effects. You can choose any. Now proceed to recording the video. Tap the corresponding button on the screen. To stop recording, tap the check mark. To continue shooting, just tap the same place.

If you have not added the desired effects during the recording, you can do it afterwards. Go to the next screen, write hashtags, tag friends and post your video.

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TikTok. What is It and How to Use It?

Using music

Go to the app library. Select a track by category or use the search box. Set the frames to play the music.

Special effects

Visit the appropriate library. There are numerous filters provided here. These can be color changes or smoothing effects.


TikTok is a popular social network. Every day the number of its active users grows. This popularity can be explained by the lack of restrictions in self-expression and creativity. Anyone can show themselves using simple tools. A lot of effects, an opportunity of sharing with friends, latest music available – all these provoke great interest.
This does not mean that TikTok is used only by young people. After watching the popular videos, you can see both teenagers and older users. This only proves the success of the project. To become popular on TikTok easily, use the professional services, such as ALL-SMM.

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