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Cool TikTok Videos and Challenges

The social network TikTok is gaining more and more users around the world. This service has become popular in the CIS countries as well. The audience of more than 500 million users is constantly growing. The users of this service use all the tricks to get TikTok likes and become popular. After all, popularity in social networks is needed not only for the moment of glory. Promoted page, channel or group gives a good opportunity to earn.

Cool TikTok Videos and Challenges


  1. How to make an interesting video?
  2. Challenges.
  3. Image change.
  4. Hair color.
  5. Try not to laugh challenge.
  6. Popular music.
  7. Do not forget about the plot.
  8. Earnings on TikTok.

How to make an interesting video?

The authors of the videos use all the tricks to become popular. Videos that gain the most views, raise in the first lines of the TOP. Such videos do not need advertising, they are well-known for all TikTok users. How to make an interesting video that will be watched?


Young people have a lot of hobbies in the social networks bringing them popularity, followers and likes. Tik Tok challenge is also popular. Among the young people in the network such entertainment is popular. Challenge can be of any type, it all depends on the fantasy. Many video bloggers receive such calls from their followers, who in the comments offer them a new test.

Image change

Challenges with changing images have become a trend. In such video, the author can change several outfits or try a completely different style. One of the trends is the challenge of turning from a girl into guy, the so called Tik Tok boy challenge. Here the authors of the video show their talent for transformation. Some transformations look that realistic, as if the videos are of two different people.

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Hair color

Another recent trend is a Tik Tok hair color challenge. Variations of such challenge may vary, the authors come up with them. The change of hair color is popular. It can be made both by technical means, and repainted hair. With the special effects in the video, the same person appears there, but with a different hair color. Such challenges are arranged by families, friends, girlfriends, couples, teams of young people. It turns out to be fun, a show where the participants take a risk, but this risk has nothing to do with risking your health or life. It is more about your style.

Laughed and lost

Tik Tok challenge is also very popular. Its means the following: the participants take a mouthful of water and start watching a funny video or make each other laugh. They can read funny texts, look through the funny pictures. The one who laughs first, loses. Moreover, such a loss turns into a fascinating show. A participant with a mouthful of water during an explosion of laughter involuntarily throws it at the opponent. In most cases the opponent does the same in return. It is hard to keep from laughing during such challenge.try not to laugh

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Cool TikTok Videos and Challenges

Popular music

Music in trend, can make the video more recognizable, and users will be more willing to watch it. Tik Tok popular songs will not bring the video to the TOP, but a few additional followers, may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands, will be yours. When a track, a song or a composition turns into a hit, everyone starts listening to it, imitating the characters of the video. For many users, this imitation occurs involuntarily, subconsciously.

What is important is the selection of music. Music should correspond to the plot of the video. If the video is calm, slow, and the music is harsh and dynamic, the discrepancy can annoy the users. The reaction may be just to close the video and leave the page. Although some bloggers use this technique intentionally. In order to cause disparity. But such a combo should be used carefully, not randomly.

Do not forget about the plot

It is very important! You cannot do with just music and effect in the video. The plot should be interesting, "cling" the user. Often video bloggers use the technique of “being at the right time at the right place.” Such shots are of great interest, because in life such events do not happen very often. It is interesting to observe them. Plus, there is a nice music from everybody’s A-list.

Many video authors prefer not to reinvent the wheel. They find trends and simply imitate them. Or use "tricks" from the popular videos. This technique allows making a video that many users like, but spend less effort on the process.

The unusual plot of the video can make it popular. Some authors do something that has not been done by other video bloggers earlier. Such an idea is very difficult to find, but there is an advantage. If you can make the movie popular, many users will imitate it. For the original video it only means a rise of popularity exponentially.

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Cool TikTok Videos and Challenges

Earnings on TikTok

Many video authors make videos and post them on TikTok not just for fun. Their goal is earnings and popularity. On the promoted page there is an opportunity to earn. And although advertising opportunities on TikTok are not that extensive as in other social networks (for example, Instagram), still there are some. The main value of any page is its followers. You can get them in two ways:

  • Shoot cool videos, using the recommendations from above, search for the new video ideas. This is usually what the youngest video-bloggers do.
  • Use professional help. Today in the Internet marketing there are a lot of specialists and companies promoting TikTok. If in the first case, the user spends a lot of time on the creative search, the second option requires only investments, while time, on the contrary, can be saved. So businessmen use it often.

Social networks will be in demand for a long time. Monetary turnovers of popular social networks today are overtaking many traditional activities of the industry. Some people register and shoot videos on TikTok for fun or popularity, but for others it's a good way of making money.

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