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How to become popular on TikTok? Methods of Promotion

If you still haven’t heard about TikTok, you are out of the latest trends and miss an opportunity to join the popular service. About 500 million people from all over the world use it. Here, friends share videos and karaoke by interests.

The well-known Doyuin has become the prototype of the social network TikTok. Originally it was invented in China, they bought Musical.ly from its competitors in order to become a monopolist in this field and to win the global audience.

TikTok is available as an app for various mobile phone platforms. It can be downloaded from the PlayMarket and AppStore. How to use its functionality to the fullest and become a guru of TikTok? Read our recommendations below.

How to become popular on TikTok? Methods of Promotion


  • Popular special effects on TikTok
  • How to find the special effects?
  • How to change the eye color?
  • How to become popular on TikTok?
  • Work "legally"
  • Cheat of TikTok followers
  • Details on the cheat of followers

Popular special effects on TikTok

TikTok social network is rapidly gaining its popularity. Each participant tries to become the most famous within the service and knows how to get filters in Tik Tok. Effects for editing video are in the app itself. They are represented by a variety of filters with which you can make an extraordinal video.

How to find the special effects?

Go to the app and tap the plus sign to see the available effects. You can apply the following filters to the video:

  • rain;
  • water drops;
  • hair and eye color change:
  • makeup;
  • increase of certain parts of the face (mouth, nose);
  • aging;
  • adding freckles and animals ears;
  • split of the screen;
  • animal masks and 3D figures;
  • slowing down the video or repeating its fragments;
  • "soul leaving the body";
  • shaking, vibration, noise in the form of horizontal stripes and much more.

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How to change the eye color?

Is your mood in black color? It's time to merge with the gloom and go to the dark side. In order to pitch black eye filters Tik Tok, you have to:

  • open the app and tap the "Plus" button;
  • go to the "Effects";
  • here you can find a smiley icon with black eyes and red forks, local lord of the ghostly twilight;
  • apply a music track, tap the video record button and shoot a video through the app;
  • edit the saved video with the special effects.

Black eye sockets, as in “Supernatural” are still in trend of the season and keep their position in “Popular”. Stay in trend and use the mysterious special effect that can transform your look in a second.

How to become popular on TikTok? Methods of Promotion

How to become popular on TikTok?

A social network is a community created for the self-expression of people through their creative videos. TikTok fans are trying to find out how to increase Tik Tok followers. There are several ways to win the hearts of the sophisticated followers.

Work "legally"

The legal method of increasing popularity is shooting unique videos. Here you need powers of observation and creativity. If you have a delicate sense of beauty, you can easily master the basics of self-promotion to the TOP. Here the main requirement is your creativity! All the participants of the app are fed up with the boring videos, all looking alike. Stand out from the crowd, be the “black sheep" among others, so that your local audience falls in love with you. Use the following guideline:

  • Select the original image and keep it from one video to another.
  • Share emotions with your face and move with the melody.
  • Videos must be “live” to catch the audience’s attention.
  • Film cute videos of funny animals.
  • Feel like a superhero! Do the impossible for others: jumping, climbing, any extreme sports. Make a movie and add special effects.
  • The love of art - stunning videos related to the dancing, ballet, music and other types of creativity, will get the most demanding followers right to the ticker.
  • Catch HYPE! Do not pass by what is in trend now. Use the pop music hits not leaving the top charts of radio stations.

Popular Tik Tok songs are of interest for the regular users of the social network. They gain a stunning amount of likes and comments. The faster you gain more followers, the higher is the probability of getting to the TOP. This abbreviation is “the door” to the TikTok paradise. After becoming popular, you will win the love of followers and be a well-recognizable video blogger.

All of the methods mentioned above are beyond anyone’s capacity, but it takes much time and effort. If you don’t want to wait and are willing to go all the way to the intended goal, learn about the alternative ways of promotion.

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Cheat of TikTok followers

Here you will learn how to get followers fast on TikTok. Ways of your account promotion are affordable and easy to use. For the followers and likes cheat, use the well-proven All-Smm service.

The new social network looks similar to Instagram. Here the posts, gained a great number of likes and comment in a short time, get to the TOP. Likes are not only a manifestation of interest to the video, but also a kind of user rating. The experienced TikTokers will confirm that the audience has become more demanding to the new content. Gaining your likes is not that easy. It is much more convenient to use the service for cheat of likes and followers.

How to become popular on TikTok? Methods of Promotion

Details on the cheat of followers

It is impossible to gather a loyal audience in one day. Be ready for the constant attraction of the "fresh" followers stream. When their number increases, you will notice a significant increase in likes and comments. Using the specialized services, keep in mind the following:

  • Order not offers, but “live” followers. In the attracted accounts you will find true friends and loyal followers happy to watch the published interesting videos.
  • Promote your account gradually not to provoke an “explosion” of followers. Despite the fact that TikTok still does not have strict requirements for the promotion, do not abuse the “shady” methods. Promotion should look as natural as possible, buy followers in small quantities, but regularly.

Cheat of likes and followers allows anyone, with no exception, to save their personal time and get to the top faster. Combine all the available methods and use trendy special effects to become super popular on TikTok!

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