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TikTok: Interesting Videos, Favorite Music and Popularity

On the Internet, that content is gaining popularity, by which users can prove themselves and watch other people’s self-expression. The social network gives them an opportunity of how to record a video on Tik Tok, and post previously recorded short videos.

TikTok: Interesting Videos, Favorite Music and Popularity


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TikTok is considered to be a social network that gained momentum quickly and became well-known in many countries. Internet users post the results of their creativity there and actively rate other participants. Indeed, in the 21st century, music is an integral part of many people lives.

Some visitors login here just to watch movies with funny animals or to get acquainted to the latest expression of creativity and imagination. After all, young boys and girls, as well as the representatives of older generations, create videos using their creative potential. Anyone can find a video to their taste or demonstrate their imagination in front of millions viewers.

The app itself or the site is easy to use, and the design reminds Instagram, there are similar icons in the similar location. But for kids under 12 years old there is no access to TikTok, since the developers believe that parental control is needed here.

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There are many positive aspects of TikTok, but many of them are subjective. The most popular advantages are:

• you can both learn how to save Tik Tok video or leave no traces on your device;

• video can be diversified by the music tracks – there is a wide selection of music here;

• use of this social network does not imply a hardware limitation - it is adapted for a mobile app, PC, etc.;

• many options for using filters and effects;

• editorial features when working with video: acceleration or slow motion;

• sharing posts with friends and inviting them to the social networks;

• chance to make new acquaintances.

It is also noted that TikTok takes a lot of time since time flies when using it. It is considered both as pros and cons.

How to become popular on TikTok

In order to become popular on TikTok, be sure to know what the public is eager to watch. The product should be delightful and amazing for them so that they want to discuss it, share their impressions with friends. For this analyze the feed of the recommended videos, they gain more likes, which means they are in the area of interest for the people.

To make popular content, it is important to know even the smallest nuances of how to add music to Tik Tok or how to edit Tik Tok video after posting. Plus the ability to use it. You can choose what category of public has to get interested, create the corresponding product and watch the reaction.

A large number of followers will bring fame, open new opportunities and offers, this often leads to the good earnings. The offers to advertise a product or make a purchase are often accompanied by big sums of money. In this case, there are many new acquaintances, friends who got to know the person when they watched his popular video.

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TikTok: Interesting Videos, Favorite Music and Popularity


The TikTok interface is familiar and convenient for many users, there is a button with a “+” at the bottom of the page, in the middle, it implies adding new videos. But if the visitor does this for the first time, you will need to give permission to the app to process data from the gallery, as well as access to the camera and recording audio.

Now you can tap the circle in the middle to record video here and now, or use the “Load” button on the right to share the video from the device’s memory. On the right there is a column to work with to understand how to use Tik Tok filters and what effects are offered here.

On the left there is a “home” icon, it sends the visitor to the main page. There you are offered to choose one of the tabs: “followers” (posts from people the user is following) or “recommended” (the content most liked by the users).

To the right there is a “magnifying glass” icon, tap it and you will have access to search of hashtags, music and people. Also here are the interesting followers. And to the right of the "+" button you can go to private communication in the "messages" or "profile".

Change of parameters

Through the profile you can go to the settings, tap the “three horizontal lines’ icon. There is a list of parameters that can be adjusted to adapt your profile:

• general privacy and notification settings;

• management of funds in the wallet;

• list of saved videos;

• parental control (filters and restrictions).

The visitor can always change settings by visiting the profile.

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1. If you want to have a lot of followers, the quantity is not as important as quality. Therefore, make sure to edit it correctly and of interest.

2. Popular music is half the success. Viewers will like you more if there is a music they enjoy.

3. Do not try to look like someone else, the camera notices everything. The human factor: showing no fear to have small flaws only attracts the viewer, it brings closer together.

TikTok: Interesting Videos, Favorite Music and Popularity


The social network TikTok is designed for the music content and gives opportunity to express yourself and develop your creativity. The users are mostly people aged 19-20, who love mojo, good music, are sociable and have charisma. For each video there is a viewer, because young girls and guys can safely share the product of their imagination or activity with others.

In this app one can gain popularity, make new friends and acquaintances, as well as start making good money. Popularity almost always goes alongside the decent earnings. That’s why there is something to strive for.

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