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TikTok Social Network

Social networks and instant messengers are developing quickly these days. Initially, social networks allowed to communicate, share photos, videos, audio records. With the development of video content, social networks such as Instagram and TikTok have appeared. The latter social network is Chinese created in 2016. It had different name then. But now everyone knows this service as TikTok.


  • TikTok and its features
  • Creating videos
  • Effects
  • How to use TikTok
  • Authorization in TikTok
  • Monetization

TikTok and its features

TikTok - what is it? And is it different from ordinary social networks? This service allows you to shoot small video clips and edit them. The service has gained popularity among young people, who especially like shooting videos.

The service resembles Mysical.ly, which also allowed users to shoot short videos and share them. For TikTok it was a serious competitor. But in 2017, the network owners acquired Mysical.li and combined it with TikTok next year.

Creating videos

The ability to create short videos has attracted many users around the world. The plus of such small videos is no need to spend much time on watching them. Videos are viewed literally one by one. Professional camera is not required as well. The video is shot directly from the smartphone and posted on TikTok.

The system allows to upload videos for sharing. The most interesting videos gather thousands of fans around the world. But the video cannot be added to the public expose. Only user’s friends can watch it. Those who do not like making videos, but love watching them, will find a lot of interesting videos here.


The social network TikTok does not just provide an opportunity to shoot a video and share it with friends. It has plenty of opportunities for editing videos. Among them there are:

  1. Thousands of music tracks that can be inserted into videos
  2. Cool masks
  3. Nice emojis
  4. Opportunity to edit video (gluing, dubbing, cropping, starting from a certain time point)

Previously, a computer video editor was used for such purposes. Now all the basic functions for creating videos are inside the TikTok social network.

How to use TikTok

First you need to create a login to TikTok. The social network site is there to help. You need to visit it and register.

Authorization in TikTok

For authorization on TikTok you can use:

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email

For smartphones, the login is done via a mobile app. For PC there’s no full version developed yet. But login could be done via a special emulator program. After logging in, the user will be able to synchronize his contacts from other social networks and find his friends who may already be registered on TikTok. At the top there is a tab ‘Recommended’. Here are the best popular videos.

In the right upper part, you can show the QR code of the user, by scanning it, it is easy to find him on TikTok. The bottom menu contains the following buttons:

  1. Home - the main view
  2. Loupe - search video
  3. Plus - add your video
  4. Dialog - messages
  5. Man - profile

The toolkit reminds everyone’s favorite Instagram. After clicking the plus sign, you will be able to record a video for downloading it on TikTok immediately. But you can also post a video from the phone's memory.


TikTok social network is not only an opportunity to share videos with friends and users around the world. TikTok has a multimillion audience. And since there is a big audience, there is also a good opportunity to earn. Many earn on advertising of their videos. But for this you need a large number of friends and views.

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