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The Importance of Popularity on TikTok Social Network

Tik Tok is a relatively new social network, mostly focused on videos. Here, users find communication, entertainment and just relax.

The Importance of Popularity on TikTok Social Network


  • The essence and purpose of TikTok
  • How to take advantage of the network?
  • Network’s benefits
  • Promotion and development of a TikTok account
  • More followers...

The essence and purpose of TikTok

Being a newbie among other social networks, Tik Tok has attracted a huge number of women, mostly teenagers. Here a young beautiful lady can play her favorite song and record a video, dancing or imagining she is performing on the stage as her favorite singer. Thus, some users of the network record their videos, while others watch them and get acquainted for the further communication.

It turns out that the TikTok audience consists of sociable guys and girls who want to meet up or have fun, while watching the site content and chatting. This is not the only network of the kind (TikTok analogues are Kuaishou, Xigua Video, Meipai).

How to take advantage of the network?

Since the TikTok network is designed for use in the mobile environment, the first step is to install an application to your smartphone. You can register as a separate user or with an existing account in another popular social network. Later, fill in the newly created empty profile. For recording your first video instantly, just tap the ‘Plus’ icon, for chatting with friends - a ‘Message’ icon, for putting like - a ‘Heart’.

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Network’s benefits

The service with short videos (shot video) TikTok is gaining its followers and users at an enormous speed. Analysts explain this by the fact that the modern generation, called the Z generation, is used to watching videos, as they are constantly available on various applications in their smartphones and other devices. Mobile Internet or Wi Fi, it does not matter what to use for interactive communication with the world, as the main thing for the generation born in mid-nineties is to be in touch all the time.

TikTok has a lot of advantages for every new user. Among them are:

• rapidly increasing popularity (according to statistics, the network is recognized as the fastest growing this year);
• the possibility of adding effects to each video;
• it is comfortable, simple and interesting to shoot and add attractive videos on TikTok, as the interface is easy to use;
• the unique ability for live streaming;
• the function of adding friends, messaging them as well, watching and putting likes to their videos.

The Importance of Popularity on TikTok Social Network

Promotion and development of a TikTok account

If you decide to join the trendy TikTok social network, you should think about interesting content for your visitors and friends. You should also consider the level of popularity, which can be gained by an account, a video or a photo. More than two hundred million users are now registered on TikTok.

More followers...

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