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Highlights of TikTok

The service TikTok beats all records and is spread at an incredible speed. Previously, it was well-known only in China, but now its influence has spread worldwide.

Its primary audience is teenagers aged between thirteen and nineteen. They upload videos, share their impressions with friends, put likes actively. The more fans they gather, the higher is the popularity and rating of the uploaded content.

A highlight is that you can come up with funny Tik Tok ideas, shoot a video and edit it. For this there are many different filters, stickers and special effects. You can also add thematic music, view Tik Tok famous challenges, join duets and much more.

Highlights of TikTok


  • Highlights when using TikTok
  • Start
  • Toolbar
  • Basic settings
  • How to make posts
  • Uploading video
  • Adding music
  • Editing
  • Recording video in the app
  • Recording duets


First you need to go through the registration process. It is quite simple, so it does not take much time. You can do this in two ways:

  • By entering your mobile phone number. After that you will need to specify a password and login. Then all the settings will be available on your account page.
  • By using an account from another social network. For this simply choose the option. You will get access to the page immediately.

The most attractive is the opportunity to use the app, even without registration. In this case, only the most popular videos are available for watching.

In the feed you usually see the posts of people you are following. It also offers possible options you can start following depending on your preferences. There is an option of synchronizing contacts from your device. This way you will quickly find your friends or you can invite them.


The control panel is traditionally located at the bottom of the screen. You can see the following sections there:

  • Home or feed. Here there are the latest news and updates of your follows. Look through the list of recommendations and follows, as well as Tik Tok challenge compilation.
  • Search. As always, here you can find music, new videos, accounts of other users. Hashtag search is also available.
  • In the next tab, you can add an existing video or record a new one.
  • Messages. Discuss interesting topics in the personal conversations.
  • Profile. Here are all your posts and settings. Personalize your account. Create your own QR code. People will be able to find you quickly by scanning it.

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Basic settings

Next, proceed to the settings. You will find them on the home page of your account. Everything is intuitive here. If you have used Instagram before, you can easily master the TikTok control panel.

There are several thematic blocks with settings:

  • Account. Here you can change your nickname, password, set privacy options or create a link to your profile.
  • General. Setting up notifications. Check only those items that you would like to display in the notification blind. Set parental control, time of staying in the social network.
  • Documents. You can set the copyright to the entries and resolve privacy policy issues.

How to make posts

Add a new video in several ways:

  • Download the ready-made video from the gallery.
  • Make a new video using the features of the app.

  Consider each of the methods in more detail. The list of filters and other features is similar in both cases. This will help get likes for Tik Tok.

Uploading video

For this select the download from the gallery. You can mark one or several videos. After that, the following options are available:

  • Select the beginning and end of the recording. At the bottom of the screen there is a switch.
  • If you wish, you can flip the image.
  • Set a timer to speed up or slow down the playback.

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Adding music

After the video has been processed, you can add background music. Tap the special icon at the top of the screen. Go to the music library.

Later you can specify the duration of the selected music. Even if the original recording has its own background sound, it can be made lower with the built-in tools.


Now you can proceed to the thorough processing of the added video. The app provides the following features:

  • Adding a filter or other special effect. For each part of the video, you can customize the individual display, creating an unusual combination.
  • Selecting the cover, the way your video will be displayed in the feed.
  • Changing the color scheme. Set up a smooth transition that looks nice and impressive.

After you configure all the parameters and select the desired view, you can go directly to posting. Before your post appears in the feed you should set up a few important points.

Add the hashtags and tag your friends. Come up with the original description that will attract attention. Add location to bring the video up to the top. After saving all settings, proceed to posting. If you are still not sure about it, save the video in drafts.

Highlights of TikTok

Recording video in the app

Go back to the control panel and tap the plus sign. You can record a video right away using music and special effects, so that you don’t have to adjust anything else. The following settings are provided for processing:

  • During shooting, you can switch the cameras if necessary.
  • Setting up the faster or slower playback.
  • Adding automatic image retouching.
  • Choosing the right filter.

After you have shot the video, you can move on to posting it. This process is no different from the one described above.

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Recording duets

You can record a video with another person simultaneously:

  • When you start recording a video, select a friend from the list.
  • Go to the settings to record a duet.
  • Start shooting.

You can publish the recorded video immediately or after a while. For this save it in drafts.

TikTok is a popular social network. To become popular on TikTok, it takes an effort. In the beginning, you can try to get TikTok likes cheap at the specialized service.

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