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TikTok Social Network is a New Successful Project

TikTok is a platform where users can create short music videos, broadcast live, communicate with messages. In this article we will consider the ideas of your account promotion to attract the attention of the audience to your page.

TikTok Social Network is a New Successful Project


  1. How to promote your TikTok account
  2. Fulfilling tasks
  3. Promotion by other users
  4. How to make an account popular
  5. How to monetize a TikTok account
  6. Conclusion

How to promote your TikTok account

In fact, TikTok is a social network started in China in 2016 and gaining its popularity in other countries.

The app is the leader among the most frequently downloaded and fast-growing apps. Many people ask, why is Tik Tok so popular? The target audience is mainly teenagers, the number of users is at least 500 million, and this number is growing.

Initially, the app was called Douyin, but after rebranding, changing the principle of operation and design of the site, it received its current name TikTok.

For the successful development of the page, you need regular visits from users who are active, put likes, make reposts, leave comments. There are techniques that will allow popularizing your account and explain how to get a bunch of fans on Tik Tok.

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Fulfilling tasks

There are platforms where you can give tasks to this resource audience. Registration there gives you an opportunity to post tasks, and for the users to start following your page. The tasks are not difficult, the price for them is insignificant. You have to describe the task itself and the requirements, set the settings, transfer money to your account, and you're done! Then login and check the completed tasks and deposit funds to the balance. However, this method has several disadvantages.

Promotion by other users

It is considered to be one of the most efficient methods, because real people will visit your resource and return to your page again.

You can order promotion from the more successful users. You can contact them in messages, and find out the cost. Usually, PR prices are not too high. For example, after paying not that much you can get several thousands of fans. It is an excellent method of promoting your account. For a couple of months you will get a considerable audience of fans.

The number of views depends on the likes under the video. When a new video is posted and gains a large number of likes, it will raise in the recommended rating. Thus, the video will be viewed by the most of the audience. The more people watch the video, the more followers you get.

It is recommended to promote the new videos, added recently.

TikTok Social Network is a New Successful Project

How to make an account popular

There are several ways of attracting audience to your account. They do not require any costs, but are rather effective.

  • Content. Focus on the quality of your posts. It is possible to promote your resource by creating a high-quality product without using any advertising. If users rate the video and generously reward it with likes, make reposts and leave comments, then this content will automatically be marked as popular, and the site will show your video to a wider public. Accordingly, the video will be seen by a lot of people and more fans will join you. If the product is worthy and popular among the users, the result will be amazing. It is important to take into account the target audience, because the success of your resource depends on it a lot.
  • Hashtags. Write them under every video depending on the subject and add the most popular Tik Tok hashtags, which are in the top. Reflect the topic of your content in these codes, try to create up-to-date videos that get the most popular. This will bring more views, make the account more visited, and respectively, will bring new fans.
  • Activity in other accounts. Visit other pages, leave comments, subscribe, put likes. You will receive a response as a thank you in the form of following, likes, reposts. It will also play an important role in the promotion of your account. Visit the pages where videos gain more than 30 thousand likes, because they are considered to be popular. Be active there, follow them, and the first 10 accounts of fans of the page. Every day you can subscribe until you reach the limit. Wait until the resource gives you an opportunity to make new subscriptions, and continue.

If your videos do not gain the required number of views, you can attract the public through your social networks. Put a link to your TikTok page in your successful VK or Facebook account. Users will check it, visit, like, comment and repost. These actions will help to attract more visitors, and accordingly, to popularize your account.

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How to monetize a TikTok account

After performing all the mentioned actions, your account should gather the right amount of audience and become popular on the site. This is a good start to make money on your page. You can give your space to advertisers and promote their services or products. However, TikTok does not allow to leave links under the video. The only way is to mention other people in your videos. Thus you will promote them and get paid for it.

In your account, you can leave active links to Instagram, YouTube, which will also give you an opportunity to monetize your page and make use of its features to the fullest. Consequently, you already know how to earn money Tik Tok, it only remains to create a profile and start promoting your account according to the well proven scheme.

Use of the resource is simple and exciting. If you are seriously going to be engaged in the promotion of your page, feel free to proceed. The cost of the initial cheat of likes and fans is insignificant, so even if the service does not give the desired result, you will not get in the red. In addition, you can promote your page without any investments.

If you provide high-quality content to the audience, hardly anyone will be able to leave you without a like or comment. A really cool video will for sure get a lot of reposts, which will allow the maximum distribution of the video among the users.

TikTok Social Network is a New Successful Project


TikTok 2019 already has a lot of interesting new videos presented by the ordinary users who have tried their best and gained the public recognition.

The platform is quite young but is very fast developing. Using all the known techniques, you can promote your TikTok account, start making good money and become a popular blogger.

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