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Popularity on TikTok

Recently the social network called TikTok is with its popularity at all-time high. The platform has become extremely popular among the foreign users alongside the Russian teenagers, because they see a good chance to stand out from the crowd and gain popularity by rather ordinary methods, like dancing in videos or showing their charisma. But over time, the unique channels stood out and started blocking the way for the new authors who tried to reuse the ideas already filmed earlier. The audience started demanding the new content or finding new authors of content, therefore, the creators of the channels have questions related to the popularization of their work. But also there are some users who are only thinking about creating their channel in this social network, and they want to know its benefits. In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Benefits of TikTok
  • How to popularize a TikTok channel with the “fair play”?
  • Getting popular with the “fair play”
  • Working on your image
  • A bit about SMM
  • Number of videos produced
  • Attitude to the TikTok fans
  • Cheat of indicators on TikTok

Popularity on TikTok


Benefits of TikTok

As we have mentioned above, in order to promote your channel here sometimes it is enough to show your charisma, or come up with something unique and extraordinary for your channel, which is not that difficult for a good content producer, because sometimes even Tik Tok video girls dance get a great number of views. In addition, there is a number of functions in the app that are unique or combine functions available in other similar apps. First of all, the app allows editing the recorded video. Of course, this will not be a professional editing, but not an outdated option for changing colors in a video either. Also, it is possible to glue or duplicate the ready-made video. Secondly, TikTok has designed sets of various stickers more for the entertainment than for the professional activity. In addition, there are sets of masks or tube effects that can interest the viewer during the live streaming or be used for the entourage.

How to popularize a TikTok channel with the “fair play”?

First of all, it is worth understanding your target audience. In total, the app has about five hundred million users, most of them are from China and the United States, and now their number has been increased by the number of teenagers from Russia. And, at least, to get started, you need to have the high-quality hardware and good ideas for trends and likes, which will increase the number of TikTok followers. Let's sort it out!

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Working on your image

Prepare for the shooting thoroughly, it will be even better if you prepare your image in advance. To maintain popularity, many well-known personalities apply the image of a provocateur or someone else, and the image may change, depending on the trends. Since all these masks are tried on by one person on one channel, the audience only continues growing. But do not go too far so that the administration of the app does not impose sanctions on you: to start with, work on your voice and self-confidence. Excessive hesitancy or squeaky voice can only cause ridicule from the followers.

A bit about SMM

Do not forget about the proper use of hashtags for attracting viewers. This procedure is more needed by the system itself, than by you or your followers. The thing is that if you use trending hashtags in your videos, some part of the users who will look for something interesting will be able to stumble upon your video. In addition, they might get interested in your content, and later they will tell about the channel to the others, and so on.

Number of videos produced

The frequency of posting videos also greatly affects your popularity. Sometimes, the lack of popularity can be compensated by the frequency of produced videos. Also, for example, if a popular user only needs to post one video to get one hundred thousand views, you will need to post five ones. It is possible in the beginning, but there is one major drawback, especially if your content is highly specialized. When starting, you might have a lot of TikTok video ideas, but later it becomes more difficult to invent HYPE topics and to make the whole thing up. However, if you shoot a video, for example, on a game topic or Tik Tok video dance, you will not face this problem, because some interesting games or updates for them appear every day, and therefore the themes for the video also appear daily. In case you only stream, the popularity with the example above will come even faster. For example, there are users who stream regularly, and time from their streams exceeds several hours. However, it’s not only the amount of time that makes them popular, but also the content, charisma and caring for the audience.

Attitude to the TikTok fans

Most likely, you follow some channels yourself, either on YouTube, VK or any other social network, and there is no doubt you like the channels respectful towards their viewers. It is not necessary to constantly organize some giveaways with millions as gifts, you need simply show your attention and care about your Tik Tok fans. Just remember this important aspect: respond to the comments, ask advice from the audience.

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Popularity on TikTok

Cheat of indicators on TikTok

If you are really talented and create interesting content, but you are not rated well for some reason, you can use the services of page promotion. They will increase any indicators on your channel. If you decide to take this step, we advise you not only to spend time for the proper order preparation, but also spend money, since the free cheat is likely to end up with a time loss, a bunch of bots on the channel and, possibly, blocking. In the first place, if you buy cheat, do it right. We will enumerate the main advantages and criteria by which the service appropriate for the channel development should be selected.

 First of all, the audience that will become the part of the channel must be alive, they will get genuinely interested in you and continue watching your videos in future. However, it is worth considering the fact that even interested users need high-quality content. Secondly, views and likes should be cheated regularly and in a large quantity, because with their help the video gets into trends shortly, thanks to this a large number of new users will get to know about you and would like to watch your other videos.

Thirdly, choose only such services specialized on cheat that can make it safe, so that your channel does not get blocked.

Thus, in order to become popular on TikTok, you can use either “fair play” or small tricks, used even by the most popular channels with the best Tik Tok videos. Consider that while the social network has not gained momentum even more, you can definitely take your niche or get to the top in a short time.

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