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TikTok Social Network. Basic Information

What social network today is developing more actively than all others? Many people will probably think that this is Facebook or Instagram. However, it is not. Their competitor came from China. TikTok is the most popular social network these days, that can drive out the largest market players soon. What is the secret of its popularity?

TikTok Social Network. Basic Information


  • What is TikTok?
  • History
  • Perspectives
  • Account statistics
  • Views and comments
  • Followers
  • Creating a cool post
  • Shooting video
  • Selecting music
  • Conclusion

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social network that appeared several years ago. Initially, the project had a different name, but this did not prevent it from collecting a large number of new users from China. After some time, there was a merge with another social network and as a result an existing project appeared. The essence of this project is Tik Tok video views. Videos are the posts of other users. According to the rules of the network, in most cases it comprises a video shot by the user and a popular musical composition.


Looking at the history of the development of the service is quite interesting. The fact is that over the years, it has not changed its concept. Many other social networks were planned one way, but are absolutely different today as a result. Nevertheless, TikTok has preserved its idea of ​​discreet entertainment videos for the users. Of course, the new functionality is added to facilitate the process of communication between people, but the idea itself has not changed.


Today you can talk a lot about the prospects of this social network. However, one thing is obvious: at such a pace of development, the TikTok team will be managing the largest service in a year. Moreover, today this service has almost no competitors. Instagram does not have the necessary tools for video processing, while YouTube is a traditional video hosting where users publish their videos. Thus, TikTok found itself in a unique niche where it is possible to develop in any direction and capture the market.

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Account statistics

As in many other social networks, on TikTok, each account has its statistics. This includes views, likes, and comments. Based on this statistics, general account information is generated. This is necessary for posting the author's posts in the feed - this happens by a special algorithm. Also, this information will be useful for those who are going to purchase advertising in the service.

TikTok Social Network. Basic Information

Views and comments

A Tik Tok video with song usually collects most views and comments. They are left by other users, called followers. With each unique view and comment, the popularity of the author’s post is growing. High popularity increases the likelihood of getting posted in the top, which can be viewed by all users of the social network. Such a system motivates the authors to create new, unique and interesting content. It also allows working with not popular authors, who are just starting their way. If you collect a large number of views, the post will get to the top and this will attract new TikTok followers to your account.


Followers are social network users subscribed to the author’s account. Their number may depend on how actively the author maintains his account and what posts appear there. In order to boost followers on Tik Tok, you need to upload interesting content more often and collect views. Please note that this strategy is not the only possible one. You can also engage your account in advertising; try to create provocative posts; or pay for a professional profile promotion, which will also include the purchase of views, likes and followers.

Creating a cool post

What should a really cool post contain to gain popularity among the users and allow to get TikTok followers? Of course, it should arouse emotions. Funny posts are on top of popularity. However, no one bothers about arousing other emotions, such as sadness or sympathy. The secret of how to boost Tik Tok account is creating the high-quality content. In the first place there should always be the quality of the video and well-chosen musical composition. Do not even try to shoot a video on a bad camera or with poor light. It is best to shoot daytime or with powerful lamps. This will help to achieve the best colorful image.

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Shooting video

As it has been mentioned, when shooting a video, do everything possible to create a high-quality image. Basically, the camera does not play a crucial role. At least not to the extent it is considered. Much more important is to create the right composition. However, if you omit the technical aspects of shooting, what should be there? TikTok gained its popularity due to the fact that people moved nicely to a certain musical composition. This is the author's task - to move to the music in a beautiful way. However, there is another option available: you can film your friends or pets.

TikTok Social Network. Basic Information

Selecting music

As for the choice of a musical composition, it is necessary to stay unique. You can always choose something modern, but it’s good to be creative. It will be even better, if the composition is relevant to what is happening on the screen. For example, if the author has a yellow submarine in the frame, it is best to add the song by The Beatles.


Regardless of the goals the user has when registering on the TikTok social network, either watching videos or creating their own content, it is always important to keep in mind the features of this service. Above, we have made a review on the basic principles of work, as well as strategies for developing your account. We hope this information will be useful.

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