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How to Get Promoted on Instagram?

Instagram is a multi-million social network that can become a good source of income. In order for the social network to be not only an entertaining platform, but also a source of profit, it is important to know the secrets of promotion here.

How to Get Promoted on Instagram


  • How to create a post on Instagram?
  • Structure
  • Comment
  • Business account
  • Posting time
  • Promotion of the post
  • Targeted advertising
  • Attracting followers

How to create a post on Instagram?

You can create a Instagram post from any mobile device. For the post you can use:

  • Photo or image
  • Short video

But social media marketing experts have gone even further. They figured out how to use these tools to promote the products and services. Now creating a post is an art.


Each Instagram post after saving becomes next in the queue list. Why not to take advantage of this opportunity? Experienced professionals arrange the order of pictures in such a way that images with the names of a product or service, workshops or events appear on every second picture. Followers see that there is an image called “Price” or “Festive workshop” and find the relevant information.

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For each image you can write a comment. This tool is also widely used by the online marketers. In the comments users write prices, address where customers can buy a product or service, contact information of the page where the visitor can contact the seller. Pictures, that are some kind of the menu items in the image gallery, receive such comments. Such an account replaces a small site with prices, contact information, descriptions, photo gallery. Remember that an Instagram post character limit is 2000 characters with spaces. But no one writes so long texts for such posts. Users are unlikely to read them. Information is provided as short and clear as possible.

Business account

Nowadays having one account or site is not an interesting tool for earnings. Even small companies have understood the advantages of their own small system on the Internet. These can be groups in the social networks, a website on the Internet, a catchy email address, anyone can send an email to. Instagram offers a “Business account” option for those who maintain a company’s page or a personal blog but want to earn money on this account. When changing a regular account to the “Business account” status, you need to link a Facebook page or create a new one if there is none. This will allow posting entries in the two social networks at once. A business account allows creating a button and viewing statistics of your Instagram posts. It is easier to promote a Instagram post with these features.

Posting time

There are no trifles in Instagram promotion. Instagram post times are very important. If you find out the right time, you can collect the maximum number of Instagram likes and followers. In order to calculate the best posting time, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Whom is the service or product aimed at? These can be students, women, middle-aged men, mothers with kids
  • What is the employment of these people and when do they go online? Moms with kids on maternity leave stay online almost all day long. People working on a schedule do not use Instagram at the working peak hours, but they go online at lunchtime or after work

It would not be too much to go through the several accounts and see when posts, comments are posted, what time users get online. This method will help to understand, at what time the potential customers of goods and services go online and create posts at this time.

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Promotion of the post

Instagram offers many tools for an advertising and promotion. The key posts can be advertised. These are the posts that are a kind of menu items. On the picture of such posts there is a text describing the main event, price, contacts or other important information. Instagram post boost can be done with the help of targeted advertising and attracting new followers.

How to Get Promoted on Instagram

Targeted advertising

This promotion tool is used in many social networks and search engines. To activate the advertisement, click the "Promote" button, located in the lower right corner under your post. Then you can select what will happen after tapping the button in the ad. There are several options:

  • Go to the company website
  • Call the specified phone number
  • Visit the establishment (location is indicated)

In the ad, you can specify the audience, the product or service is aimed at (men, women, age, marital status). You can add specific places to customize users further. If the product or service is specific, you can choose interests. But it is worth remembering that not every user indicates them. And not everyone of those indicating interests put what they really love doing. You can experiment with the different parameters of the audience in the process of promoting advertising posts.

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Attracting followers

The main wealth of the account is its followers. They see new posts about the products, services, offers and promotions of the company. So that the account looks interesting for the followers, it should be carefully thought out and structured. The main condition is that when an unfamiliar user visits, he will get interested, and everything looks clear for him. You can experiment with your friends. Send a few people to the company’s Instagram page and ask them to share their opinion, whether everything looks clear on the page, how informative it is, what emotional response they get.

Promotion in the social networks today is as relevant as the development and promotion of the site. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, where you can find not only the new followers, but also the new company's customers.

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