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Ways of Promoting Instagram

Do you know who has the most followers on Instagram? And how did they achieve success? Nowadays there is an infinite number of ways and strategies for promotion of accounts on Instagram. Each of them is unique and superior. This trend is not surprising - the social network is becoming more and more popular every day. Experts explain this popularity by the easiest way of consuming content - users do not even need to read or learn something. They immediately receive the graphic content ready for perception. For this reason, most companies and ordinary people today are trying to create a popular account in order to collect as many likes, followers and views as possible.

Ways of Promoting Instagram


1. Popular individuals

1.1. Provocative posts

1.2. Discussing news

1.3. Staying in trend

2. Thematic pages

2.1. Buying advertising

2.2. Using hashtags

2.3. Analyzing the statistics

3. Methods suitable for everyone

3.1. Cheating likes

3.2. Buying followers

3.3. Increasing views

Popular individuals

When it comes to creating an account from scratch, the easiest thing of course is to work with the individuals already having a certain kind of fan database. These can be bloggers, actors, private companies and just individuals whose opinion means something in the society. For such cases, the easiest way is to create an account and immediately start posting content: photos, stories, videos. In this case, you should specify a link to your account on other social networks - this is how the first wave of followers will join. Thus, for example, Kim Kardashian Instagram gathered her followers. Depending on the size of the fan database, the first wave could be a random number of people.

Provocative posts

A way of maintaining interest in your page is publishing provocative posts. Most often it is an opinion about what is happening in the world. For example, a relatively new meme was born on the Internet, and everyone is discussing it today. An excellent provocative post will be a photo and an unpopular opinion on this opinion. It is very important not to overreact and not to discourage followers, but at the same time to be decisive enough to attract attention.

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Discussing news

Another way is discussing the current news. This is generally a way of maintaining interest in the account, which will work well anytime and anywhere. There appears an interesting news - give a brief comment to it. The task is not to get people acquainted with the opinion of the page owner, but to ensure that users are engaged into discussion in the comments. Thus, the number of followers increases, and the posts under discussion may fall into trends.

Staying in trend

Another serious problem is staying in trend. Not everyone can always do that, but there is a secret. Do not try to take over more than it is provided by the social network algorithms. Choose a separate topic for your channel relevant to yourself. The one you know perfectly well. Thus, among the thematic pages you will always be in the top.

Thematic pages

Thematic pages on Instagram have become quite popular today. These can be accounts publishing funny pictures with cats, current news, a selection of Instagram fitness models, videos and much more. The main feature of their promotion is the highest competition. However, if you try to understand the issue, pay attention to a trend typical for all niches. In each of them there are five really popular accounts producing high-quality content. And there are thousands more far less popular accounts getting likes and views, but much less and with less followers. Therefore, the key to success is a high-quality content.

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Buying advertising

The easiest way to promote an account already publishing good-quality content is buying ads. Today, you can buy Instagram posts at the official stock exchange, or you can contact the owners of other popular accounts directly. The price of advertising posts varies considerably depending on who you contact. Some bloggers can ask for a million rubles, and others can sell advertising for ten thousand. The influx of followers from advertising posts strongly depends on the way the post was created, time when it was published, how long it remained in the first place. Often, all these parameters can be discussed with the advertiser, but it will cost additional investments.

Ways of Promoting Instagram

Using hashtags

Another popular way of creating a boom in the account is using hashtags. However, few people know how to use them correctly. Often you can see either the absence of hashtags under the posts, or several thousands of them. Both ways are wrong. The hashtag should be as capacious as possible, do not use more than ten under one post - even ten is already a lot. It’s best to limit yourself to five Instagram hashtags. They should reflect the essence of the post and at the same time be popular enough to attract a new audience.

Analyzing the statistics

Competent promotion is impossible without deep analytics. Statistics is what the account owner should check at bedtime and early in the morning. The fact is that with its help you can get all the necessary information for the further development. Which posts collect the most number of likes? How to make people write comments? When is the best time to post new photos? How many stories per day do you have to post? Answers to all these questions can be obtained from the statistics. Therefore, building a strategy for the further promotion is necessary only based on the existing data.

Methods suitable for everyone

If the user is not eager to be engaged in the analysis of statistics, select the time of the next post, calculate the number of stories, then we can make it much easier. The services for cheat of followers, likes, views, comments and any other indicators are created especially for such people. This is a great way to brag about your popular page to your friends.

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Cheating likes

It’s best to start with the likes. Do not buy them only for one post - this may cause suspicion. It is best to buy Instagram likes in small batches, evenly divided among all the posts. For example, a hundred of likes to each post is a good amount. Over time, when the account becomes more popular, it will be possible to increase this number to several thousand or more.

Ways of Promoting Instagram

Buying followers

When the posts collect a large number of likes, even if they are not 100% “honestly” earned, they will start getting to the top. Start following new people. And it is a great time to buy followers on Instagram. As in the case with likes, it is important everything looks as natural as possible. To begin with, a daily increase of several dozen people will look quite OK. After some time, their number can be increased up to a hundred, and then to a thousand.

Increasing views

Such parameter as views is taken into account in the posts with video content. Today there are many accounts publishing similar content. Most often this is a selection of funny videos, recipes or some thematic videos. Here everything works the same way. The main task is a natural increase. Therefore, we acquire a small number of views and can be watching the growth.

Thus, it can be concluded that a deep analysis of all incoming data in your account is required only if you plan to be engaged into its long-term development. If you want to get a quick result, it is best to use the professional services for cheating the key indicators.

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