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YouTube as a Means of Advertising Business. How to Start a Channel on YouTube and Make Money on It

Contemporary business cannot exist without advertising and marketing. In order to organize an effective advertising campaign, you have to spend a lot of effort, time and money, but today you can save on advertising. In this case, it is recommended to use special services allowing to buy YouTube likes, as well as to increase the popularity of a particular product with the help of YouTube.

YouTube as a Means of Advertising Business. How to Start a Channel on YouTube and Make Money on It


• Your channel

• Why to buy likes on YouTube

• Benefits of buying views

• Buying comments

• Is it possible to save time when buying likes, subscribers, etc.?

• Conclusion

YouTube is one of the most popular services used by young people. Many of them are looking forward to finally come home and watch the most interesting videos that have appeared recently. If you advertise your product with the help of this service, you can achieve much better results even compared to the TV advertising. In this case, you have to study the algorithm of the promotion of goods and services at this American service in advance.

If a businessman would like to increase his income with the help of YouTube, he should not expect too much. How much does YouTube pay? To get a decent income from at least one video, you have to spend a lot of time on the video promotion. In the Russian-speaking segment of the service they pay approximately $1000 for 1000 views.

Your channel

Starting a YouTube channel will allow to solve a number of problems in the field of business promotion, so many users are doing everything possible to open their channel quickly. This can be either a channel with reviews of products or services, or something that could attract a potential audience of customers. For example, if a businessman selling flowers creates a channel on YouTube, where he reviews the most popular types of flowers and makes posts at least once a week, in a short time many people interested in flowers will choose this channel.

It is even better, if videos will appear on the channel for certain reason. Then the number of potential buyers paying attention to the products advertised in the video can be increased significantly. However, for the implementation of such ideas one has to buy likes and views. Otherwise, users will not pay attention to the video, because no one is interested in watching videos with only several dozens of views. The most popular videos are those watched by thousands of users. What do you have to do to increase the number of views and likes? The best option is to use a service for buying likes, views, subscribers and comments.

Those who do not know how to create YouTube channel, go to the website or app, pass the registration process and find the tab "My Channel". Anyone could do it, but earning a large number of likes and subscribers is much more difficult.

You also need to pay special attention to the quality of video. Remember that the best video camera for YouTube is the one that you know how to use. Otherwise, even the most advanced device will not bring any benefit. Viewers appreciate not just the good quality of the video, but also how interesting it is.

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Why to buy likes on YouTube

In order for the video to get to the TOP of the most rated videos (on any request), you need to buy likes. Every like put by users allows to increase the rating of the video. In addition, a large number of likes will increase the attention of users to the video. Likes are also a sign of trust. The more likes a video gets, the more users will trust the information in it. If it is an overview of a commercial product or service, this way you can increase the loyalty of potential buyers and earn their trust. Finally, it could be a great incentive for them to get familiar with the product and even buy it.

Benefits of buying views

The number of views is a key indicator of the video popularity. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are trying to get as many YouTube views as possible. Then new viewers watching the video for the first time will be interested in a large number of views and will definitely pay attention to the video. The feature of YouTube is that even the most interesting video with a small number of views is rarely of interest to the viewers. The greatest attention is paid to the videos with thousands or even millions of views. Such videos are a key tool for promoting goods or services. Product reviews are particularly popular due to the fact that companies producing goods often buy reviews. If you do not do the same, then you can fall far behind the competitors.

YouTube as a Means of Advertising Business. How to Start a Channel on YouTube and Make Money on It

Buying comments

Another factor in the popularity of YouTube videos is the number of comments. If there are a few, it indicates a low user interest in the video. Some viewers (including potential buyers of goods and services) read the comments with special attention. They are interested in communicating with other users and expressing their point of view on a particular topic. This desire can be used to increase profit. It is enough to buy at least a couple of dozen YouTube comments to increase the interest of viewers to the video. Then it remains only to watch how they will communicate with each other. A large number of comments plays the "word of mouth" role, so this advertising trick should not be ignored.

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Is it possible to save time when buying likes, subscribers, etc.?

Despite the high efficiency of all promotional methods on YouTube channel, many entrepreneurs refuse this idea due to the fact that they do not have free time. In order for the number of views of the new video exceeds the mark of 1 thousand views, you need to spend a lot of effort on it. As an alternative, we could recommend buying likes and views, and anything needed to increase interest in your channel, video and product. Likes and other indicators of user interest in a video or channel do not cost too much, but they can bring considerable benefits comparable to an expensive TV advertising campaign.


Many of the fastest growing YouTube channels started with buying likes. It is OK, because with a tool such as likes, you can get interest of users and prove that they should pay attention to the video. This is an easier way of promoting videos and products or services than spamming on forums and sending a link to a video to your friends and acquaintances. Buying just a dozen of likes will save hours of work that could be spent on something more useful and creative.

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