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Getting Started on YouTube. Basic Steps Not to be Missed

YouTube is a very popular and big social platform for not paying attention to it. If you do not have your own channel, it's high time to start it. In this article, we will answer the main question of how to create your YouTube channel, consider the account setup tools, and give valuable tips on how to promote it.

Getting Started on YouTube. Basic Steps Not to be Missed


  • A confident start-up is the key to successful business on YouTube. Choosing the idea;
  • Starting content;
  • Registration of the account;
  • Channel’s description;
  • Creating a favorite video;
  • Working with SMM specialists is the fundamental key to the successful development of the YouTube channel;
  • CEO mechanisms;
  • Channel promotion;
  • Conclusion;

A confident start-up is the key to successful business on YouTube

Choosing the idea

First, decide on the purpose of the project. If your goal is to promote personal business, this platform is for you. Videos posted on YouTube are ranked perfectly by popular search engines Google and Yandex.

The main advantage of YouTube is getting a video into a special block when entering a query in a search engine, which makes it easier to attract attention. With the help of videos you can significantly increase the conversion. Smart advertising video helps to increase sales by 150%.

Starting content

Create a page aimed specifically at your business. For this follow the simple rules:

  1. Come up with a simple, but catchy title;
  2. Post videos only on your subject;
  3. Use affiliate programs with Google and other private companies;

Registration of the account

At this stage, it is important to choose a quality image for the profile picture and header. By these two images the customer gets the first impression. For the profile picture the company logo is usually used, it should not differ from the logo in the accounts in other social networks. Otherwise, you may get lost among other brands.

Adding contact information.

The use of links is necessary for redirecting visitors of the channel to other social networks or the site. To add them, just click the ‘Profile edit’ button – ‘Edit links’. Links will be displayed at the bottom of the channel header.

Channel’s description

The text should be given special attention. The competent description with a twist will allow to entice and interest the user. A person should want to read the content after reading the description. If you are not sure that you can write such a text, then use the help of a copywriter. In the description you can also add links to social networks.

Create a favorite video

Each channel has its own favorite video. It is located in the very center of the channel and is its business card. It’s a kind of ‘channel trailer’ and it should be eye-catching, interesting, bright. Its creation is also recommended to be done by professionals. Quality content will pay off by a large customer database.

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Getting Started on YouTube. Basic Steps Not to be Missed

Working with SMM specialists is the fundamental key to a successful YouTube channel development

CEO mechanisms

Here are some tips for upgrading your channel page:

• Add frequently used keywords to the video name;
• Use highly competitive phrases for the video description;
• Add the necessary tags to speed up their appearance in the feed;
CEO experts will help choose the best strategy for your project of using keyword selection services and their own stratagems.

Channel promotion

You have an idea, also an account, but how to make YouTube channel popular and to attract TA? For a quick promotion of your channel, you cannot do without the help of third-party boost services, such as All-SMM, for example. These services will help increase the number of subscribers, create likes, add comments under your video and increase the number of views.

Remember, that no matter how interesting and useful content is, it will not work out well if the page is empty. The number of views, likes and comments is a key indicator of any page popularity.

Benefits of using boost services:

• User feels more loyal about the video content with a large number of views and likes;
• The greater the number of views, the higher will the video get in search queries;
• Likes increase video rating, you get customer confidence;


To achieve success in your business, you will need three components: an interesting idea, hard work and a small starting channel. We do not doubt that it’s OK about the first two points. What remains is to trust the experts who are well versed in the area of YouTube account promotion. Use the services of professionals and your business is sure to rise!

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