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Types of YouTube Content

Nowadays there are numerous types of the content created in the YouTube service. One can count at least a dozen of video genres. And if to take into account the subgenres, they will score several dozens, if not hundreds. It is a great opportunity to make a YouTube channel and start its active promotion. However, what should the channel be about? How to start a YouTube blog? What to focus on?

Types of YouTube Content


1. Making a video

  • Entertaining videos
  • Educational videos
  • Life blogs

2. Live stream

  • Conversational streams
  • Playing games
  • Entertaining content

3. Promoting content

  • Buying subscribers
  • Cheating likes
  • Increasing views

Making a video

The main category of content on YouTube is video. If you wish, you can find dozens of genres to work in. For example, there are bloggers shooting reviews on distillery; life bloggers recording conversational videos about their family and life; reviewers of not popular movies. However, it is necessary to start with something easy and related to the audience. Therefore, consider the main categories existing on YouTube.

Entertaining videos

The most common category is entertaining videos. This is the kind of content watched by the most part of viewers for having good mood. Here one can include a variety of humorous videos, cooking videos, reactions and much more. Today, the majority of popular YouTube bloggers with the audience of over a million subscribers work in this category.

Educational videos

The second most popular category is educational videos. This category may include any video containing useful information. This genre implies some studying of the topic before covering it. At the same time, this category includes, for example, popular science videos about space, as well as various useful tips on how to wash dishes faster. An important component in this category is the relevance of information. For example, if this month a new spacecraft was launched and this topic has been actively promoted in the media, it would be logical to make a video on this topic.

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Life blogs

Not less popular category is life blogs. They mean shooting everything that happens in the blogger’s life. Most often, people with outstanding talents (musicians, artists, entrepreneurs) or those who can offer something funny can become popular.

Live stream

There is another section on YouTube worth spending some time on it. These are live broadcasts. Eventually, it is an opportunity for the bloggers to communicate with their audience and generate high-quality live content. As in the case with videos, there are different genres of live broadcasts (also called streams). To understand how to YouTube live stream as interesting as possible, let's consider the main options.

Conversational streams

The first extremely popular category is a conversational stream. For bloggers, this is a great opportunity to earn money by answering received questions. Depending on the workload of the chat and number of viewers, the number of questions also varies. And here the main feature is the ability to respond to the paid questions sent through the donated system. The cost of one question may vary from twenty to five hundred rubles. Thus, in one stream, not even the most popular blogger can earn up to several thousand rubles.

Types of YouTube Content

Playing games

The second category, not less popular one though, is game streams. The task of the streamer here is zooming through the popular games, commenting on their actions. Odd enough, but these broadcasts collect a large number of viewers. However, they differ significantly in the income level. Due to the fact that the average age of the viewers is much younger here, they donate not that often. Therefore, it is best to use this genre for starting the development of your channel, and then smoothly switch to another genre, more profitable one.

Entertaining content

Another subgenre can combine both from the mentioned above. This is the case when the streamer tries to entertain the audience in the first place. Jokes, reactions to the popular videos, discussion of gaming innovations, joint streams are relevant here. The absolute majority of YouTube streams can fall within this subgenre. The same section is considered to be the most profitable: the majority is ready to pay money for entertaining. Some YouTubers’ income can reach up to several hundred thousand per month, which is really impressive. However, to achieve such a level, you will have to go a very long way and experience all the hardship and deprivation.

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Promoting content

However, how can you promote this type of content? What needs to be done to make the channel popular? These questions have answers. If you really have a goal of creating a popular channel, you have to start from the theory. Some knowledge in social marketing is needed to understand what kind of content will work best for your audience. In addition, such knowledge will help to explore the audience further. And for a blogger, it is an extremely important information if he knows how to use it. However, the topic is quite extensive, so here are only the main points to pay your attention to.

Publishing video on time

Well, when is the best time to upload to YouTube? Consider the so-called "prime time". This is the time when the absolute majority of your audience is at the computer. If the age of the audience is below sixteen, a great time for publishing a video is about 3 pm. At this time, most students are already at home relaxing in front of their computers. For the older audience, evening time will do. If it is necessary to combine these two categories, make a choice in favor of the latter.

Types of YouTube Content

Working on the image of the channel

Another important point is the image of the channel. If you want to gather an adult audience, it is necessary to respect other bloggers and avoid conflicts. Such behavior in the major cases appeals only to the younger audience. It is also important to make videos to get acquainted the viewer to the other bloggers. Keep in mind that these bloggers must be from your environment and interesting to your viewers.

Cheating indicators

If you want fast growing of the channel, the best idea is to spend a bit of money on boosting up the key indicators: subscribers and views. This will show the viewer that your content is popular and draw attention to the channel. For the initial development such a step is a great bonus for the further growth. Over time, the audience will get more new YouTube subscribers and views, and then it will be possible to repeat the boost with the bigger investments.

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