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Content for YouTube. Choosing Interesting Topics and Design of the Channel

When it goes about how to create YouTube content, there is always the task of attracting users in the first place. Modern trends show that the average viewer has become much pickier. If ten years ago it was enough to buy a cheap microphone and make funny reviews on Russian computer games gaining a great popularity, now this format does not attract anyone. As a result, such authors were forced to leave for other services, and have been replaced by a new generation on YouTube, young and beautiful, creating high-quality content. How to create high-quality content for your channel will be discussed in this article.

Content for YouTube. Choosing Interesting Topics and Design of the Channel

1. Subject for the video
1.1. DIY
1.2. Selection of interesting facts
2. Design of the channel
2.1. Does the channel need special design?
2.2. Work with the description and title of the video
3. Conclusion

Subject for the video

First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of videos will be released on the channel. Regardless of the subject, it is important to resolve the issue of buying good equipment: a high-quality camera, microphone and good lighting. Now it gets important that not only the content of the video is perfect, but also the image. With the necessary equipment bought, you can start shooting videos.


The format ‘Do it yourself’ is gaining immense popularity. Particularly high chances to success are at those channels, where the authors approach the task responsibly. Standard videos about how to simplify life in the kitchen are unlikely to get a serious response. But if you approach the issue with a bit of humor and non-standard thinking, it is quite possible to promote your channel successfully.

Selection of interesting facts

Channels where interesting facts are published are always popular and can attract attention with the eye-catching headlines. However, among them there is a high competition - it is difficult to make interesting content in this area. You should go for some tricks, like releasing a video on dubious topics. For example, the creation of a collection of the most mysterious murders in the history of mankind, which were never disclosed. Such content may get interest of everyone.

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Design of the channel

No less important point is the design of the channel. Creating a pretty image is an important step, it is worth spending time and money on it. In addition to the image, you can also include special inserts at the beginning and end of the video with the name of the author.

Does the channel need a special design?

The answer to this question is simple: yes, it is necessary. The design gives the channel individuality, makes it recognizable. Viewers will immediately understand whose channel they visit. If the author's skills in Photoshop are not that good, a great idea is to use professional help for creating the channel logo and thumbs on the video.

Content for YouTube. Choosing Interesting Topics and Design of the Channel

Work with the description and title of the video

The so-called clickbait cannot be everyone’s favorite, however it is a great way to draw attention to the video. And here it is important to understand that no one likes just a clickbait. However, when clicking a link with a beautiful title, the user faces an interesting content, we can assume that the clickbait worked successfully. In addition, you must use special characters in the description. Detailed instructions can be found on the service itself. Such issues are described there, for example, how to write in bold on YouTube. The use of special fonts in the description of the video will attract additional attention of users. This is especially important when it comes to donations or advertising.


Unfortunately, the creation of high-quality content and design is only half of the question. Modern YouTube has become a service, where you can get to the top only by using boost at the beginning. This way, perhaps, may look like cheating to someone, but the majority of the modern bloggers use it on the regular basis. Otherwise, they are not able to draw attention to the channel. You can try to work with third-party services, or use All-SMM services, which has an extensive experience in promoting YouTube channels.

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