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Optimization of Meta Tags for the YouTube Videos to Get to the Top

How to help YouTube videos to get to the top

Currently, many Internet users would like to make money on the Internet. And one of the most popular ways to make money is having your own blog. More often - a video blog. And for the latter option, the popular YouTube video hosting works best.

Not everyone can earn on it. First of all, because most newbie bloggers are waiting for the quick results, and secondly, because there are certain conditions to start making money on this hosting. And the more often your videos get to the TOP, the faster you can fulfill them. To bring the video in the TOP, today we will discuss the most basic details related to the improvement of YouTube content. And also nuances one needs to consider before starting the downloads.

What to start with is to choose keywords or phrases. These are the "keys."

Let's get down to the core.

Meta data

They can be used both for improving the video, and for an ordinary site. What to specify:

A) Title

Title for your video.

Key details:

• You need to apply the main keys in the title;

• Repeat keys for no more than a couple of times;

• Make the title unique (to have differences from the competing ones).

Practice has shown that both YouTube and Google take repetitions into account, but you need to know the measure so that the title is not taken for spam after all.

• It’s easy to figure it out:

• Enter the key in the hosting search;

• Check the titles of the competing videos;

• Compose a good title;

• Insert the keys.

B) Tags

Tags are the key descriptions of the video.

In the tags, indicate the following:

• Keys for the video;

• The best option is to use from 3 to 8 tags, it all depends on the keys for your video.

So, we have indicated the meta data, now let’s move on to the description.

Optimization of Meta Tags for the YouTube Videos to Get to the Top

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The keywords or phrases must also be specified in the description. A good option is a couple of repetitions.

The description is a brief announcement of what the video is about and, for example, for whom it will be useful. If we talk about the videos that are already in the TOP and receive traffic, then:

• The optimal choice is two sentences;

• The best one is a couple of paragraphs of text, with a couple of duplicated keys at least.

It is very important to make the description completely unique. Ideally, it should not be repeated on any sites.

The next stage is the links. They are not in vain taken out separately for a more detailed consideration.


• Link specifically to the video

You must provide a link to this video. This is done because some social networks and different sites can take it for their content, and if there is a link to the channel in the description, then the user will be able to visit it, which will also be great, both to increase the popularity of the video and the channel itself.

• Links to the site

Often a movie is shot for a specific purpose. For example, it can be a lesson, instructions or a commercial.

It is very important to add the following links:

• Official website of the company;

• Official blog of the company;

• Page with a video;

• The social networks used.

If the video uses YouTube tags to get lots of views, then in case of having links to the social networks, you can also get additional visits. Therefore, this is an important detail.

Temporary tags

You may have noticed that some channel owners insert temporary tags on YouTube into description of their videos. Say, if this is a video from a concert, then these tags mark the beginning of each new song. But timing is also often used to insert keys.

For example:

• It is enough to specify the key once;

• The best option is two times a minimum.

Such timestamps are set quickly. But they also have a better effect on the results, as they provide the additional information to the viewer, if necessary. So do not forget about that.

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Badges have a great impact on increasing the number of clicks and links. They can be compared to a beautiful banner that concentrates the attention of the audience.

If your opponents do not use badges, this means a good advantage for you. Because, even if the video does not take the most leading positions, it will still be watched, unless the icon can attract the viewer.

What to look for when creating badges:

• Choose from one of three variations:

• However, in order to be able to add a badge to your video, you first need to set up the so-called “affiliate program”.


Most often, annotation is a reference to another video. It can also be used as a request-appeal. For example, like, subscribe or comment.

Basic details:

• Do not place the annotation below. It may be hidden under the third-party advertising.

• Try not to block the main content of the video.

• Do not overload the video with annotations.

• It is better to add annotation at the very end of the video.

How to add annotation:

• Go to the movie settings.

• Go to the annotations section.

• Set the time period.

• Insert annotation.

Optimization of Meta Tags for the YouTube Videos to Get to the Top

For example:

They can help guide your audience to watch your videos.

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File name

Yes, it is also necessary to somehow register it. Practice shows that this has an effect, albeit small, but still. In addition, renaming in any case will take no more than a few seconds.

For instance:

For example, your video is about how to choose the right computer. Its name is 756396.mov.

So it is better to rename it: how-to-choose-good-computer.mov

Now upload the video to the channel and do all the above steps.

Before you start promoting your video, you need to optimize it. Otherwise, one can hardly expect the decent results.

After YouTube SEO optimization and preparing the video, a smooth promotion of YouTube likes is recommended, as this will have a good effect on the ranking of behavioral factors. Use the all-smm.com service with an intuitive interface (https://us.all-smm.com/youtube) and pay for the service you need.

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