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Types of YouTube Channels

On the YouTube platform, a lot of creative people are gathered together, offering their services of a different nature. There are different types of YouTube channels, since the video hosting provides access to a huge amount of information: vlogs, humor, creativity, education, life hacks, videos, trends, mainstream. To create your own cool channel, it is important to learn the popular topics that your target audience will like. Find out what genres are most popular among the users.


1. Creating your brand

  • Vlogs
  • Interviews

2. Advertising of goods and services

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Reviews, streams, unpacking
  • Life hacks

3. Conclusion

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Types of YouTube Channels

Creating your brand

The best YouTube content is the one most interesting to the target audience. Users watch other people's videos, try to be on the same wave with other bloggers and create their own accounts. There are two ways: either videos get popular or become laughed at. To create yourself a name that will work for you, you need to create your account. Here you will interact with your audience in a special format.


Different types of channels on YouTube are filmed differently. For example, in vlogs, the author shares their life and joys with the audience, demonstrates their everyday activity or films travels. This task is only possible for those who do not hesitate to show themselves and speak in front of the camera. The host is in constant motion, flickering different locations, interlocutors. It's about the past day, the latest news, site visits. This is a good psychological move: a person starts involuntarily following the events in the life of the vlogger, be waiting for their next video. If a blogger is charismatic and, interesting, subconsciously the viewers cannot wait to see them.


Here you can find live communication with people around you, social surveys in parks on free subjects, collecting information and opinions about some event. The conversation goes about anything that is of most importance for the society at the moment: innovations in the law, the topic of relations and family values, the choice of gifts before the holidays. If you keep constantly finding unusual and original topics, by conducting video polls of this kind, you can quickly gain popularity among the viewers. This is very curious: to watch and listen to the opinion on some issue from ordinary passers-by.


A popular genre that, according to experts, will soon push all other existing types to the background. For example, for children there is a “Papa Rob show”, in which the author comes up with different stories with the characters of their favorite cartoons (ninja turtles, robots). It can be any kind of stories and topics; the main thing is that it catches your audience.


This is the latest fashion trend from bloggers for interacting with their audience through their original and beautifully designed diary. This trend is relatively new, but it has already gained considerable popularity among the young people. There is an incentive to systematize their affairs and goals, to convey them to the viewer in a humorous, attractive manner, to elegantly fill out their notes in a notebook.

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Advertising of goods and services

This is a popular topic for many beauty bloggers who try a lot of cosmetics, visit salons and shops, and can recommend a good hotel or boutique in a certain area of ​​the city. There can be a huge number of such topics; you can advertise anything. If the total number of subscribers is big enough, representatives of different companies and manufacturers come to the blogger with different offers.

Step-by-step instructions

This is another popular trend, demanded in culinary blogs, categories of handmade, needlework. Representatives of the beauty sphere are engaged in it: hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists, colorists, cosmetologists. This is a kind of master classes where you can learn to perform certain actions, consolidate skills. Only the author or the surface and the author’s hands performing the process can be in the frame. The viewer can find a step-by-step explanation for any process in such a video, get the necessary knowledge.

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Types of YouTube Channels

Reviews, streams, unpacking

On this channel, the quality of certain products can be discussed or compared, a brief or full review of the product can be carried out. Popular videos with unpacking goods from China or from the US sites, where the box gets opened, and all the contents are carefully examined on camera. In the frame there can only be a desk and the subject of the review, and the voice of the author behind the scenes. Such videos are filmed by the online stores that want to attract potential consumers. This is a good psychological move: the user finds an overview of a cream or a clothing item that interests them and becomes a client of the sales representative.

Game streams are very popular among the reviews on a new game. The gamer goes through it on their own, simultaneously commenting everything that happens on the screen, explaining how to go through it and pointing tips and subtleties.

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Life hacks

Often these videos are created in the "top" format: "TOP 7 best books to read up to 25" and similar headings. They attract attention, it’s easy to shoot a video, it’s good because it helps to systematize the information received.

Separately, we can distinguish challenges - these are competitions and tasks for those who dare to repeat them even better. The battle might sometimes look very comical.


If you want to create your own YouTube channel, decide on its type and come up with a couple of interesting topics. It would be great if you manage to create a viral video - it will raise your ratings and the number of views. Choose the format that suits you best: you may have always dreamed of being a journalist and want to work in the style of an interview. And if you are a talented confectioner, you have to help people create their own culinary masterpieces in a couple of hours! And remember, pay attention to the title - it should be bright, catchy and simple.

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