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Types of YouTube Videos

A creative search can result in a long and painful process. But why reinvent the wheel if YouTube video ideas have already been generated and tested in action. Using knowledge of certain areas popular among the audience of the site, you can quickly make yourself popular. It is important to know what is necessary for creating the high-quality videos and learn how to shoot them.

The problem of not knowing what to shoot about is acute for all the beginners. It is necessary to understand that the first video on YouTube will be watched only by close friends or relatives (if they are forced to watch it). It is not worth waiting for the immediate mass popularity. But this is not a cause for frustration. The most viewed videos on YouTube were not created by the beginners. Therefore, you should be patient and experiment hard, drawing new knowledge from various sources. Thus, the chosen topic should be close. That is, do not shoot a video about playing football if you are not a very good player.

Types of YouTube Videos


• Variety of video content

• What topics are interesting?

• Promotion of a YouTube channel

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Variety of video content

Do not stop at the first video, despite the result. Film more and success will come. Good YouTube content can be divided into three branches:

• news;

• educational;

• entertaining.

Duration of the video can be:

• short - designed for a maximum of 5 minutes (ideal for the beginners);

• average - 5-20 minutes;

• long - some have a duration of more than two hours.

Five-minute work requires a minimum of time for editing and first exploratory videos lasting more than an hour are unlikely to gain a large audience. But this rule does not apply to the educational videos - they require good quality of work, and not minimalism, in order to interest the audience. Collaboration with an experienced blogger is an ideal option for the development. In case you have ideas, but not enough determination to implement them yourself – write this in the email and look for the colleague to create a collaboration.

Work on the quality. Not only topics are the basis for success. The content itself must be of high quality. The author can choose an interesting general topic, but its presentation can leave much to be desired. As a result, the video itself becomes uninteresting. For example, the brightness and beauty of the picture is already an attractive moment, the shooting quality is also good, but the mournful poorly set voice-over voice “kills” all the work on the visual image. Such a video starts annoying from the first seconds. Extraneous sounds should not be allowed, fizzing must be excluded. In the absence of a good microphone, use the sound editor. It's not just about the technology. Author's voice acting requires working on conversational skills - diction and manner of speaking. The ability to improvise will be a plus, especially if there are no skills in this component yet. Prepare a script to avoid recording incidents.

What topics are interesting?

You should focus on the topics that attract a wide audience, which are repeatedly viewed, relating to humor, practical jokes, training lessons. Let's consider the possible options in more detail.

1. Video reviews

The reviews on new products in the cosmetics industry are always in demand. Clothing, equipment, etc. are also always of interest to people. Before buying something, “probe the soil”, and video reviews on the desired products can help with this.

2. Analysis and rating creation

You can analyze the new games, films, TV shows. Beautiful people and pets can also become objects for creating TOPs and putting them on a worldwide network. Similar videos gain a large number of fans.

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3. Travel and entertainment

These topics have always attracted the attention of people of all ages. The interest in what happens in other places is inherent in both couch potatoes and active travelers who need to expand the geography of their trips.

4. Daily activities

School, shopping, favorite activities, visiting classes - all these can be the subject for creating videos that users will watch, comparing their lives with what other people do.

5. Cooking

Despite the existence of a large number of channels dedicated to cooking delicious dishes, interest in this topic is inexhaustible. If you can boast with the ability to cook beautiful tasty dishes, why not take advantage of this in the video blog?

6. Solving the problem

The topic is relevant, since millions of people every day are faced with new things and life realities and do not know how to act in a particular situation, trying to understand how the household appliances, etc. work. Your video will be their assistant and they will share a link with their friends.

Types of YouTube Videos

7. Training videos

Do you know about your skills and abilities to teach other people? A series of video tutorials posted on your YouTube channel will help people who do not like reading, but easily perceive visual information.

8. Myth busters

In this case, you need to keep track of lively topics, skillfully and interestingly debunking myths, or proving they are true.

9. Contests

This work requires staging skills and mastery in order to organize a show, masterfully film it while maintaining intrigue until the very last moment.

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Well, this is not even a full list of what can be used as an idea for creating a video product interesting for the YouTube audience and make you a popular blogger, with the opportunity to monetize this fame.

Promotion of a YouTube channel

Even the most attractive and high-quality videos coming from unknown channels are doomed to get lower in the search results in the first two days, and it is hardly possible to raise them from this position. In order not to lose faith in your talents, you need to use paid promotion. It will provide views, likes and comments. Being of high-quality, it will contribute to the promotion of the channel and attract attention of a large audience with its rating.

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