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If a YouTube Video Blog is Needed

Today, video blogs are gaining popularity - this is not just a hobby or mainstream, it is a great opportunity to earn good money and even make this type of income the main one. Do you know how to choose the right viral themes and shoot videos? We’ll figure it out how to make and promote your channel from scratch.


1. What is a YouTube channel?

2. Creating your channel

  •  Registration and design
  •  Monetization

3. Pros and cons of a video blog

4. Conclusion

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If a YouTube Video Blog is Needed

What is a YouTube channel?

Vlog is your personal channel that allows to tell the target audience about what is happening in the life of a blogger (politician, famous person). In fact, this is a kind of diary where a person tells about everything that they experience, travels, everyday life, work, social problems. YouTube video ideas can be borrowed from the everyday life. There is a huge amount of resources on the Internet for creating your vlog. The most popular service for promotion among users is YouTube.

Creating your own channel

To make top YouTube videos, it’s important to correctly identify topics interesting to your viewers. All information that you want to discuss or share with the viewer must be verified and reliable. You can use statistics of popular topics for blogs in your work. Today we can distinguish among:

  •  cooking, either exotic dishes or on-budget options for the menu;
  •  movies and cartoons, reviews on new products;
  •  jurisdiction;
  •  policy;
  •  business, earnings, useful tips;
  •  reviews and streams of games;
  •  unpacking goods from China or American sites;
  •  master-classes, needlework, hand-made;
  •  dieting, exercise, sports and healthy lifestyle. Recommendations for weight loss, healthy eating;
  •  leisure, travel tips.

If you are interested in several topics at once, you can cover them in your video. The next step is to visualize the portrait of the target audience, a potential consumer of your content. The target audience does not have to be of the same age category, as even older people today use the Internet to find the information they need.

Registration and design

How to start a YouTube blog? In the first place, register a channel. This is a simple part of the process: the user simply registers their mailbox and gets through it to the video hosting. Thus, they can monetize their resource. Design consists in choosing a cover, description (a few words), choosing a profile picture. For these purposes, you need to select only unique photos. If you are engaged into cooking theme, you can take photos of the dishes the way you like, then this will be unique content.

In addition to registering on YouTube, you will have to register in the Internet banking system. It can be WebMoney, Qiwi wallet and others. Such an action will allow to manage your finances, watch the current balance, and pay for promotion. It is important to work out the headline correctly: you can write it in two or more languages ​​(if you are fluent in them). Subtitles can be in English, then there is an opportunity to interest users abroad.

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Make a YouTube video and it is half the battle, you need to think through a lot of subtleties.

To create your vlog, it is important to understand how you want to receive money from it. It could be:

  • sale of goods and services. You can demonstrate your product in action, leave the details for placing an order. This may be selling of handmade soap or flower seeds, if you breed them;
  •  AdSense - a video hosting service that will add advertising inserts to your videos, paying you a certain amount for each view;
  •  retail - bonuses for bloggers for attracting consumers from international large organizations;
  •  donate from fans to play game reviews or streams;
  •  counseling if you work in a specific field, for example, a lawyer or economist.

If a YouTube Video Blog is Needed

Pros and cons of a video blog

After creating a vlog, do not expect an instant success. There are disadvantages that cannot be ignored. The first of them is a difficult start, over several months. Your number of views and subscribers will be small, this can reduce enthusiasm. There is a risk of being ridiculed on the Internet and offline. This will happen if you cannot organize your business correctly.

You will need psychological endurance and strength, even if the channel becomes successful: the world is full of ill-wishers. In order not to take negative to heart, just turn off comments to the videos. For these, another moment may follow - the number of subscribers will decrease. In addition to the minuses, there are pluses:

  •  the ability to climb an exciting career ladder: you can get an offer to become a TV presenter or a guest at important social events. It can be advertising, talk shows, even movies;
  •  good profit. Bloggers are silent about their real earnings, but according to statistics - this is a high income;
  •  career development, creative take-off. In order to offer interesting ideas to the world, it is important for the video to be in trend and on the same wave as youth and mainstream.

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To understand the proper construction of your work, just watch a few videos of popular bloggers. If you have such an opportunity, chat with the well-known bloggers, ask them questions of interest.


There are a lot of videos on YouTube, among which you need to stand out. Your headlines should be bright and catchy, they must interest your viewer. Think through the tags and descriptions for each video. Namely, the description text should be the main source of information about the content for the viewer. It also matters for the search engines on YouTube. The key phrases should convey the essence of the plot. The well-designed titles and tags can determine the category of the video, attract subscribers and increase the number of likes, views.

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