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Why TikTok is So Popular

In 2018, the TikTok social network was downloaded to the mobile devices more than 45 million times. Thus, the Chinese app has become the absolute record for popularity among the young people. Many users of the clip maker platform are interested in how to make Tik Tok video effects, how to use the Tik Tok video editor properly. Such numerous searches make the social network even more popular. But why the portal has such a high rating? Let's look at this issue closer.

Why TikTok is So Popular


1. What is TikTok?

2. Features of the app

3. Features of the Chinese portal

4. Pros and cons of the social network

5. Why is the service in such a demand among the young people?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network developed by Douyin, a Chinese company. The app was also called Douyin when created. Until 2017-2018, it was popular exclusively in the Asian countries. Afterwards there was a merge of the services Musical.ly and TikTok. By the way, the project Musical.ly was very popular among the users from Europe and Russia.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the service has become well known, thanks to the numerous YouTube ads. The main audience are young people aged under 25 years old, who prefer creating interesting videos with various unique features. Top bloggers use TikTok for creating interesting content, because today everyone is puzzled by how to make Tik Tok video popular.

Aggressive advertising and unusual "tricks", such as Tik Tok flash, effects and masks, made the app recognizable. Today the portal has about 500 million registered accounts where mini-films are published at least once a day.

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Features of the app

After the app is downloaded to the smartphone or tablet, the user has to register. A phone number or an email address can be used for this. Besides, the login and password from other social networks, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Google, can be used.

As the next step you can learn how to dance on Tik Tok by going to the “Recommended” tab. This section displays the most popular posts with the maximum number of likes and comments. If you are interested in having a popular video blog, this tab will help you analyze the trends.

In the process of using the portal and following the popular accounts, the news feed of people you are following will be displayed in the "Follows" section. Users can synchronize their contacts in the social networks and phone contacts with a special button.

The interface is similar to the popular Instagram platform, for its users the internal functionality is intuitive. Through the search box you can find other accounts, music, hashtags. To add a video, tap the "Add" icon. Communication between people can take place either confidentially in private messages or in comments. The settings contain many useful and unique features that will make your stay on TikTok fascinating.

Why TikTok is So Popular

Features of the Chinese portal

The main function of a social network is uploading videos from the device’s memory or recording them in real time. The user can add multiple videos simultaneously, complementing them with the internal filters, effects, masks. By using the “timer” icon, the playback of a mini-movie can be either slowed down or speeded up.

The second most popular feature is adding a sound track to the video. These can be music tracks either from the app itself or the phone’s media library. The list of songs is equipped with a convenient filter helping, for example, search by genre, artist, and popularity. Many bloggers appreciate the platform for the huge number of special effects filters. It is possible to add them to the right place with a slider.

After the post is published, it is possible to “share” the video in other sites, such as YouTube and Instagram.

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Pros and cons of the social network

The advantages of TikTok are:

• a high-quality platform aimed at expressing the creative potential;

• a wide range of instruments - music tracks, special effects, masks;

• excellent video editor;

• integration into the popular social networks;

• an opportunity of installing the app to all types of mobile devices;

• a great way to get income.

The only disadvantage is the fact that the service keeps a person for several hours. Time spent on TikTok flies.

Why TikTok is So Popular

Why is the service in such a demand among the young people?

The popularity of the clip maker social network is associated with a large-scale advertising campaign conducted by the owners of the app. Their main target audience were young bloggers who moved their lives into the virtual platform. Today, many of them receive a good income from advertising in the social networks, because people make purchases, order services, choose travel destinations and much more things online.

Users get interested in the posted content when visiting the accounts with a large number of followers. Therefore, when they see a video with a recommendation, many people will give preference to it and take advantage of the advice. This is the basis of a long-term cooperation on TikTok.

To get to the top list, your account must have a lot of followers and be active, i.e. with the regularly updated content, collecting likes and comments. You can save time spent on the page promotion by purchasing TikTok followers, likes, views and comments at the specialized service ALL-SMM. This way, you will get to the "Recommended" tab soon and for an affordable price. This is an excellent start for blogging so popular in the TikTok app.

The social portal TikTok, designed for publishing unique content - videos, is at the peak of its popularity among the young people these days. Registering here means not only realizing the creative potential, but also trying a hand at conquering the virtual advertising business.

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