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The Most Interesting Facts About TikTok

TikTok is a popular social network that was created not that long ago. Its audience covers more than five hundred million people from around the world, and their number is constantly growing. This is due to the wide functionality and numerous features.  

Previously, the popular Chinese social network had a serious competitor Musical.ly. But several years ago, all the rights were purchased by the TikTok owners. The two services were integrated into one and now it is a unique service gaining its momentum.  

According to the app store statistics, the number of downloads in the recent months has increased by one hundred million users. This indicates the huge popularity of the program. This article will explain, how to get a lot of Tik Tok likes, become famous and get many followers. It does not require a lot of time and effort. It takes your imagination, inspiration and a bit of help from the experts.  

The Most Interesting Facts About TikTok


  • The most interesting about TikTok
  • How to use it
  • Registration process
  • Using simple tools
  • How to make posts
  • Uploading video
  • Recording video
  • How to cheat followers
  • Using specialized services
  • PR from other users

How to use it

 In order to become a full member of a multi-million community, you will need to go through a simple registration process. After that, you can enjoy numerous features of the service, watch videos, upload your own Tik Tok video clips and try out various filters and special effects.  

Registration process

Registration is a simple but necessary step. You will have to use a mobile phone number. Enter the required login and password. You can also choose the authorization via your account in other social network. This way you can synchronize all the data, which will simplify the task greatly.  

After you have completed the registration process, many features of the app become available to you. Let us take a look at the main ones.  

Using simple tools

A tab with the recommended content will open automatically. Watch the funniest Tik Tok videos. This way you will find out what is popular now, you can follow channels interesting for you, find friends and like-minded people, share useful information with them, look for ideas and inspiration.  

Next goes the tab with your follows. Initially it is empty. You can add them as soon as you start following some network users. Select the contact synchronization setting to speed up the process of finding your friends on the social network.  

The main tools are at the bottom of the screen. Let’s consider their functionality in more detail:  

  • The “house” icon means homepage, the so called feed. Here there are updates from your follows. Watch them, put likes, read the latest news and new posts. Be trendy.
  • The “search” icon. Here you can find the video by title. It also provides the search by hashtags, users and other features.
  • By tapping the “plus”, you can add a new entry to your page. This feature will be discussed in more detail below.
  • The next icon allows sending private messages to a specific user. Tap the friend's account to share impressions with them.
  • The last item is your page. All your posts are displayed here. View them, edit, delete, etc.

 Advanced profile settings are available, just go to the appropriate section. Here you can change your profile photo, description, display options, set account privacy and much more.  

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How to make posts

There are several ways to add videos. You can take part in Tik Tok video challenge. You will gain new fans, likes, introduce yourself and your creativity.  

Uploading video

You can download the video from your device. To do this, tap the “plus”, located on the toolbar. Select a record. You can specify its beginning and ending, add filters, special effects and much more. There is a wide choice of them for your creativity. The more original is the feed, the more attention you will attract.  

Before posting, add a brief description of what is happening in your video. Arrange hashtags. This will help to simplify the search. You can also link the record to a specific location or tag a friend.  

Recording video

First you need to select music from the list of available options in the library. It should be noted that Tik Tok video duration can be up to one minute, so take care of every detail.

Select a record with sound and start shooting. In the process, you can select the desired filter, insert a sticker, turn on the flash or change the angle. Many options are available here. At the bottom of the screen there is a huge set of special effects for the bold experiments.  

Save the resulting video in draft. Add hashtags, tag friends. Now you can start publishing and enjoy the result.  

How to cheat followers  

There are not so many promotional methods as in other popular social networks. Still there are opportunities to get TikTok followers and likes quickly. Consider the popular methods, their advantages and disadvantages.

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The Most Interesting Facts About TikTok

Using specialized services

There are services allowing to get real followers quickly. It is recommended to order a small amount at first to test it. After everything goes well, you can increase the number of fans. Consider some advantages:  

  • the specialized services offer attractive prices, so there is no need to pay a lot for one follower
  • to start using the service, you should go through a simple registration process and top up the balance
  • there is a chance of receiving bonuses and discounts for a certain number of orders
  • you can get fans quickly for small money

PR from other users

One of the most simple and efficient methods. You can negotiate with another user about mutual advertising for a fee. Thus, you will be able to attract the interested audience to the specific topic.  

TikTok is a social network quickly gaining its momentum. Hurry up, join the community and work on your account.

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