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Earnings on TikTok Advertising

The question of earnings always remains relevant for both adults and teenagers. Everyone wants to earn money by doing what they love. The new social network TikTok will help make a profit and fulfil your creative video ideas. It is a common Chinese app that pleases its users with wide functionality and many features.

Earnings on TikTok Advertising


  • Advantages of using TikTok
  • What features will help make a creative video?
  • How to get more likes and followers in Tik Tok?
  • Tricks using ALL-SMM
  • Earnings in the social network TikTok: myth or reality
  • How much can you earn on advertising?
  • Conclusion

Advantages of using TikTok

Unlike Instagram, TikTok is a great niche for realizing your creative ideas. Here you can create your page and offer content in the form of small videos to other users. Such clips may last up to 60 seconds. During this time, you have to surprise your audience and show them something extraordinary.

What features will help make a creative video?

The app provides all sorts of editing features, namely:

  • An opportunity of slowing down or speeding up the playback of videos. New Tik Tok challenge 2019 videos are associated with the content where they spray water from the glasses against the background of sunset or dawn in slow motion. This creates an interesting effect, and viewers can watch the movement of water.
  • Overlay effects. By editing the video clip, you can add any smiles or add photos over the video. There is a popular video on the social network, where a window opens in slow motion and there are flying dragons and a big blue moon shining behind it.
  • Duets. TikTok pleases its users with the ability to record duet clips. Two separately filmed videos can be combined into one. This way the short funny dialogues, imitating the presence of two users in one place, are filmed.
  • Adding masks. This function was borrowed from Instagram, where it is in great demand. Now you can make videos and try on various masks: ears, stars, animals or something else. They help create cute and unusual videos.

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How to get more likes and followers in Tik Tok?

To answer this question, just look through the list of recommendations:

  • Follow brands. You can view the category of popular videos in the “Interesting” section, at the bottom of the opened app. Here there is a collection of interesting ideas for clips. Each option is sorted by hashtags. For example, “retro disco”, “pets and people” or “bag without bottom”. Immediately after the new “wave” raises, shoot a similar video. It will definitely fall into the recommendations and attract new fans.
  • Do not miss the release of new videos. If you are seriously puzzled with the question “how can you make money with Tik Tok?”, you definitely need a big audience. To keep the flow of such users is possible only by the regular release of new content.
  • Use the functionality of the app to the fullest. If there is a feature of adding video effects, why not to add them? Simple videos will not interest potential fans, and the use of the offered functions will increase the chance to get a bigger audience.
  • Film up-to-date content. Funny videos will always stay in trend. If you are a creative person, show it to your viewers. You can shoot anything on camera: dancing, painting, gymnastics or just creative ideas. It is always appreciated in such social networks and lures to follow your account.

Tricks using ALL-SMM

If the question of how to get followers in Tik Tok seems scary, use life hacks. ALL-SMM is the service specializing in promotion of your account. Here you can quickly get the required number of fans. Thus you will significantly save your time spent on self-study of the social network and will make your dream of earning on advertising true. The service has the list of advantages:

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Earnings on TikTok Advertising

Earnings in the social network TikTok: myth or reality

Everyone knows about earning money on advertising products or brands in the social networks. But TikTok has its own peculiarities. It is impossible to place an direct ad in your video according to the rules of the app. Then the question arises how to do the advertising and how to earn on it. The app is limited by the ability of advertising other users only. Thus you can leave a link or the name of another person under the published video. This allows redirecting your audience to another person. In order for such a trick to work well, your content must match the one offered by your customer. Such a common target audience will increase the chance for an effective advertising. For example, if your content is mostly funny, but you will be advertising a psychology blog, the ad efficiency will be extremely low.

How much can you earn on advertising?

The amount of money earned on advertising directly depends on your popularity. No one can guarantee you earning a million each week. The sum ​​depends on your activity and desire to offer high-quality content to the public. How much does Tik Tok pay advertising? It also depends on the number of your fans. You have a chance to get an order even having ten thousand fans. But the salary for such a service will be significantly lower than the similar order to the user with a multimillion audience.


If you have finally decided to create an account in the social network TikTok, you have to take a chance of making money. Learn the specifics of advertising and its placement. Plus, do not forget to promote your small blog with regular posts of eye-catching and creative videos.

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