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More Music, More Followers, More Likes. How to Make Money on TikTok

The TikTok app is gaining popularity and audience all over the world. The social network, popular in China some time ago, is now well-known worldwide, including the CIS countries. Short TikTok videos can be seen in other social networks as well.

Many users are thinking about how to make the page popular before they even download Tik Tok app and start using the service. Popularity allows users not only to find new fans of their creativity but also to make money on their followers. TikTok has an audience of over 500 million. Where there is an audience, there is a good opportunity to earn.

More Music, More Followers, More Likes. How to Make Money on TikTok


  1. How to film an interesting video.
  2. Study what popular users do.
  3. Music.
  4. Effects.
  5. Followers and likes.
  6. Cool video.
  7. Design of the account.
  8. Activity.

How to film an interesting video

The most popular TikTok videos take the first places in the TOP. All users see them there, such videos gain the most views. The main question asked by many TikTok users is how to make a Tik Tok video? Millions of videos are posted in this social network, to stand out among them and become one of the best, you will have to make a big effort.

Study what popular users do

One of the ways to make a cool video is to see how the most popular users do it. Imitation of the stars helps to the progress of many video bloggers. Just look at the techniques used by the authors of the most popular videos and take something from them for yourself.

It is not necessary to copy the plot of the video in top with accuracy. It will be enough to borrow a few "tricks" from the video. They can be changed to your own taste.

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Much depends on the TikTok music. First of all, the musical composition should match the video. If the plot of the video is dynamic, the slow music will be inappropriate. But sometimes such contradictions are used to shoot an extraordinal video. The main thing is not to "overkill" it.

Popular Tik Tok songs will help make the video recognizable. The music hit extremely popular on the Internet will draw attention to the video. By itself, the popular music cannot make the video "top" one, but it will be perceived in a good way. Good music has a positive effect on the video views.


Just a video is not interesting to anyone. Now even amateur videos contain many effects. You can add sound effects to Tik Tok video. In this social network there are many video filters that will help decorate any video, make it extraordinary and eye-catching:

• Raindrop;

• Symmetry;

• The effect of big eyes.

You can select filters in trend. For this there is a tab called like that. In addition to the filters, there are various video effects in the form of ripples, shaking, zoom in and out. Such a set of video editing tools was previously available only in the professional software. Now for editing video, it is enough to have a smartphone and connection to TikTok.

In addition to the technical capabilities, the effects in the video can be created by the user himself. By editing several video fragments, you can get impressive visual effects in the form of substitution, several dancing figures of the author in different outfits and much more. It all depends on the creativity and imagination of the author.

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More Music, More Followers, More Likes. How to Make Money on TikTok

Followers and likes

The most important treasure of any account or group in the social network are its followers. For them, users go into different creative tricks. Many TikTok account holders communicate with the followers in their videos, ask for their opinion, answer the most interesting questions and even fulfill some requests of their followers. How to get more likes and followers on Tik Tok?

Cool video

Boring and everyday videos are no longer interesting to anyone. There is so much video content in the network, no one will watch a video not causing any emotions. The minimum set for a good video consists of:

• The presence of one or more interesting effects;

• The author's good acting skills;

• Clear and understandable speech;

• Emotion (even if the author's speech sounds clear, but the voice is boring, the video will not cause interest from the users).

Each video should have its own zest, which the author of the video will have to present to his future followers. This may be an unusual plot, shocking or rare shot.

Design of the account

Today all means are good for attracting followers. Users decorate their accounts with various elements, create an interesting structure of the videos, use unusual forms of description. All this has a positive effect on the flow of followers.

When a user visits such page, he sees that the author has worked hard on its design. This causes respect, and many users become regular followers of such accounts. And vice versa, the “sloppy” page with boring information is not interesting to anyone.

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More Music, More Followers, More Likes. How to Make Money on TikTok


A page containing minimum information and where a new video appears rarely will not cause any interest. When the user visits the page, he sees the dates of the posts. And if they are not new, the user wonders if the owner logs into his account at all. Followers will start unsubscribing from the page where the content is not updated, and there is nothing interesting.

How to promote a TikTok page?

Page promotion means attracting followers in various ways, some of which have been listed above. Interesting videos, descriptions, page layout, new ideas will attract new followers, and keep the attention of the already subscribed followers. You can promote a page in two ways:

• Independently. It will take time and patience to find good video ideas and bring them to life. It is worth exploring modern TikTok trends.

• Use professional help. This is often done by the businessmen, who have no time for the independent page promotion, but there is money they are willing to pay for the high-quality promotion.

TikTok today is one of the most popular social networks. Its audience consists mainly of young people. But the older users are trying it as well.

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